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The Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Visit Fort Worth and MLK on Main Street Collaborative celebrated a new marker installed Monday, January 21, 2019 to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King's only visit in 1959 to Fort Worth.
Pictured: Reverend Kyev Tatum and Marilyn Gilbert, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce
Click here for more information about the celebration or to read the full text of the marker. 
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Their salsa is just peachy: Marketer extraordinaire Doug Renfro has a side job. When he isn't eating, speaking, posting and generally celebrating Fort Worth, he is President of a three-generation family business, Renfro Foods. It's not just salsa that keeps the family dancing to higher and higher notes. There are jars and jars of relishes, peppers, cheese and barbecue sauces, and, of course, more than 20 varieties of salsa in the office/warehouse just southeast of downtown. Yet Doug and cousin Becky are just as likely to be globetrotting, spreading the Renfro gospel and the greatness of Fort Worth, while cousin James stays home overseeing production of 140 jars per minute. How great? Try it yourownself with this 4-jar sampler pack. 

This would fit me: OK, who still has their get-fit resolution in play? As expected, not many of you just clicked "yes." C'mon peeps, stick with it. Clint "Eastwood" Shumate at Orangetheory Fitness can help make your day. The regional fitness phenom's Orangetheorys offer a very popular private class that will exercise and entertain up to 24 people at a time. Your group will enjoy(?) a workout, personal coach and a playlist of your choosing at one of the four Fort Worth locations. Mr. B averages 37 splat points per workout; surely, you can whack-a-mole that.

What's your story? Kate Lino. k8 Communications. Get it? k+8 = Kate. Clever, much like her company's writing, editing, marketing promotion, blogs and anything social media. You need content? Be content with k8te. Or be content with one of these two giveaways, a $50 gift card to Righteous Foods or a 30-minute PR consultation. k8 Communications helps for- and non-profit businesses craft their stories "to increase visibility, better position their organizations and gain brand loyalty and trust." 

This is G-rated, right? No doubt you've heard the expression, "The Emperor has no clothes." The Children's Theater at Casa MaƱana has a slightly different take: The Emperor's (Groovy) New Clothes, an upbeat, magical, musical takeoff of the Hans Christian Anderson tale. Emperor Marcus the Third, 14, is nervous to take the throne. He is convinced by a swindler -- together they bankrupt the treasury -- that clothes truly do make the boss man high and mighty. The swindler promises to make magic clothes that are "invisible to fools, liars and anyone you should ignore." Marcus bares his soul ... and more ... until Arno, a simple-hearted mop boy, sets him straight. The music is inspired by the sounds of Burt Bacharach and Tom Jones. Casa's Lindsey Rushen-ed over a family four-pack of tickets good for opening night Feb.1. 

Congratulations to the January 16th
Prize Winners:
  • Lindsey Rushen, Casa Manana 
  • Carolyn Phillips, Alchemy Pops
  • Marguerite Jones, Tarrant County Community Development
  • Tracy Georges, Transwestern
  • Leann Guzman, City of Fort Worth
  • Jeff Davis, Republic Title
  • Jennifer Smith, Humane Society of North Texas
  • Tony Prenger, Pinnacle Bank
  • Steve McCune, McCune Construction Services Group
  • Wesley Gentle, Arts Council of Fort Worth
  • Bridget Shelton, Embassy Suites of Fort Worth by Hilton
  • Christy Jones, Camp Fire First Texas

business_writing_letter.jpg Is cursive still a word? As you email, search, surf and text today, give a nod to the days of yore; monthologist John Fletcher says today is national handwriting day.

Call, don't write: Busting at its cardboard edges, Harris Packaging has picked up another building for warehousing and shipping. Jana Harris, however, can't tell you the exact address in Riverbend. "The building somehow has three different addresses. The prior owners built onto the building and it sits on the corner of two intersecting streets. The original address was on Riverbend. Tarrant Appraisal District uses a different address off Enterprise Ave., where the expansion took place. Now, the fire department wants to use Riverbend, but a totally new number."

A Lamb in hand is worth two...: Marketer Beth Lamb and TV megastar Deborah Ferguson are married to Steve Lamb. Mr. B was expecting/guessing/hoping(?) it wasn't the same one. "Definitely not the same ones," said Beth, the Chief Marketing Officer for Ronald McDonald House Fort Worth. "Many years ago when I was at TCU, the Star-Telegram used to mail news clippings to individuals in stories to entice them to purchase a specialty framed news piece. They mailed Deborah's Steve Lamb story to me. I mailed it to Deborah and told her we needed to get our Steves together."

Putting cuffs on men: Signature Cuffs and founder Cynthia Sadler are finalists as an Emerging Business in tomorrow night's Chamber Forte AwardS Night small businesses event at the 4-Eleven. This year, Signature Cuffs will launch a men's line with two TCU branded items -- a Frog Squadron Pocket Square and Bow Tie. They should be available in time for Father's Day.

"Ask me anything. Just don't ask me my weight."

--Judy Hoberman, speaker/mentor
at Business Assistance Center breakfast

Congrats: Robert Molloy has been named President of the Fort Worth market for Simmons Bank. And the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History has hired Kippen de Alba Chu as Chief of Staff. Fort Worth must be quite the attraction; he is coming from Hawaii. Finally, more big bucks to control for PeopleFund  lender Erika Hersh. She's been promoted to Regional Manager for Fort Worth and Dallas.

Survey says: Participate! The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has selected Tarrant County as one of 15 locations for its annual National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey from January 27 through April 2. About 600 or so peeps will be asked to participate in the unique research that combines interviews and physical examinations. The CDC hopes to 1) get info that helps physicians gain a better understanding of how to treat diseases; and 2) help municipalities identify needs for funding disease research and health promotion.

Was this cold storage? Raegan Bell of Bell Brothers Moving was thanking Lupe Zamora of Zamora Construction during a Texas Tornadoes Leads Group meeting for allowing Bell to move his mother-in-law from their storage unit to her home. Which left everyone else wondering why Lupe's mother-in-law was living in a storage unit.

Story got her goat: Shelly Davis, the Trinity Metro sales rep for the corporate EasyShare Employer Pass, once was a goat herder in Aledo. She was diligently trying to win the recent goat giclee giveaway from Jan Riggins at Express Employment Pros. "Love the goat," she wrote. "It reminds me of a goat we used to have named Bertha who always picked on our other two goats -- very bossy." 

Licks 'em to death: Kelly LeBlanc of Johnson Controls deals with corporate security issues daily. At home, he says, he is protected by a "3-pound Chihuahua attack dog."

Work not too taxing: In this instance, United Way of Tarrant County is not looking for money, just volunteers. Talking to you, Sarah Caldwell at JTaylor! From Jan. 28-April 17, United Way provides Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA). Qualifying individuals receive tax preparation services by IRS-certified volunteers. Volunteers, such as greeters, interpreters, intake specialists and tax preparers, also are needed. Last year, volunteers donated more than 8,500 hours. Click here for more information. 

Yo! Ga ga over this training academy: Indigo: Yoga, Meditation, and Teacher Training has a third location. This one is Indigo Academy on West 7th. The studio will be home to Indigo founder Brooke Hamblet's Teacher Training School. Indigo opened in 2006.

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