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The 2019 Forte Award recipients shared best practices for small businesses at the Chamber's Impact Your Business luncheon March 5 at Joe. T Garcia's. Pictured (l to r) are Jimmy Williams and Jamey Ice, 6th Ave Homes; Randy Landers, Small Business Committee Chairman, Speed Fab-Crete; Jerry and Deborah Fulwiler, Elements of Architecture; Katie Sansom, Tribe Alive; and Jennifer Lutz, Silver Creek Materials.
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Kris Kross' only hit was...: Hip. Great vibes. Outrageous workouts. Obviously, this was not your father's backyard trampoline. So Mr. B, not wanting to potentially be embarrassed, high-jacked an 11-year-old and they bounced their way to Urban Air Adventure Parks Fort Worth . OMG x 3. Mr. B started slowly with the Sky Rider, an indoor coaster of sorts, which takes no skill and is all thrill. Want to test real skills? Try the Warrior Obstacle Course, and the ropes and wall-climbing. There is indoor skydiving, swashbuckling sword fights on a balance beam, a long runway for your gymnast's floor exercise, Dodge ball and trampoline slam dunks. There's always a "next level" adventure at Urban Air. Marvelous Malory Sheffield fielded a Platinum Attract Pass that includes two indoor skydiving flights. 
Mute or play over? With Tyrannosaurus rex and Brachiosaurus running about, not many of you would remember that  Jurassic Park won 1994 Oscars for Best Sound Mixing and Best Sound Editing. The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra did and will perform in concert with the movie on-screen March 22-24. The score incorporates synthesizers and uses a large orchestra that often includes a variety of percussion, two harpsbaritone horns, woodwinds and choir. Jurassic Park transformed the movie-going experience and became the then highest-grossing film of all time in 1993. FWSO will project the film in HD and perform John Williams' score live. B2B Insider hummed a few notes and received two tickets for the 2 p.m. March 24 performance at Bass Performance Hall
"No way he did that!" When Mr. B heard that Jason Bishop: The Illusionist was part of the Children's Theater series at Casa MaƱana, he thought he'd take daughter MisBehavin' and Son NoBGood and hope Jason would make them disappear...forever. Casa promises that "each performance of Jason Bishop's exclusive grand illusions and elegant, agile sleight-of-hand magic are delivered with his wry wit and engaging audience participation." There's a Double Levitation bit and a Hologram Illusion skit starring Gizmo the dog. Jason Bishop gives the audience a clear view of every detail, but chances are you'll leave wondering, "Unbelievable, what did I just see?" Jason Bishop: The Illusionist runs March 22-April 7 and Casa's Lindsey Rushen-ed over a family four-pack of tickets to opening night.
Muddying the waters : The B Mansion sits at the bottom of a hill. The lords above all have drainage pipes that run downhill. As does all their mud and leaves and debris, which park in the B Mansion's ex-flower, ex-mulch beds. The Bs needed help and called Darrell Samuelson, the mud whisperer , at GlennScape Landscaping. He had two solutions: 1) Move or 2) He could build a machine with the power to catch and send the mud and leaves and debris back uphill. The Bs liked the idea of No. 2, but are more neighborly. The Prospective Ms. B, a seller of high-end cosmetics, had an idea...turn the yard into a seasonal, outdoor mud bath. Darrell can do anything! He even planted flowers around the mud tubs. He's got three flats of spring flowers and solutions for all your gardening questions. 

Congratulations to the February 27th
Prize Winners:
  • Beth Ellis, City of Fort Worth
  • Aaron Loose, Worthington Bank
  • Brett Jeffreys, Handyman Matters
  • Pat Gleason, Associated Time
  • Pam Bruno, HUB International

Our Austin powers: If you're not in Austin this weekend, you should be. Visit Fort Worth, with an assist from the Chamber and others, returns Friday and Saturday for SXSW, featuring Fort Worth music, food, spirits, technology and film. "Fort Worth on Rainey" will include a 15K bike ride with Mayor Price Is Right; interactive culinary experiences and catering from chef Tim Love; Mrs. Renfro's Salsa; Firestone & Robertson whiskey; a Lockheed Martin flight simulator;  Bell's Future Flight Controls simulator and a travel meet-up with world-traveler and personality, Lee Abbamonte.

Global dollars: Among the numerous nuggets from Robert Dye, Chief Economist for Comerica Bank, at a recent talk in Fort Worth was this: "The U.S. is 20 percent of the global economy. China is 21 percent. China is slowing and within a generation of its one-child family rule, it will be surpassed by India. The U.S. never will be largest again. We don't have enough people."

Why Encore(s) are necessary: Encore Live, which produced the Chamber's State of the City event for 1,300 attendees, is no stranger to big events. It handled President Trump's swearing-in ceremony and three inaugural balls.

It's so Fort Worth: Pepper Sims of Pepper L Specialties, is showcasing engraved leather name tags. Or, if you're crafty, you could make your own with Tandy Leather, celebrating 100 years in Fort Worth this year.
"Tourism is all about Instagram."  
-- (Sarcastic) Bob Jameson
President / CEO Visit Fort Worth
What's up, Doc? The first day it could accept applications, the TCU and UNTHSC School of Medicine received 650. Sixty students will begin classes in July and there "will be no lectures." Among other things, students can expect more applied training / learning, a four-year research project and a goal for more empathetic doctors and personal care.

Saving grace-fully: Cara Kennemer, an attorney with Underwood Law Firm and recognized with every legal certification and award / honor possible, is the new Chair of Historic Fort Worth. She's a pistol, too, telling Mr. B he's not far away from historic preservation designation hisownself.

Day trippin': Mr. B liked to tease OverRidge Wealth Advisors' Maureen Maidlow for driving from her office in the Mutual of Omaha building on Camp Bowie across the street to Ridglea Country Club for Chamber events. Last week, she drove from a back parking spot to one up closer for a Business After Hours in her own building.

Just wondering : Is it more difficult to say no to cookie-selling Girls Scouts or the kettle ringers with The Salvation Army?
Kudos: There is one small business among giants on the board of the Aerospace Industries Association. Claire McGarry, co-founder of Interconnect Wiring on Vickery, is the board rep sitting at the table with Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, etc...

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