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Last week, during a luncheon at the Frost Tower, the Chamber honored retired Fort Worth ISD literature / speech pathology teacher and Tarrant County Commissioner Dionne Bagsby with its 2018 Legacy Award. During an extraordinary 45 years in Fort Worth, she has been a teacher, a politician, a community trailblazer, an advocate and mentor. "Her legacy mirrors and inspires our focus on nurturing more regional collaboration and diversity to move our city forward," said Chamber President and CEO Bill Thornton. "I couldn't understand why they selected me, but I'm thrilled, honored and humbled," Bagsby told the luncheon crowd while accepting her honor from Martin Noto, regional President / CEO of First Financial Bank

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Pasta master: The Prospective Ms. B just returned from a 19-day trip to Italy, supposedly work related though her work has nothing to do with truffles, fine wine, cashmere, traveling the canals in Venice or The Vatican. Whatever! Since Olive Oyl's Sunday re-surface, the Bs have had Italian food and gelato every evening. The only pasta Mr. B is capable of cooking is boxed mac & cheese, so it has been dinner only at Bravo! Cucina Italiana. Sunday: Sausage Tortelloni; Monday: Lobster Ravioli Alla Vodka; last night: Pasta Fra Diavolo. Each meal as fabulous as the last ... and the next. Ms. B pointed out there are 38 more entrees or chef's specials on the Bravo! menu, so at this rate, the Bs will not be joining you for Thanksgiving. Chicken, salmon, steak, chops or pastas...your choice with this Chef's dinner-for-two certificate. Bravo, Bravo! 

Decorative dish: A single friend who is a solo entrepreneur moved in 2014 to Fairbanks, Alaska to open a popsicle shop. Figured one expense saving was storage ... just leave them outside. Sadly, he froze hisownself, and Mr. B sent flowers. The order, however, was messed up and now B has a credit if anyone you know ever marries or dies in Fairbanks. That wouldn't happen in north Texas with Gordon Boswell FlowersFort Worth's finest florist is fresh , is creative, is colorful, is friendly and Erica Ashinhurst and team do not make mistakes! Erica hopes this Thanksgiving gift basket will be a highlight of your turkey day dinner.

Hot diggity dog: Mr. B was chowing down on a Nathan's Famous hot dog at Curly's Frozen Custard, doing his best Kobayashi imitation, when he realized the 64-time hot dog eating champ ate half his 128-pound weight during his record-breaking Nathan's championship. There's more to the story, but that's for July 4th. As October turns to November, Curly's is thinking pumpkins. Such as the Pumpkin Pie Frozen Custard, which is the flavor of the month(s); it is so good that it's featured during October and November. Marketing mogul John Fletcher sent over a $50 gift card. That should be enough Curly's custard for your crew and maybe a dog or two on the side.

Watch Keira nightly: Early last century, Colette was an author, mime, actress and journalist. You wouldn't have known, even if you were 91 and alive back then, because she was "pushed" by her husband to write novels under his name. With their success, she fought to make her talents known, challenging gender norms. Colette was the author of Gigi, among others, and nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1948. Magnolia at the Modern film series features Colette, starring Keira Knightley, the weekends of Nov. 9-11 and 16-18, and the Modern's Kendal (jump in the) Lake authored two tickets for three B2B Insider readers. 

Congratulations to the October 24th
Prize Winners: 
  • Jamie Ortiz, JDog Junk Hauling
  • Scott Arnold, Kimley-Horn
  • Amy Petrilla, Texas Capital Bank
  • Kathy Stern, Gorrondona & Associates
  • Sarah Mitchell, Camp Fire First Texas

Non-stop, never-ending: Charlie Powell, President of Ciera Bank, is usually giving back as emcee or receiving as honoree at about 15 galas a year. But the Oct. 15-Nov. 6 period is especially hectic. Powell, who serves as Chair of the JPS Health Network Board of Managers, received the 2018 Distinguished Health Service Award from the DFW Hospital Council Oct. 17. Coming up, Election Day Nov. 6, and Charlie has helped steer the Tarrant County Hospital District's $800 million bond issue and helped any way possible as wife, Beverly, runs for the District 10 Texas Senate seat.

Going yard...and not baseball: The staff at TechFW was having a conversation about the quality of robot lawnmowers. Bekah Alexander said "they're as fickle as the robot vacuums." Said Teresa Nicholson: "Couldn't be as fickle as my husband."

Wonder what her signature is worth? Banker-turned-entrepreneur Cynthia Sadler, owner of Signature Cuffs, has gone creative in expanding her business. She has license agreements with Tri-Delts sororities and collegiate athletics. She has agreements with 23 artists for their signature designs and Christmas designs. New product lines include scarves, bow ties and throw pillows.

I work, you work ...: WeWork Clearfork, in conjunction with Archie's Gardenland, has had an "Instagramable moment" Pumpkin House since Oct. 6. It will transition to a Holiday House Nov 24 to Dec 29. Coming soon is an announcement from WeWork about a second location near downtown.

Workers as PEOPLE: Speaker, trainer, mentor Judy Hoberman headlined a recent breakfast at the city's Business Assistance Center. Mr. B wasn't asked to headline, nor even be a comma, but he did steal some tips to share:
  • There are seven essential qualities of effective workers -- 1) Passion; 2) Authenticity; 3) Courage; 4) Communication (gender and generational); 5) Decisiveness; 6) Resilience; 7) Generosity (not always money; time is more valuable because you can't get it back.)
  • 85 percent of job success is due to people skills. 66 percent of recruiters select leaders based on people skills.
  • FAIL = First Attempt in Learning.
So, how are you doing? Alyson (Old) McDonald farms this social marketing advice. She is, after all, the Welcomemat Services Greater Fort Worth. "If you're not on social media or you do it poorly, it means you don't care about your business."

EEC(s)U and raises ante: Wonder if the Fort Worth ISD has a bigger supporter than EECU? Barb Walker says the credit union hosts students during the summer for job shadowing, adopts angels from all 80 elementary schools for Christmas, sponsors many of the educational development days, donated 25,000 books for children in need, and offers a free online financial literacy program for high school students (32 high schools participated last year).
"I don't give out my biscuit recipe, but I will say my secret ingredient is Greek yogurt."   

-- Ben Merritt
Chef, Fixture

Drill bits. Who knew? With increased drilling activity and higher oil prices, Blackstone Group acquired Fort Worth-based Ulterra Drilling Technologies, a manufacturer of drill bits and down-hole tools, for approximately $700 million. Ulterra reportedly has the fifth-largest share of the global drill bits industry -- 8%.

Power in her voice: Our own Brittany Brookens asked the Chamber's High Impact Legacy Award honoree Dionne Bagsby last week her preference for microphones during her luncheon acceptance speech. "I talk loudly, honey," Bagsby said. "I'm an old-school educator. The hand-held is fine."

Kudos: To fans of Read Fort Worth. Your votes enabled it to win $100,000 in the Reliant Gives vote competition. Reliant awards $100k, $20k and $10k to non-profits twice a year. The donation to Read Fort Worth will help support initiatives that promote children's literacy in Fort Worth ISD.

GO VOTE! If you haven't already, please vote Tuesday Nov. 6; excuses have been limited further because Uber is offering free rides to your polling station. (Uber's release didn't mention a ride back home, though.) The Chamber is recommending strongly that voters support the Tarrant County bond vote to update/renovate/expand the county's Hospital District, informally known as JPS.
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