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Frogs legs for lunch: TCU  football coach Gary Patterson, entering his 18th season as head coach, is second only to Iowa's Kirk Ferentz for longest active head coaching streak. Ferentz is entering his 19th season. Patterson spoke during last week's  Chamber  Sports Series luncheon, sponsored by  Ciera Bank :
  • On being a TCU ambassador: "I wish coaching was just about Xs and Os. But it's managing people, building an organization" and helping generate more revenues.
  • Explaining to players how he lasted 21 years at TCU: "Don't just look at the delivery, listen to the message."
  • On work having evolved to year-round: A chapter in his autobiography will be "My perfect day ... one page and it's blank."
L to R: Jeannie Deakyne, Kalyn McKittrick and Jim Roach, all with TCU Neeley Executive Education. All of whom walked over to critique Coach P's presentation! #gofrogs

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Ready for any request: Interesting week. Mr. B was in the doghouse last Monday and Pinstripes' Jillian Taylor catered her perro de caza ground beef for eight other hounds. B was back in good graces by Friday and Jillian bowled over the oh-so-pretty Prospective Ms. B and her date �� with oh-so-tender short ribs and beef bourguignon at a rehearsal dinner for 38. (Wonder who was rehearsing?) Jillian is the catering manager and she says pridefully that her team can customize services and menus for each client no matter the request, ranging from small group orders to large full-service events. Let Pinstripes whip up a special lunch catering presentation for you and seven friends. Make sure you check out the bowling, bocce and bistro areas after breaking bread. 

Chicken (not so) Little: Mr. B writes a newsletter for a Colleyville acupuncturist (the monthly anticipation has everyone on pins and needles). To get there, he drives by Chicken Salad Chick in Hurst and wonders why there are never any parking spots. Co-owner Meggie Schissler clucked an explanation: "It's the bestest, freshest chicken possible." The Schisslers also own the north Fort Worth franchise and are getting up at 2 a.m. to make about 3,000,000 pounds of chicken salad daily. And that's only after they round up all the eggs that are needed for the 500,000 pounds of egg salad. Whether you find a parking spot or order online for takeout, try this package from Meggie -- two large Quick Chick flavors (chicken, pimento cheese or egg salad) two large sides, three buttercream frosted flower cookies and two Koozies. 

Ad-ditional value: The touristas at Visit Fort Worth will tell you the Fort Worth Stockyards, the Amon Carter/Kimbell/Modern Art museums, the Fort Worth Zoo, Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, Sundance Square and Charles Schwab Colonial are among the major draws for visitors to Fort Worth. What do they have in common? Hotels nearby, including 79 of them that are Chamber members. Kim Davis owns the franchise for TravelHost magazine, a premier destination resource, featuring the best local places to eat, play and shop. Her "in at the inns" reaches many of Fort Worth's 1.9 million visitors who spend approx $2.3 billion annually. You can, too, with this quarter-page advertisement in the October issue. 

Skin in the game: Nestlé Crunch bars, a Mr. B fav, probably are not great for skin. However, Nestlé Skin Health, of which Galderma Laboratories is a part, has a remedy or two or three for that. Galderma is the medical solutions business within Nestlé Skin Health, treating skin problems to protect and enhance healthy skin, treat compromised skin and rejuvenate aging skin. Think Cetaphil, Restylane, Proactive...Donna Baird, the fab femme of facilities at Galderma, has the keys to every room and cobbled together a basket of products. 

Congratulations to the July 11th
Prize Winners: 
  • Michelle Wessel, Nolan Catholic High School
  • Tracy Georges, Transwestern
  • Brent Russell, DPC Healthcare
  • John Ainsworth, Kimley-Horn
  • Julie Wilson, Reasons Group

Vote for B! In one of the more nefarious moves in newsletter history, one of Mr. B's mean-not-miserly editors for B2B Insider, asked B to remind readers to take the Chamber's Communications Survey (click here.) The survey takes 4.153 minutes. Any time you see the word newsletters, you can give a shout out to Monday's Update of events and Wednesday's Mr. B. On question No. 5, write in Mr. B. Boss Brandom will think it's a huge vote for Fortify.

