CHV Group LLC April 2019 Newsletter
Challenge the Status Quo
Ever wondered how you compare to your Competitor or if your numbers are comparable within the Industry? We can offer industry (SIC or NAICS) code specific comparable down to Company size and region. Why is this important? In case of a valuation, it matters if you are over / under industry standards when applying a multiple. Want to know how you benchmark, send us an email with your Industry and the most recent annual sales, and we send you a complimentary summary.  

Growth, but at a slower rate – Economy 2019 through 2021
After an excellent growth rate in 2018 of 3%, it looks like the Economy for the next three years we will grow at a more moderate 2.1 – 1.8 and 1.9% rate GDP. This growth is still healthy. However, it may be time to rethink an exit strategy, or in the case you wish to grow, an acquisition strategy. Now is a great time to act. Want to discuss?  
Stop Dropping the Baton during Business Transitions
Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Someone has a brilliant idea or comes up with an innovation that has transformation potential. Everyone gets excited. In the end, the product that comes out is…mediocre. Somehow, in the journey from idea to execution, as the project was handed off from one function to another and then handed off again, the wattage of this extremely bright idea dimmed to a flicker. And everyone wonders why. The why is actually simple: Handoffs are the death of innovation (read all)
Coaches Corner
Does Character still matter?  Operating a business ethically, with integrity and honesty, represents a key component in attracting new clients and maintaining positive business relationships. Requiring a high level of character from all employees and business partners can help set your business apart from others and lead to the development of trust within the community. At Broad Insights , our coaching is fundamentally based on Leadership, communication and operational performance to get results . For a free Lunch and a listening ear click here.  

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