July, 2020
Chamber Chat Newsletter
News from the Executive Director

We all have been waiting anxiously for this moment to arrive and we are finally on our way back. While we still have a long way to go before we reach any semblance of our prior norm – it’s still good to be back to any degree.

We at the Chamber are all very excited about the reopening of certain segments of our local community. This is like a new beginning and we need to grasp it with all of the enthusiastic support and excitement we can muster. Of course we will exhibit all this excitement and enthusiasm with all of the proper face coverings and observing the social distancing required. The wearing of masks and putting a little distance between us is a minor inconvenience in light of the social and economic benefits that they bring with them
As our environment continues to improve we look forward to the expanding of the economic reopening and welcoming back as much and as many of our additional business friends and neighbors as quickly as possible.

So for the moment, for those of us who have reopened and restarted our businesses let not forget those still waiting. Let’s continue to reach out to help one another and remember no one has to be alone in all of this. If there is one lesson we all should have learned is that no one, not one of us, can do it alone.

As it was before this all began, the Chamber was here to serve you and here we still remain to continue that mission. Hopefully, we will soon be able to begin planning and scheduling our training sessions, Business After Hours Networking, Multi Chambers, The Breakfast Club and much, much more.

In the meantime, be sure to take advantage of some benefits of your Chamber membership. We are offering, at no additional fee, upgraded marketing opportunities for your business. Log into the Member Information Center to begin increasing your online visibility. An email will be sent soon with more details. Also, each member has available one free e-blast to our email list of over 1200 readers. If you have just reopened, have a new product or service, new hours, or just about anything you would like to announce and let people know – contact us about sending your e-blast. Additional e-blast are available thru out the year for only $75 per e-blast.
Breakfast Club -- Then and Now
Marie and I have been working diligently on trying to keep you all informed of all of the on-going regulatory information channels. The Chamber Office continues to remain in contact and work closely with the Town of Wakefield Administration as well as our entire State delegation. The information flow and lines of communication have benefited all of us and remain vital to our successful reopening as we move forward. We would like to acknowledge and thank all of our legislative leaders for their constant and continued dedication to looking out for the best interests of all with whom they represent.

I am pleased that our monthly Breakfast Club “Zoom” meeting have continued to be well attended. If the health of our environment continues to improve - hopefully we will be hosting our August Breakfast Club meeting in person. Fingers crossed!

Lastly, remember the Chamber has a limited amount PPP supplies available in our office for sale at our bulk purchase costs due to our working together with other area Chambers to make such products available to our members. As needed, we can also reorder and continue to help you with your PPP purchases. