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Cue the corny: Byrne Construction Services will receive the Spirit of Enterprise Award at the Chamber's Annual Meeting; its Chairman, John Avila, Jr., is one of the city's great pun-sters. Chamber veep Netty Matthews wrote, "My friend has been on shaky ground since the earthquake. It ruined his swimming pool and he's gone off the deep end." Avila responded with 1) "It shocked his pool!" 2) "It went out of balance and was chemically unstable..." and 3) "He thought it would only skim the surface, but it took out the deep end..." To read more about Avila, including the company's work on Montgomery Plaza, click here.  

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THIS IS IT, folks! You love Main St. Arts Festival? The Parade of Lights? Well then, fair-haired Claire (Armstrong) at Pavlov agency works PR for those big boppers. She and Pavlov next are rockin' the Moroccan culture June 14 to preview the June 15-16 International Folk Art Market Arlington, during which more than 40 master folk artists from 30 different countries will exhibit and sell their handmade artwork. The VIP Midnight in Morocco event Thursday night offers attendees a preview of the market and the first opportunity to shop one-of-a-kind art. It includes authentic Moroccan cuisine, spiced cocktails, camels and monkeys, belly dancing, henna tattoo and more. Pavlov used the camel to bring over your tickets for two. 

Space odysseys: Won't say the Prospective Ms. B is a prodigious shopper or anything, but the kitchen cupboard in the B Mansion is now a closet. As is the back of the front door. The pool has shelving. The Mansion slowly has been re-designed into a high-end storage facility. Mr. B's few ownself's spots soon will be unavailable. Are you having similar space and design problems? Then join Mr. B at the Fort Worth Business Press' Business for Breakfast June 13 at the Fort Worth Club. The Architecture and Innovation Design panel includes Chamber members Michael Bennett of Bennett Benner Partners, Leesa Vardeman of VLK Architects and David Stanford of Hahnfeld Hoffer Stanford. Lauren (Oy) Vay has a seat for two readers. 

Ensured her insurance honor: Recently, B2B Insider broke the news, beating TMZ, of the impending marriage of Leslie Shields of HealthMarkets and Chris Botvidson of Ascend Concepts. (Gifts are welcomed; mail to Mr. B at the Chamber.) Mr. B has no money for a gift for the love birds, so he arranged for Leslie, a very licensed insurance agent, and her two workplace teammates to be ranked among the Top 10 HealthMarkets agents in the country for small group insurance. Woohoo! HealthMarkets had 400 agents in Fort Worth late last month for its national conference to celebrate Leslie and the company's achievements. Because you, too, most likely won't be invited to their wedding, Leslie instead would like you to celebrate all her good news and has a $50 gift card to get you started. 

Scissors cuts paper: Mr. B was listening to a Chamber Am-Bass-Adorable (think Wal-Mart greeters) explain the greatness of a Chamber ribbon cutting. And his mind drifted, as it is wont to do, and he wondered about a business having a virtual ribbon cutting. And what if you could get paid 75 cents per to attend 20 virtual ribbon cuttings an hour? What if it were a job of the 2020s? The business would save on food costs, would save on cleaning pre-event and post-event, and wouldn't have to fake being social. The Chamber's Netty Matthews said she would consider the idea, probably after the 2020s, but would offer a free, real, all-the-frills, Chamber ribbon cutting in B2B Insider.

Congratulations to the May 30th Prize Winners: 
  • Bart Graves, Quarles Lumber
  • Laura Riehm, SkinDeepLaserMD
  • Angela Taff, Mid-Continental Restoration Co.
  • Jef Drummond, Insperity
  • Laurin Crawford, Spirit of Texas Bank
  • Tiffany DePriest, Polished Family Dental
  • Sara Mitchell, Camp Fire First Texas

Big news to croak about: Tomorrow the Chamber will Fortify members during its Annual Meeting at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel. There will be millions there celebrating, assisted by a slew of Chamber Am-Bass-Adorables. Jackie Pierce, owner of Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More, is the new leader of the Am-Bass-Adorables.

Sing-ularly artistic: Wesley Gentle is the Advancement Manager for the Arts Council of Fort Worth. He is the two steps forward part of the line in two steps forward, one step back. This is not Wesley's first (arts) rodeo. Previously, he worked for the Fort Worth Opera and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. He stretches vocal chords with opera companies around the Metroplex, at weddings and funerals, and with the St. Patrick Cathedral choir.

Liquid lunch? The Texas Tornadoes Leads Group took a field trip during lunch to tour the Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co.

To die for: Colonial Country Club recently made a TX Whiskey Pecan Pie in conjunction with Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. Served it with a white chocolate anglaise.

This is not cybersecurity: Lisa Cobb, Chair of the Chamber's Women's Insight Network and CFO of Precise Energy Products, says Nigeria is an emerging business client for the company's oilfield services equipment. In Nigeria, kidnapping is part of doing business. "Nigerians are our favorite clients," Lisa said, "but when husband Gary goes there, they provide him with 24-hour armed guards."

Highly rated:  New CEO of consumer shopping guide Angie's List is Royce Brooks of ... Fort Worth . Her father, Roy, is Tarrant County Precinct 1 Commissioner.
"Nothing happens when you're super comfortable with your business."   

-- Carolyn Phillips
Alchemy Pops
On workplace harassment: Decker Jones Shareholder Vianei Lopez Braun, whose focus is Labor & Employment law, was featured in Texas Monthly for her thoughts on workplace harassment. She wrote -- "You should have the ability to look at the policy and decide: I'm going to go to human resources or call a hotline, or -- if it's a small company with no HR -- I'm going to go to the company owner or president. A good policy should have multiple avenues for reporting ... That requires training that really encourages people to come forward and make reports, and to not look the other way ... When you do have training, it's important to have a CEO or leader introduce it and say, 'We have a real commitment to a respectful and professional workplace, and we take this very seriously.'"

Work before hire? Stevie Dawn, founder of Orange Compass training, says the biggest piece missed in the process of hiring is not seeing an applicant's work. "You must send a project for applicants to complete or go see their work, if possible."

Name game: Suzanne Kim Rosen, a Partner at Forshey & Prostok, says she always has been called Suki.

What! You never got that call? Jason Duling of Johnson Controls advises businesses with a VOIP phone system: Better check with your security people to see if it will communicate properly if an emergency arises.

Add to social studies curriculum: All 102 graduates of Fort Worth Country Day are going to colleges, including Franklin University in Switzerland, University of San Carlos in the Philippines, and University St. Andrews in Scotland, where Prince William and Duchess Kate attended.
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