Thank You!
With your support, over 20,000 students and teachers participated in high-quality STEM educational programs in 2017.  Our staff connected with students and teachers across Colorado and the United States.  Challenger strives to provide engaging STEM experiences which inspire the next generation of STEM leaders.   
Donors like you have championed students as they have journeyed to Mars, built underwater robots, explored comets, designed video games, rescued lost spacecraft, engineered LEGO structures, and saved astronauts in peril. Every year we strive to develop innovative programs, and impact your community. 
Challenger has exciting changes planned for the future.  In 2019 we will be moving to a new and expanded facility.  This move will allow us to provide more programs and outreach opportunities than ever before.   We believe in serving the next generation of scientists, engineers, and programmers.  With your help, we can launch their potential!

Your gift of...

Supplies a a wireless headset for student use in our spacecraft simulator.

Builds one seat in our new spacecraft launch simulator.

Enrolls a class of elementary students in an exciting e-mission to the  Moon, Mars, and Beyond !

Provides two workbenches in our new Maker Space in our new facility.
The Challenger Learning Center of Colorado is a 501 (c)(3) educational non-profit organization, and your tax-deductible support makes a real difference in the educational opportunities for Colorado students.

The Challenger Learning Center of Colorado
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