Apri, 2020
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News from the Executive Director

The entire world we all live in is consumed with the latest news updates regarding the Coronavirus and the toll it has taken on our entire society. Our daily lives as we once knew and the norms associated with how we lived our lives has all change; and some of those norms have not only change but may be may gone forever.

It is an understatement to simply say we have never experienced anything like this before in our history. Words or expressions all come up short in depicting exactly what is happening to us. No one could have predicted such a crisis and who can tell us when it will truly come to an end? We are a nation of people who have faced difficulties before and risen to face those challenges and we will do so once again.

The Chamber will continue to share information from the federal, state and local agencies with you. You can find important links below as well as on our website, www.wakefieldlynnfieldchamber.org :

Thank you to our Newsletter sponsors:
This is the time when we should turn our attention to the less fortunate among us. We as an organization, as a community, have all pulled together to work as one, for the betterment, care and well-being of our entire Wakefield community. The   Wakefield Lynnfield Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Wakefield have come together to help its neighbors by launching  Wakefield Cards for the Community – Helping our Neighbors in Need , a gift card giving program. With the closing of schools and the loss of jobs, many Wakefield residents are struggling to be able to provide food for themselves and their families during this global pandemic, COVID-19.

The  Wakefield Lynnfield Chamber of Commerce , along with The  Wakefield Food Pantry  and the  Wakefield School Department  have formed a partnership to assist these individuals and families to alleviate some of their stress by not only helping put food on their tables, but also helping to support local food establishments and their staffs during this difficult time as they struggle to stay open.

How it works:
When you donate online to  Wakefield Cards for the Community , you will provide us with the funding to purchase gift cards from restaurants that are being affected by Covid-19.

The Board of Directors of the Wakefield Food Pantry and the office of Wakefield School Superintendent will identify individuals and families in need and will distribute the gift cards. To date we have raised over $15,000 and have already purchased more than $8,000 in gift certificates to our local restaurants.

There is still much more we can do and will do! If you haven’t already, please join us in this very worthy and honorable cause. Join us in extending a helping hand (figuratively in these times) to assist those who may be less fortunate. As the song lyrics go “Put a little Love in your heart” and join with us. 

Stay safe and healthy,
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