December 19, 2021
Schedule of Events

Don't forget about the Lane of Lights on Lovers Lane downtown! Community groups sponsor each night and donations go to help them and the Christmas Committee!

Pictured is artwork done by Macey who is an ESHS student! Drive by to see more artwork in their windows!
New Signage Going Up Around Town This Week!
Best Week Ever
This week was fabulous in a lot of ways! There were people reporting many good deeds done for complete strangers! What brought us the most joy collectively was seeing a local man dressed up as the Grinch driving around on a motorcycle and spreading good cheer! Thanks to the ESPD for pulling him over to make sure he's not stealing Excelsior's Christmas! Whoever you are, Mr. Grinch, you definitely got this week's
Best Week Ever!
Coming Soon
The Elms Hotel and Spa hosted the Chamber luncheon this past week and General Manager John Mormino announced many exciting things for the near future! Renovations were delayed but have picked back up and the owners will be spending $4 million in renovations over the next four months!

For more information about hotel renovations, and to see the winners of the Chamber Business Awards, click here!
Word on the Street
The Yard Waste and Bulky Item Drop Off are now closed for the season. It will reopen again Saturday, March 5th
A local family had a house fire this week and lost everything. Donations are being accepted at Boulevard Florist downtown.
Local Veteran Featured for Outstanding Marksmanship
Paralyzed veteran and citizen Chris Ruggles was featured this week in Outdoor Life magazine for his amazing skills in using a mouth-held shooting bow to kill an 8-point Missouri buck!

Weekly News Headlines
This is actually a collection of two weeks. Really great legislation being introduced by State Representative Doug Richey that will serve to better protect our children from abuse in the school setting.

Fire, EMS, Police Blotter; Now with Sheriff's Report
Here are the emergency services logs for our police and fire departments.

Weekly Updates from the City Manager
City Manager Molly McGovern offers a weekly report to give citizens a better idea of what is happening on a local level weekly.

This week gives you insight on the status of many projects underway.

Caption Contest
Congrats to
Mckenzie Sinclair
for being this week's Caption Contest winner with the following caption for this picture:

"And what happened, then? Well, in Whoville they say – that the Grinch's small butt grew three sizes that day. And then – the true meaning of Christmas came through"

This Caption Contest brought to you by Opportunity Cafe and Coffee! Each week the winner gets a free cup of coffee! Thank you to our sponsor!

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