High above, in her Perch:
Amy Shackelford, formerly down-to-earth boss at Cendera Center, has moved on up as the new General Manager-Amenities for the downtown Frost Bank Tower. Mr. B asked her to compare the views. "Hilarious!!!" she wrote. "I would love a mention, but I am not comparing the views."

Getting engaged: OK, maybe a bit misleading as a headline, what with the Prospective Ms. B not even in town. Instead, attend the Chamber's Member Engagement Insights (Think Membership 101 with a makeover), which returns July 26 at 3:30 at Frost Bank Tower Perch. It's a great info session / networking event for newer members. It's free, and you can register with the events calendar on the Chamber website.

"Giving out autographs soon": Cheryl Jones, part of the City of Fort Worth Economic Development Department/Office of Small Business and director of the annual Capital One Bank Business Plan Competition, was a judge/critic/advisor for 10 emerging businesses hoping to make the America's Real Deal TV show. It was filming in Fort Worth for a Facebook Watch debut with hopes of being picked up by a network. It's a Shark Tank idea, but viewers can "invest," similar to crowdfunding. "It was an awesome experience," Cheryl said. "It was great to see that there is national recognition on the importance of having a pitch for your business. It was definitely my moment under the lights and cameras ... this was definitely the Real Deal!"

Yo, yo Vo! Elijah Vo, Evo 2 Enterprises real estate investor and a member of the Funky Town Leads Group, has co-authored a book released last week -- Purpose, Passion & Profit. In it, super achievers share transformative stories about how purpose, passion and profit in their lives set them on the path to success. Profit from books purchased on Amazon goes to charity.

Fit to a tee: The Fort Worth Boys Golf Championship, mostly annual since 1936, and the Girls Championship, added in 1974, are being played through this week. The 4-day tournaments, free of charge, assure that all young players, regardless of economic background, can compete for the city titles. This year, The First Tee of Fort Worth, overseen by Kevin Long, is running the tournaments. The juniors play some city-owned and some country club courses, including Diamond Oaks, Ridglea, Shady Oaks, Mira Vista, River Crest and Colonial.
Panther Island / Trinity River --  "It's more than a waterfront. It's unique to major cities to be able to double the size of our downtown. Still, it's going to take a long time to happen."   

-- Michael Bennett
Bennett Benner Partners
World Cup & World Mayor? Fort Worth Mayor Price Is Right is one of 50 finalists from around the world to have a chance to win the World Mayor top rating. Serious award, handed out every two years by the City Mayors Foundation. 6,123 of the Mayor's relatives have endorsed her; just two were still spatting like the Hatfield & McCoys. Finalists will be announced in August and the winner in late January/early February. To read comments, click here

Maybe he shouldn't go on vacation: Last year, while on vacation, Michael Wheaton's insurance company Lucien Wright was purchased by Wortham Insurance. This year, the day he was leaving for vacation, Wortham was purchased by Marsh (to be called Marsh Wortham). In two years, Michael has gone from one of 650 employees to one of 60,000.

Co-working: Exclusivity is out the window within Funkytown Force, a Chamber Leads Group that meets Tuesdays at 11:30. It has three bankers, all in different niches for very different sized banks. The group at one time had two members from accounting firms, one member specializing in tax, the other audits.

You can teller he can count: Vince Puente, co-owner of SOS, is a guy you can count on. Governor Greg Abbott does, having re-appointed Vince to a 2-year term on the Texas Finance Commission. Eleven citizens govern the state banking, savings and loan, and consumer credit agencies.

A grave idea: Mike Coffey, President of Imperative Information Group, visited the Paris catacombs earlier this month, "the coolest thing I've seen so far on this trip." The catacombs are underground ossuaries that hold the remains of more than six million people. Today, it's a tourist attraction, and Mike says, "the line is long. They are making bank."
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