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June 10, 2020

The  Chamber hosted the 2020  Charles Schwab  Challenge Preview, presented by  Simmons Bank , on Friday, June 5.
Zach Johnson, 12-time PGA TOUR champion, including two wins at Colonial Country Club, spoke with Steve Sands, host and commentator for the Golf Channel and NBC Sports, and Michael Tothe, Charles Schwab Challenge Tournament Director.
Pictured (clockwise from top-left): Zach Johnson, PGA TOUR Golfer, Steve Sands, NBC Sports Michael Tothe,  Colonial Country Club,  and   Brandom Gengelbach,  Fort Worth Chamber.
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More fun than is allowed: Mr. B took 8-year-old Son No B Good to Alley Cats. After four hours of outrageous fun, No B Good was being even more no good and refusing to leave. So, Mr. B threw a temper tantrum, and embarrassed, No B Good scampered to the car. Mr. B was reminded of that day when he saw the Sheltering re-openings for Alley Cats Entertainment in Hurst and Arlington. Must seem a bit like hokey pokey these days for Bryan Weatherford. He doesn’t know if he’s half in or half out. Bowling, Putt-Putt golf, batting cages and laser tag are allowed. Rock climbing, rides, the arcade and birthday parties remain closed because of COVID-19 restrictions. With every precaution taken and assurances that the safety of your health is ensured 99.9% of possible, it’s time to have some FUN. Bryan has a $50 Fun Card that is valid only for Hurst and -- depending on when you attend – is good for all available rides and attractions, but not valid for bowling, food or drink.
Only for good dads: Mr. B doesn’t fly well. He drives better, though how well is questionable, especially at night. Nonetheless, he has made it known to daughter Mis B ehavin’ that he is in love with the Retro Road Tripper bouquet if she were planning to remember dear old Dad for Father’s Day. Cheri Kirkman, boss arborist at B2B Insider official florist Gordon Boswell Flowers , directed Mr. B toward the Road Tripper. It reads: “It's impossible to be as cool as your Dad (true!), but this fun floral gift comes close. Roll into Father's Day with this retro ceramic camper, bursting with a colorful sunflower surprise…” The Retro Road Tripper is so popular that you have to select an alternative in case it sells out. Cheri put one aside for a great Father’s Day gift.
Koozies for the win! One day, in the not-too-distant decade, like maybe Feb. 2021, we will be allowed out 100 percent and able to be within three feet of others. And only then will it be OK to have 200 besties over for a pool party. Libations allowed. Justin (not related to Mary) Schlegel will have you well stocked in your own one-color, screen-printed Koozies from Printed Threads . PT’s El Capitan Brett Bowden runs a unique company. He offers classes that teach people to compete with him. He has no-risk, revenue-raising opportunities for non-profits AND for-profits, and even has tips to assure they work. He has freebies, which Mr. B taught him about so they might compete. Cool website, cooler company, coolest products. Check it out.
Congratulations to the June 3rd
Prize Winners:

  • Randy Landers, Speed Fab-Crete
  • Rena Lawrence, Log Cabin Village
  • Joe Michels, Solomon Bruce Consulting
Fortified! Petal has just moved to Fort Worth. It features the first zero-odor, germ-freezing waste bin that naturally stops rot, eliminates stink of diapers, food and pet waste, and halts the spread of germs. Freezes rot to zero degrees Farenheit in just over 30 minutes for about $1 a month. The Chamber was quite instrumental in the arrival of Petal to Fort Worth, according to company CEO David Taffet. He said Petal would have 75 employees by the end of 2021 and expects a location in the Near Southside. “We have ambitious plans and Fort Worth is at the center of them. There’s no other place we’d rather be.”
Pop goes the easel: Business doesn’t always go as drawn. Carolyn Phillips, owner & Chief Alchemist for Alchemy Pops, will close her Near Southside business Aug. 1. COVID-19 melted the large event sales she needed. She says she will continue to grow her “business clarity venture, Happily Ever in Biz. And frankly, Happily Ever in Biz doesn't mean happily always in the same biz! I'm excited to continue to find ways to support other entrepreneurs, and the process of closing a business will be a great source of lessons to share, that's for sure.”
Monkey business (survey): Chamber  prez Brandom Gengelbach, who has a Mr. B nickname but to keep his job, Mr. B keeps it to hisownself...anyway, Brandom sent Mr. B a survey asking about feeling comfortable to get out, how many peeps at an event, who to hear, etc. It's anonymous and took Mr. B just 49 seconds to complete. Mr. B was very blunt and now realizes he may have blown everything because when asked who might make a good speaker, he wrote Mr. B. Yikes! The survey is  here.
Jan/Kim/Taylor: From Cortney Gumbleton, co-founder of Locavore —“A woman called and asked to speak to Cortney. I said, ‘this is she.’ She was shocked and said, ‘wait ... you’re a woman?’ I said, ‘yes, I am.’ She said she thought because of my name I would be a man. So, a few months later, I’m working with a prospect named Clark, e-mailing back and forth. Then I receive a missed call and voicemail from a sweet young woman named Clark. Two days later, someone named Courtney (Connell) e-mails asking if I can talk on the phone. It’s a guy, the director of golf operations at Mira Vista. The point never really know who is on the other line until you hear their voice.”
Let’s get physical: SporTherapy has opened its 7th location, a new building in Azle, and it wouldn’t be a stretch to predict the physical therapists soon will be in the Cultural District.
“Not being a jerk is my biggest marketing asset.”

--Mike Coffey, Imperative
Emotion Detector: Stevie Dawn, owner of Orange Compass and speaker extraordinaire on Emotional Intelligence (EI), told the Chamber women’s WIN group that EI bridges the gap between speaking and listening. “It takes away the filters that we have (such as emotion).” More EI:
  • “It doesn’t matter what you say. It only matters what they hear.”
  • “In person, we hear 5 of 7 words. On the phone, we hear 4 of 7 words. On Zoom, we hear just 2 of 7 words.”
  • “Want to understand EI better? Watch the movie Inside Out."
Drives her nutty: Mr. B is happy to be a new member of the Steele family. After reading that he doesn’t eat pecans, Ethel Allen Steele of Pope, Hardwicke, Christie, Schell, Kelly & Taplett, wrote Mr. B -- “You and my kids!! I don’t know how I raised kids who won’t eat nuts!”
Would this be considered a perk? Concierge provider DPC Health, one of the Chamber 2020 category small businesses of the year, offers COVID-19 antibodies testing. Member or not, it will take its mobile van to an employer's site if there are a minimum 20 patients to be tested. There is a charge, but DPC will bill insurance, if applicable.
That’s a longshot: The YMCA’s Mark Mourer was quick to remind Mr. B that the winning “swag” acronym means Something We All Get. He says he filed a class-action petition for all entrants / non-winners for last week’s Charles Schwab Challenge swag.
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