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TCU Neeley Associate Professor of Management Abbie Shipp, the speaker at yesterday's Impact Your Business luncheon at Joe T. Garcia's, said many workers have a time management "mismatch between as-is versus should-be." She suggests organizing job functions (and distractions) into categories: eliminate, reduce, raise, create. Among those on hand to hear Abbie were left to right, Charlie Hodges of his namesake media company, Tamara Payne of Ensemble Coworking and Lisa Marie Graves of Pulliam Pools.

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Gracefully yours: Mr. B doesn't have many original cooking thoughts so he is honest enough to say he loves checking out the Grace Restaurant menu and semi stealing from chef Blaine Staniford's creative mind. For instance, there's Blaine's macaroni & cheese with caramelized onions and King Crab; Mr. B uses IHOb syrup and $1.99 imitation crab. Does bacon-wrapped onions with blue cheese vinaigrette dressing leave you drooling? Mr. B went bacon-wrapped bacon...OMG! And B was beside hisownself with the description and photo of the Maine Diver Scallops on shallot potato cake with American caviar butter sauce. His latkes never looked, sounded or tasted so good. You won't have to dream delightful dishes or steal from Blaine because Grace's Cara Ogle left us ogling with a $100 certificate for food.

Kool Kids Kamp: Lots of kiddos carousing all the fascinating camps and exhibits this summer at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. But Friday, July 20, from 6-10 p.m., it's adult camp -- Science on Tap: Human Biology and Cool Technology. For $20, you can eat, drink and mingle while you learn about human biology and cool technology. "Explore the impolite science of the human body in Grossology, try your hand at humorous virtual surgery scenarios in the operating room or experience different virtual reality simulations." There will be great music (Adrian Garza) and not-so-great (karaoke.) Anne (not related to Carlos) Santana VR'ed over two tickets and two drinks for two winners. If you're not cool enough and you don't win, buy tickets early and get one drink free. 

Putting on a good face: "Learn how to set up and run a Facebook ad campaign the right way." That's what Megan Brown of her namesake marketing company said about her 3-hour seminar THIS Saturday morning at the Fort Worth Club. Does that mean most are being done the wrong way? Megan demurred, but pointed out  that MB Marketing is a full-service, digital marketing agency that works with local businesses to help them find, attract and retain customers by getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time. The seat in this seminar will teach you what you need to know beyond boosting a post. It will cover targeting options, different types of campaigns, ways to set up campaigns and do's and don'ts of a good ad and content. 

Balancing act: Mr. B's Boss at the Chamber, Miserly Mistress, thought it would be a good idea for Mr. B to check out Brain Balance Achievement Centers. "See if it can tone down your immature snarkiness and up your focus on the Chamber," she directed. That idea appealed to Jeremy Knipp(ed)-in-the-bud. The Brainy program director said, "Our services are directed toward families that have children struggling with focus, emotions, behaviors and/or academics ... (they) tell us things like their child isn't able to sit still in the classroom therefore grades are dropping. Or maybe they are constantly getting in trouble because of lack of attention. Another thing we see is children that have emotional meltdowns and they have a difficult time breaking through." If you know a family in need, Jeremy is offering a comprehensive Brain Balance assessment. 

Congratulations to the June 27th
Prize Winners: 
  • Brandon King, HUB International
  • Chuck Bouligny, Ascend Concepts
  • Scott Fredricks, Cantey Hanger
  • Frederick Schmidt, Tarrant County College District
  • Megan Brown, MB Marketing
  • Brenda Rios, JPS Health Foundation
  • Leah Robertson, Stockyards Hotel & H3 Ranch


Weighty competition: From mid-January through June, seven members of the Texas Tornados Leads Group competed to lose weight. Reagan Ferguson of Pressman Printing was the two-time defending champion. Five of the seven participated in the final weigh-in, losing a total of 69 pounds. Kelly LeBlanc of Johnson Controls (29 pounds, 4 ounces) handily (gutless-ly?) beat runnerup Reagan and forked the $175 prize.

How many is an empire? Marcelle LeBlanc is close to opening her fifth The Velvet Box adult store, this one in west Plano. She has been a frequent giveaway-er in B2B Insider since opening No. 1 in 2009.

Not so neighborly: David, the Stanford in Hahnfeld Hoffer & Stanford architects and planners, has lived in Fort Worth all his years except for his time at The University of Texas. "Fort Worth is a great place to live; easy to go places," he said. "I go to Dallas - my son lives there - it's a nightmare."

To a Tee: Mark Mourer, The First Tee of Fort Worth, was dead solid perfect with his TCU journalism Master's thesis on golf writer Dan Jenkins.

The spoken word:  No time or can't read? Google Home can read you the  Star-Telegram .
"We build buildings. My growth depends on your growth."   

-- David Bloxom, President, Speed Fab-Crete
addressing small business owners
Unblocking the mental block: Duke Greenhill says everyone is creative to some degree. He is the Veep of Creative and Strategy for the J.O. agency and outlined the four steps of creative process during a Chamber luncheon.
  • No. 1 - Problem Solving. What's preventing you from going forward?
  • No. 2 - Integrative Complexity, which is connecting the dots in unexpected ways.
  • No. 3 - Divergent Thinking, or trying many potential solutions in a short period of time.
  • No. 4 - Extended Effort, most similar to motivation, grit, not giving up.
New superhero: There's a summer blockbuster you may not have seen -- The Flash. It's from non-profit lender PeopleFund. Erika Hersh explains: Up to a $25,000 loan between 5-and-12 percent closed in less than a week if you own a business, have good credit and no insufficient funds on your last three bank statements.

Make yourownself a star: The most read Chamber e-mails -- by far, and neck-and-neck theirownselves-- are the Monday Calendar of Events and the Wednesday B2B Insider. If the calendar had prize giveaways, it would win in a runaway. So, this is a public service announcement reminding you that you can put your event / meeting notices on the calendar. For free. The Chamber's Yolanda Henderson recently starting adding her ribbon cuttings to the calendar and attendance quadrupled, which made the Chamber businesses, caterers and Yolanda very happy.

So obvious: Today, July 11, is National 7-Eleven Day.
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