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Are you goal-oriented/driven/focused? According to the November 15th Impact Your Business speaker, Dr. Joe Michels, seeing your goals in writing will have a powerful effect on your mind. Additionally, objectives should be SMART -- specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.

L to R: Michael Dardanes and Brynn Byrne,  Elemental Yoga and the Mind Arts To view more photos from our events, check out our Facebook pa ge!
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 Wanna get away? Peacefully. With serenity. Who out there knew there were 55 hotel rooms attached to The Riley Center at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary? Sheet-turner Steven Platt runs The Riley Center and with all the conferences and weddings and Bar Mitzvahs he hosts, you need a hotel. Each room is smoke-free and smokin' with loads of accoutrements, including WiFi, cable with HDTV and that all-important iron w/board. There is a complimentary aerobics center, indoor swimming pool, racquetball court and breakfast. And a chapel service. The food is 5-star; ask Star-Telegram's Bud Kennedy. Or see yourownself with this one-night stay in a king room.

Lasting impressions: Cameron and Yadira Goodpaster own 3D Me Studio. They can take your photo and turn it into a 3D figure, such as a figurine or a bobblehead. Mr. B got to thinking of the bobblehead he would want (other than the Prospective Ms. B, of course). Back even before he was a kid, Mr. B watched the magical 61-homer season of New York Yankee Roger Maris. Seven years later, his last in baseball, Maris came to Fort Lauderdale for an exhibition game. Mr. B dusted seats for tips before rich people sat in them, so he had to be at the games early. Well, Maris came into the stands, sat a bit while he smoked, and chatted with Mr. B. As he got up to leave, he fished in his back pocket for some smokeless chew. He threw it to Mr. B and said, "Don't ever try this." Of course Mr. B did and it was more than dust on those seats he soon cleaned. So, a bobblehead of Maris, with crew cut and a mouthful of chew. You, however, can use this $100 credit to get yourownself.
Beer, here! Becky Renfro Borbolla is the international face of Mrs. Renfro's, so Mr. B has been Rosetta Stoning her some Hebrew podcasts in case she ever expands to Israel. Lost in translation is how the Renfros and the Rahrs teamed for a salsa/craft beer mix. So Doug Renfro explained: "We needed a new item and Fritz Rahr is local, his craft beer is a huge national trend. The Renfro R&D lab joined forces with Rahr . . ." Voila! For one reader, Becky sent over a gift box of 10 jars, which includes the new Craft Beer Salsa made with Rahr Amber Ale, Pumpkin Salsa, Green Salsa and Raspberry Chipotle.

Very talented Ensemble: When Mr. B asked recently about the liability co-working spaces have with shared Internet, Ensemble Coworking co-founder Dawn Shannon dusked Mr. B for doubting. "While local coffee shops and restaurants have open Wi-Fi networks, each person who comes in our door must be given access to our Wi-Fi. We provide a higher degree of security for our members at Ensemble Coworking; we take all of the precautions any corporate office would with their internet security, including maintaining secure firewalls. So, maybe the question should be 'what kind of liability issues are there at your local coffee shop vs. the security of a co-working space?'" Then she went on about co-working vs. coworking (cow orking?) Ensemble is a fabulous spot, comfortable, positive, passionate and educational. Find out yourownself with this one free month of open co-working.

Congratulations to the November 15th Prize Winners:
  • Randi Bildeaux, Bloomfield Investment Group
  • Tracy Georges, Transwestern
  • Nate Calzaba, Trinity Habitat for Humanity
  • Nedra Cutler, Meals on Wheels
  • Luke Boughfman, Prinicpal

Claus-et self doubt: Brittani Rollen, an attorney with McDonald Sanders, asked, pre-visit with Santa, "You don't think Santa would put me on the naughty list in front of my daughter, do you?"  Mr. B asked: "Is there something you haven't told me?" Brittani: "It's just that my daughter repeatedly tells me I am the 'meanest mom ever.'  I can't have Santa agree with her.  That would be bad for parenting."

Name game: Humans often auto-correct Chamber membership mogul Bric Shelton's name tag to Eric. Two instances include closing documents for home mortgages.

Is this Lebowski's big franchise? Because it won't open until March at Clearfork, sales director Jessica Garcia of Pinstripes is getting a lot of odd looks about what the company is. Mr. B intervened to one group and explained it was a new-age clothing company for prisoners, deploying horizontal stripes. Jessica re-took the microphone and more accurately said it was a scratch kitchen and bowling center with some bocce ball thrown in.

Patriot Plus
: Mark A Milley, Chief of Staff for the U.S. Army and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was at TCU for the Neeley School of Business Tandy Speaker Series breakfast. Quiche was served. Said Milley: "I didn't realize everyone in Texas ate quiche." Milley oversees 1.2 million "employees" and a $160-billion budget. A few of his thoughts:
  • "At this level, it's indirect leadership...People and Processes."
  • "Anyone who thinks they know all the answers probably isn't very smart."
  • With today's IT, sensors and precision, "a bomb could hit this table from 1,000 miles away."
  • On Artificial Intelligence - "I don't know if it's 10, 50 or 100 years from now, but AI will be a 10x fundamental change in war; it's similar to the 10x change of the airplane (World War II). The country that gets there first will last the longest."

Patriot Plus 2: U.S. Congresswoman Kay Granger of Fort Worth will be recognized Dec. 23 with the 2017 Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl Great American Patriot Award, honored for her exemplary service to the U.S. "(Granger) has been an extraordinary force for Fort Worth, the state of Texas and our country," said Brant Ringler, executive director of the bowl game. Granger serves as the Chair of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee.

"Whenever someone calls and asks for Mr. Hill, I figure I owe them money."     
--John Hill,
Iron Egg
As the world (of coincidences) turns: Chamber Economic Development boss Brandom Gengelbach has been in Fort Worth a year this week. He came from Nashville, but had lived in Houston four times, Richardson twice and Plano three times. His parents live in Plano and on a trip back to Nashville after visiting them, his wife asked if he ever would want to move back to the Dallas area. "Only Fort Worth," he said.

Global growth: Central Texas Pain Center has changed its name to Pain Specialists of America.

Free consult: Dr. Joe Michels, Solomon Bruce Consulting, describes a business cycle as start-up, growth, maturity and decline. Not everyone enjoys working in every cycle. He says it's important for owners to understand which part excites them, where their work strengths lie. Also to know which cycle is best for them to want to exit the business.

Road runners: Mickey McCabe, director of the University of Texas-Arlington Robotics Institute, says scientists there are working on drones for the Texas Department of Transportation to check bridges, map roads and more.

Never bored on Board: Last Wednesday, November 22, marked the 54th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Will A. Courtney, Sr., 28, was among those gathered at the Hotel Texas to hear the President's last speech, a Fort Worth Chamber event. Courtney was so inspired he joined the board of Goodwill. 54 years later, he still is active with the Goodwill board and is involved with many other non-profits, including the Van Cliburn Foundation, Fort Worth Public Library Foundation and Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth.
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