The Chamber team and its board are 100% committed to you and your business. We've been focusing on what we can do to help you, basing our activity on the 1,500 phone calls we made to you last week. We hear you. We understand that it feels unsettling to not know what's in store for our health, our businesses and our community as a whole, but be assured that we are here for you. Let's commit to doing what we can together to ensure Tucson continues to be the exceptional place in which we love to live, work and play! Here is how we are working to help and support you. Please reach out and tell us how we can help.
  • Stand up a jobs, skills-based platform connecting displaced workers and job seekers to active job openings and virtual training programs
  • Train our staff on how to effectively submit for an SBA loan so that we may advise our members
  • Coordinate with our partners on ways to assist the displaced job workers
  • Lobby locally for relief in Sign Code
  • Lobby state for financial resources for businesses and displaced employees
  • Lobby Congress for swift, impactful relief programs focused on grants, loans, forbearance programs and regulatory relief
  • Grow our member deals program to showcase businesses helping each other 
  • We moved 90% of our staff to work safely at home where they can still support the business community.
  • We stood up a resource page for employers, employees and community members impacted by COVID-19. In just a few days, we’ve had thousands of unique views. Check it out.
  • Our healthcare providers and public safety members are on the front lines and we’ve been striving to answer their calls for help. As your community connector, we accomplished the following:
  • Connected the Benson Hospital with Asarco mining regarding equipment needs. Thank you to our friends at South32 for coordinating.
  • Partnered with Maxim Healthcare to build a model offering childcare for first responders and health care workers.
  • We identified restaurants offering discounts for first responders and health care workers.

  • Political decisions are complex and difficult in this unprecedented time. Taking into consideration alternative scenarios with different public health risks and impacts on the overall restaurant industry, we lobbied both the City of Tucson and Pima County to close restaurant dining rooms.