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April 1, 2020
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In partnership with Red Productions , the Fort Worth Chamber is highlighting local business initiatives in the Fort Worth community. Printed Threads (right) is helping businesses promote their brand while raising funding by selling, creating and shipping swag. Additionally, Girl Scouts of Texas-Oklahoma Plains donated cookies to Fort Worth ISD families. Hear their stories on the Chamber's webpage today.
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Lionel owns the coolest hotels: Wouldn’t it be sooooo fantastic and fabulous to sneak away from your 99.5-percent-quarantined existence, even if just for a night? Without the kids (but with the dog)? These days, you’re living Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder in Stir Crazy , except your prison is your home. It's not going to happen, but as soon as Shelter-In-Place is sequestered, Hampton Inn & Suites Fort Worth Downtown, and specifically, Sales Manager Andria Williams, will have come to the rescue. She has a VIP night's stay in a standard guest room or King Studio Suite with free Wi-Fi, breakfast and parking. After eating, get some work in at the business center (jk, no way!), work out in the fitness center, and spend the afternoon at the indoor pool and minutes away at the Fort Worth Water Gardens . There’s also a lobby bar and an outdoor fire pit to brighten your mood.
This is eggs-cellent: So, what came first? Easter or the Easter Lily, the No. 1-rated flower or plant for holiday accessorizing. If you are wondering, other top floral buys for Easter are roses, tulips, hydrangeas, daisies, azaleas and mums, which also score well the second Sunday of May. Mr. B called Cheri Kirkman, the GM at Gordon Boswell Flowers and official florista to B2B Insider , to get a tour of her Easter lineup. It’s better than the 1927 New York Yankees! The tulips are such cuties. The Perfect Spring Peach is … peachy. The Dutch Garden, In Love With Lime and Busy Bee Pitcher -- all in keepsake containers -- are keepers. Mr. B’s fav is Dressed to Impress. You, too, can impress your visitors with an Easter Basket from Cheri. Psst: There’s even an Easter basket of candy for the kids.
The Talented Mr. Rip…err, George: Darien George, the managing partner of Mackenzie Eason, has spent his adult life focusing on culture, talent acquisition, talent development, organizational leadership and organizational change. His wife, the lovely Laurie, was pre-screened with 18 questions, three interviews and a video Q&A before being asked for her hand. His soccer team had to take a 25-question test to make sure players were a cultural fit. Darien is dedicated to dedication. His firm does executive searches and consults, and offers Talent Metrics, an AI, cloud-based software that provides actionable intelligence for executives on how to build a strong culture to improve revenue, retention and productivity. Last year, he co-authored Broken Handoff-Saving Your Assets , a guide to selling your business. Your company WILL improve with this one-hour presentation or consult on talent development, talent acquisition or training.
Congratulations to the March 25th
Prize Winners:

  • Pam Bruno, HUB International
  • Karen Aggas, Burnett's Staffing
  • Wesley Gentle, Arts Council Fort Worth
  • Karen Holcomb, Northern Realty Group
B safe, B well, B remembered fondly: Boss Miserly Mistress’ last day at the Chamber , after 73 years, is next Tuesday. Marilyn Gilbert led the charge to re-build downtown after a tornado blew through in 2000. Ironic that she, like most of us, can’t curtail a virus and is spending her last days working remotely. Tuesday was supposed to be the Chamber’s Annual Meeting , at which time Marilyn was to be honored. Instead, at 5 p.m. that day, Mr. B will stand up at his desk, raise a glass and clap...loudly. You can, too. It will be 5 o’clock somewhere. 
No foolin’: Monthologist and marketing maestro John Fletcher points out today is National Love for Our Children Day. That designation was waaaay before social distancing and shelter at home were part of the vocabulary.
Not all the facts, but …: Some key facts when applying for an SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan (working capital loans).
  • Loans up to $2 million are to help private small businesses and non-profits with ordinary and necessary financial obligations.
  • Code to know is #16381 and you can file until Dec. 21, 2020. You have one year until first payment is due.
  • In addition to filling out the online application Form 5, you will need three years of corporate tax returns, a personal information statement for any owner with 20 percent or more and scheduled liabilities.
  • Max interest rate is 3.75 percent. Loan can’t be combined with another or used to re-finance an existing loan.
  • Must have collateral for a loan over $25k.
Dollars & no sense: It’s fabulous that gas is under $1.55 a gallon. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere to go.
Clean sweep: Fellow B, Brenda Pereda, the HR manager at Interstate Restoration , did Mr. B a small favor by de-contaminating his phone, laptop and desktop. Just the contaminants, not the language or sarcasm. Interstate does proactive and reactive work, in case there ever might be anything in the air (hint, hint) and Brenda promises chemicals are 100% biodegradable, no carcinogens or poisonous residuals included.
You can help: JPS' senior veep/community J.R. Labbe says the county hospital could use any supplies -- masks, gloves, wipes, thermometers -- you or your business might have available. In addition to its hospital system, JPS is providing the medical team working at the  Fort Worth Convention Center  every night to screen the 355 people experiencing homelessness who are being directed there to sleep. Perhaps your business is shut down and you have supplies not being used?
“You should work on this workplace culture stuff because you'll make more money. Do it because it's the right thing to do and because your employees will really thrive.”

--Calvin Dennis, Insperity
Just wondering: If you wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, maybe once an hour, does the towel ever get dirty?
Building blocks: “Praise the Lord, construction is considered essential,” said Debra Smith, head lifeguard/lifesaver at Pulliam Pools . “The rain had hurt our business more than the virus, but the sun is shining and we are digging eight pools.” Fellow construction company owner, David Bloxom of Speed Fab-Crete , said, “We are staying sane so far....our faith is a bed rock. Some owners putting projects on temporary hold...not good.” 
BEST definition of ‘essential’: Alpha Industries, among other things, distributes coffee. Great coffee. “We are an “essential business,” said Jason Scoggins. No dispute there. “We’re on and we just keep moving forward.”
Still on the move: The end of the month is usually busy for moving companies. Lots of re-shuffling in the residential housing rental world. Robert A. Chan, Director of Sales and Marketing for Firefighting's Finest , said, “We have been a bit slower, but not much. We're 80%+ booked on priority days 10-to-14 days out, which is normal. Daily sales have been on par, although call volume has dipped.” Robert says Firefighting’s Finest spends down time cleaning and sanitizing truck cabs and equipment as much as possible.
Re-doing the 2020 calendar: David Reeves, Director of Sales at Will Rogers Memorial Center, says “it is creepily quiet in the Cultural District. We are busy trying to re-schedule everyone so we’re staying busy. The events that are tied to specific dates like the AKC dog show and engineering exams are definitely canceling, but most of the dance competitions, horse shows and social events are trying to re-schedule.”
To comply with Tarrant County's recommendations on public gatherings, our March and April in-person programs are currently on hold while we re-assess and determine next steps for planning.
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Stimulus Update - Relief Bill
April 1 - 2:00 p.m.
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The Hardship of Layoff & Resources for Employees
April 2 - 2:00 p.m.
Leaders Online:
Formulating a Strategy for Creating a New Norm
April 3 - 2:00 p.m.
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