Get Ready for the Great American Eclipse
Challenger hopes you are as excited for the upcoming eclipse as we are.  Our center will be closed on August 21st in order to give our staff a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a total solar eclipse. (Wyoming, here we come!)  Viewing an eclipse is a great opportunity, but it is important to be safe during the event.  Here are a few links and resources concerning eclipse viewing and activities.
Eclipse in Colorado Springs

The partial eclipse in Colorado Springs will take place on August 21st. It will last from 10:23 am until 1:15 pm.  The maximum (~89%) will occur at 11:47 am.  There are many viewing events occurring throughout the Pikes Peak region.

Viewing Tips and Safety

Since Colorado Springs will only experience a partial eclipse, solar glasses will be needed for the entire event.  It will not be safe to look directly at the sun with the naked eye in the Pikes Peak region.  Many retailers in Colorado Springs have sold out of viewing glasses, but don't despair! Some viewing events will have glasses, and there are other great ways you can indirectly view the eclipse, too!