At TCGIS, your generosity helps us
support each other
Spelling tests and math quizzes. Climbing to the top of the dome for the first time. Learning an instrument on Zoom. Traveling with your 8th grade classmates to Germany…without your parents! TCGIS students boldly face challenges—big and small—every day. Challenges that, when accompanied by caring support, foster growth and confidence.

2020 has brought our TCGIS value of challenge and support to the forefront. While there is no question it has been a year filled with challenges, it has also been a year filled with incredible acts of support and generosity, reminding us again that together, we are strong! Gemeinsam sind wir stark!
Your gift at work
The Covid pandemic has placed and continues to place enormous stress on families and schools alike. At TCGIS, Kinderclub is a safe haven and refuge for families, providing not only childcare but also caring and engaged adults who help our students navigate distance learning during the school day. While many families are able to pay this unexpected expense, some cannot. Your gift helps cover these unexpected and significant costs.Vielen Dank!
Why give to TCGIS?
TCGIS proudly supports our Tier 1 essential providers. However, the state mandate to provide free childcare to Tier 1 essential workers does not include reimbursing schools for this free childcare. Kinderclub normally breaks even or produces a small profit. This year, Kinderclub is forecast to cost the school approx $190,000 directly out of the school budget. Your gift to the Annual Fund helps TCGIS support our working parents and their families, and keeps more funds in the classroom.
Make your donation go further
100% of your donation goes to TCGIS when you write a check.

Employer Giving Programs
Recurring donations through payroll deductions and employer-matching programs are highly effective ways to both support TCGIS and increase the impact of your gift. Check with your employer or see this list.
Ways to Give
Our new online giving form - including the option to make recurring gifts - makes it easy and fast!

Mail a check made out to the TCGIS Annual Fund.

Our front office is open and receiving mail daily during distance learning.

1031 Como Ave.,
St. Paul, MN 55103
GiveMN also accepts online donations to the TCGIS Annual Fund.
Your dollars go furthest when you donate via check or use the new TCGIS online giving form.  
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