From the NCAA Coordinator
I hope this summer has treated you well! As we head back to school in September, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • If you are interested in pursuing a collegiate career, please sign up to see me in the College Placement Office when you return to school.

  • If there are updates from the summer that require academic information being shared with college coaches, let me know and I will send the requested documents.

  • If you are heading into your junior year, now is the time to set up an NCAA account with the Eligibility Center!
Upcoming Events
After fall teams are established, there will be a PAC (Parents, Athletes, and Coaches) meeting. At this meeting, the Athletic Department will be asking for your email as we will be reaching out to seniors asking you to fill out a Google Form. The Google Form is for us to establish athletes who are receiving an athletic scholarship and students who are committed to playing at the collegiate level. 

We would like to create two celebratory signing days for graduating seniors who will compete at the collegiate level. One day will be for seniors who are signing a National Letter of Intent. The other day will be a celebratory commitment day for seniors who are committed to playing in college, however, are not signing an NLI. Please be on the lookout for this Google Form, which will be sent around in late October; we look forward to recognizing the hard work of our student-athletes! 

Please be advised, there will be a spring signing session as well.

How Academics Impact Athletics
As you head into this new school year, please keep academic achievement as your priority. Data from the NCAA shows that very few high school student-athletes play at the collegiate level and even less go on to professional careers in their sports. You should pursue your dreams with vigor and enthusiasm, but keep in mind, academic achievement opens more doors and provides more opportunities for an exciting career. Start off this school year with a commitment to academic excellence!
The NCAA requires a minimum 2.3 GPA to be eligible to compete at the collegiate level... start now with a focus on academics!
Are you familiar with Title IX?
It’s worth knowing about.

Mrs. Strauss is a former NCAA Head Coach and Division I collegiate athlete.
As with any endeavor, leave no stone unturned. Reach out to coaches! Go after your dreams! You will never regret having made the effort. In the same way, you leave everything on the field or court...leave it all in the classroom. Be diligent with homework, be committed to time management and become the trifecta for college coaches: coachable, talented and a high academic achiever! 

I have recently been fielding many questions about professional recruiting businesses. If you have any questions about these organizations, feel free to reach out. In the meantime, do your research and in the end, there is no wrong decision. 

Forbes included a piece on the topic ( Click here ).

As always, never hesitate to reach out! I pray that your 2019-2020 school year is the best yet!

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength."

— Philippians 4:13