Monthly Newsletter | June 2020
Your #HealthyMinds Update
This year has been challenging for many families due to events in our country and around the world. But June is still a month for us to embrace important observances, including PTSD Awareness and LGBTQ Pride. It can also be a time to enjoy beautiful weather and summer activities for kids.

Remember to talk with the young people in your life to help them process their feelings. Whether they're feeling disappointment, stress, or uncertainty, offer them space to share what's on their mind, and remind them of both big and small things to look forward to.

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Challenging Behavior Under Stress – Shrinking It Down
Kids with challenging behavior usually struggle with a lack of skill, not will. On our podcast, special guest Dr. Stuart Ablon shares insights on how families can build coping skills together during stressful times.   Listen for more .
7 Ways Grandparents Can Support Kids' Emotional Health
Grandparents often play an important role in caring for kids and teens. How can they support the emotional health of young people? Dr. Gene Beresin offers strategies on our blog. Read more .
ABC's of Coping With Chronic Stress
Our kids may not physically be in the classroom, but we’ve learned a lot over the past few months about ways to keep going during stressful times. This month, journey with us through the ABC’s of coping under chronic stress. Visit our Instagram page for more.
Monthly Mindfulness:
How To Talk To Your Kids About Mindfulness
from Cleveland Health Clinic

Practicing mindfulness can help us stay calm amid challenging times. What can parents do to help kids slow down and be in the present moment? Read more for guidance on introducing mindfulness to young people.
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