October 30, 2019
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It was a zoo Sunday in Sundance Square Plaza and Zookeeper (and Mayor) Price Is Right 
was feeding a frenzied costumed group of cyclists. The occasion was the annual Mayor's Spooky Bike Ride
and this year, her birthday bash. More than 75 riders joined in the fun and approximately 300
people filled the plaza.
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Art of the deal: Mr. B failed art during first grade. In second grade, he was demoted to stick man art, which he failed. By third grade, he was asked to retire and pick up caulking. Still, that’s no reason for the judging snub from Chloe Rodriguez and Christy Jones at Camp Fire First Texas for the 35 th annual An Artists’ Christmas Art Auction & Gala November 16 at the Fort Worth Zoo. Mr. B has eyes, you know. He can see good art. If not, maybe Mr. B should un-retire and try to enter his smart art…Emojis! An Artists’ Christmas Art Auction & Gala has raised approximately $4 million to engage and encourage children who are impacted by the after-school, teen services, environmental education, camping and school readiness programs. There's dinner, cocktails, luxury auction packages and, of course, the year's best art auction, a large collection of original work from 25 artists. Chloe and Christy sent over a pair of tickets.
Happy belated Mr. B-day: Owner Amber Hagstrom says CycleBar Waterside indoor cycling for fitness celebrated its third anniversary Oct. 20 with a special CycleGives ride benefiting the Young Survivors Coalition. Sunday was (birthday) Party on a Bike and this place keeps rollin’ out the hits … figuratively, with its proprietary playlist of beats and thumping bass. CycleStar instructors are there to help improve your performance and reach your goals. And you’ll receive CycleStats after each ride, a measurement of six key metrics to track your progress. Jessica Leigh popped a wheelie and rode in with a 5-pack of rides.
Painted in a corner?…“ Teaches children about art, bravery and the power of friendship.” Wait, what class / school is that? Actually, it’s the maestros at Fort Worth Opera, mainly Artistic Director and composer Joe Illick and Pulitzer Prize-winning librettist Mark Campbell. Their delightful one-act children's opera,  Frida Kahlo and the Bravest Girl in the World,  is at 3 p.m. Nov. 16 at Rose Marine Theater.” T his charming new work follows the real-life story of Marianna Morillo Safa and her relationship with famed painter Frida Kahlo.” Is Kahlo a witch or a friend? Through the magic of opera, Frida’s parrot, dog and monkey all sing, and the audience is invited to join in on the fun. B2B Insider sang a few bars to get two tickets for a reader.
Artfully done, B: While cleaning out the office of former B2B Insider Chief Massacre Editor Andra (no longer in our) House, Mr. B uncovered, in mint condition, An American Collection: Works From The Amon Carter Museum . The 287-page hardcover is a “ superb survey of the museum collection that spans two centuries of American art.” The catalog includes works by Charles M. Russell and Frederic Remington , the Western artists who formed the foundation of the museum. Selected works include paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints and photographs.” Mr. B booked it for hisownself to offer it as a giveaway.
Congratulations to the October 23rd
Prize Winners:

  • Keith Kothmann, Construction Cost Management
  • Steve McCune, McCune Companies
  • Evan Eastman, Spectrum Business
  • Cheryl Callahan, SporTherapy
  • Michael Luerson, DP Engineering
  • Daisy Valk-Lopez, UTA Fort Worth
Old school: Ad man John Fletcher says rodeo announcing great Bob Tallman keeps his schedule / calendar in a large book. Not a cell phone. John shoots a photo to keep track of his client’s schedule. When Tallman lost his book while traveling, Fletcher e-mailed him photos of the pages.
Does this apply for ice cream, too? Emceeing a breakfast seminar, Carlo Capua of Z’s Café explained that the bakery that provided the dastardly delights “has a special, innovative machine that takes out the calories.”
Northern lights: MedStar is readying its new facility for a February opening. Eighteen units will operate from Tarrant Parkway near Medical City Alliance .
Huge numbers game: American Airlines does eighty percent of all activity at the Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport, according to airport CEO Sean Donohue. More numbers from Donohue as he prepares his annual report:
  • AA’s headquarters are in Fort Worth, on land that is part of D/FW’s 17,000 acres. Donohue says Amazon has approximately four million square feet of warehousing and logistics space.
  • 60 percent of passengers in the airport never leave. That connectivity is what builds airport hubs, he says.
  • 100 percent of electricity at D/FW Airport is provided by wind energy, a savings of $20 million.
  • “Long-haul international flights drive $200 million a year in revenue. My wish is that we would look at economic development more globally.”
First responders: Scott Engle, a banking center President for Simmons Bank, trying to win a dozen Dough Boy Donuts in B2B Insider , wrote, “ My office usually passes out the dough, but I know they would like to eat some, too !” Brant Ringler, Executive Director, Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl, trying to win flowers from GlennScapes: Ironically, I was talking to my wife about the cost of keeping up our flower beds. We got yard of the month a few months ago and now we can’t rest on just that.”
“I'm no spring chicken, but not old yet.”

--Mayor Price Is Right at 70
Last name Cleavers? Susan Taylor, Innovative Developers, Inc., has fond memories of the Omni Theater at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. “One of my favorite memories of my mom’s visits is that we never missed going to the Omni. My favorite over the years was called Beavers and the trailer was, “ Beavers , the biggest dam movie you’ll ever see!” 
Take me to your leader: Mr. B is in trouble. Is it Genglebac, Gengleback, Genglebock? …B better get it right quickly because Brandom, not Brandon, G-E-N-G-E-L-B-A-C-H is the new President of the Chamber. Or maybe B could just go with Mr. B 2 ? Brandom joined the Chamber as Executive Veep during November 2016. Mr. B 2 has a global outlook, having worked in Brisbane, Australia, taken a sabbatical to Central and South America, and been educated in London, where he was a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar. 
Limited seating: The Chamber’s next Oval Table is Nov. 19. It’s an intimate business conversation about leadership at the Chamber office with Bank of Texas President Mark Nurdin.
Oui, oui: Fort Worth Country Day won two of three 2019 top honors from Fort Worth Sister Cities International. It received the Eisenhower Award for Organizational Involvement, the first independent school recipient, and Volunteer of the Year for teacher Andréanne Annis.
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