February 2021
Chamber Chat Newsletter
February started with happy news as I am pleased to be able to introduce to you our new Chamber Executive Assistant – Carly Fortier. Carly is a Wakefield resident and brings with her a wealth of experience. We are looking forward to her becoming a valuable member of the team and encourage you to welcome her into our Chamber family.

I am always pleased to report that our monthly Breakfast Club is going strong and the social networking amongst our members is great to see. The ebb and flow of new participants with the regulars is what continues to make this session of interest to all. This is our longest running, continuous networking event. A big thank you again to all of you stalwarts who help keep this morning social networking event going!

We participated and presented a number of educational and informative Zoom sessions throughout the month. We were pleased to support and promote a session “Digital Marketing Webinar Training” offered by Erin Kokinda, the Community and Economic Development Director, Town of Wakefield. This webinar included the opportunity to win a $2,000 grant to help your business improve its digital marketing.

We participated and offered a Multi-Chamber Social Networking “Happy Hour”. This was a terrific event which not only provided extensive social networking opportunities, but also a fun lesson on how to make your own “Pomegranate Mojito”. Lisa Beattie, the owner of the Stones Common House & Kitchen took us through each steps on making the perfect beverage. This event had over 70 participants from various Chambers – hopefully you were one of them!
Another very interesting and informative zoom seminar offered was “Dementia Friendly Training” - I hope you were able to listen in on this very important topic that does not get touched on enough. 

We welcomed another new member “Creations Coffee”. Once again neither the weather nor COVID prevented us from hosting a socially safe “Ribbon Cutting” ceremony.

Working together as we do with our partners at SCORE, we continue to provide access to a number of diverse and interesting virtual seminars. Please be sure to review the information the Chamber routinely sends out to our members. If you have missed these e-mails or maybe unsure if you have received them, please feel free to contact us here at the Chamber office. We are here and happy to help!

It’s IMPORTANT to remember that we all must continue to do all we can to support our local businesses and one another. Shop local and buy local as often as you can. Even if you have to go a little out of your way, your business is needed and appreciated.

Lastly, while a vaccination program against COVID is underway we remain vigilant and continue our commitment to being socially conscious and responsible in our behavior.
Please pay attention to the joint education effort on behalf of the Chamber and the Town of Wakefield ….


Looking forward to a prosperous 2021!

Hope to see many of you again soon,

Our Newsletter Sponsors:
Welcome Carly to the Chamber. Carly is a Wakefield resident and our Executive Assistant. Please email Carly if you are in need of any assistance.
Justina from The Remedy Exchange will be joining us for our After Hours Social Networking Event to talk about nutrition and basic healthy eating tips.
Thank you VCA for welcoming all animals, including Penny the Pig!
State Representatives Donald Wong and Kate Lipper-Garabedian joined us in welcoming Creations Coffee to the neighborhood. Stop by for a delicious hot coffee and sandwich!