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Islamophobia is getting worse . The number of anti-Muslim hate groups has grown exponentially . Anti-Muslim hate crimes increased another 15% and the bullying of Muslim children in schools is on the rise . If we want to reverse these trends, we need to challenge Islamophobia with educational resources that raise consciousness and move people to action.

Teaching for Change has created a seven-lesson curriculum called “ Islamophobia: A people’s history teaching guide .” The lessons are in the final stage of development and will be available in early 2019.

The lessons teach us to rethink what we know about the history of Muslims in the U.S., including the fact that Islamophobia is rooted in a history of racism. In addition to narrative-changing content and inclusive teaching strategies, our lessons elevate the voices of activists building justice. Each lesson includes detailed teaching directions, participatory activities and multimedia teaching resources.
This year we introduced the lessons to nearly 400 teachers who impact 60,000 students.

With your support, in 2019 Teaching for Change will:

  • Post the lessons online for free download
  • Hold teacher workshops
  • Make books that challenge Islamophobia available to teachers

Help us give teachers and students new stories that connect Islamophobia to anti-Black and anti-immigrant racism.
Deborah Menkart
Executive Director
Your support helps Teaching for Change provide teachers and parents with tools to create schools where students learn to read, write, and change the world.

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