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October 2020
Meg Kelly, Mayor of Saratoga Springs says...
We have recognized for years that the world of video communications was evolving. People were consuming media in very different ways. To meet this challenge and to expand the options for the kind of local content they want, we are very proud to announce the launch of LOOK MEDIA Resource- the independent multi-platform digital video programming service for our region.
This is a natural evolution for us. We have always been focused on producing regional programming that reflected the lives of the people who live here. Now, we are expanding these capabilities by utilizing ALL our digital platforms to partner with organizations and individuals who are developing video content for the wellbeing of the people who live here.
Studies have shown that in areas with more localized news and information, the communities are more engaged with each other. Studies have also shown, that people tend to perceive their local news as being more unbiased than that of large media conglomerates. 
We recognize our media platforms are a reflection of who you are. With your support, we will develop more partnerships, and benefits for Underwriters, by offering more programming, incentives, and recognition for who you are. The more you inspire, the more we inform, the more our Resources grow.  
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Southern Adirondacks

'No one gets anywhere alone'. Exec. Director Bill Moon and his staff, help all children realize their potential. BBBS provides adult friends and trusted mentors to help kids find the best path forward.

Executive Director of L.E.A.P. Traci Ross, helps us understand the numerous and compre-hensive services available to infants and adults throughout Washington County.
Lake George
Arts Project

Tanya Tobia-Tomis, Exec. Director, discusses how to creatively re-imagine the Pixel Project to engage & entertain -virtually. To appreciate the sensibility of painter Jack Solomon, join us at the gallery in person.
We cover so many events, we thought it might be a perfect time to take a glimpse into what mother/daughter relationships mean, especially in these times.

Local music and performance video series
Ballet Meets the Beatles, DanTepfer, Frederick Johnson & Michael Ross
"What's Up North"
Keeping our local economy strong
World Awareness Children's Museum
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  • Our Facebook Page views were up 24% this month.
Viewer Comments

"We're very interested, if it's what we think this might be!" --Robert, Facebook Follower on our Look Media Resource Promo.

"Thank you so much to Look TV for the opportunity to educate the community on the programs and services that L.E.A.P. offers to individuals and families in Washington County!" --LEAP on Youtube.

"I always get the feeling of ghosts at this fort!" --Brealistic on Youtube, on the LIfe After Death at Fort William Henry Interview.
WBC Member Spotlight

The ARCC Women's Business Council (WBC) has begun highlighting their council members through their WBC Member Spotlight! Their first spotlight is on Antoinette Jackson, from Look Media Resource: 
Your Official Title: President of the Board, LOOK Media Resource.

What would your title be if you were able to write it: I think ‘Guiding Goddess’ sums it up!

Your role: Business development, scheduling interviews, strategy, creative input.
What do you really do at your company: All of the above plus, organization and encouragement

Three favorite aspects of your career:
  1. Meeting people in the community and learning about the numerous orgs and businesses that contribute to our well-being
  2. Having the opportunity to provide & distribute useful information across a wide demographic reach and region
  3. Creating video that inspires, educates and entertains

What three words define success for you: Passion, Knowledge & Hard work

Top three favorite sports, hobbies, interests (that you do): 
  1. I love to swim, enjoy boating and ‘being’ on Lake George
  2. I am a hand-weaver and create tapestries with a focus on the interaction of color. Art and music resonate with me.
  3. I am an interior designer with 25 years experience in healthcare, corporate & hospitality design. I just love every project I work on.

Favorite beverage: Wine

Favorite time of day, why? After hours–it’s social, a relaxing reward and delicious with dinner.
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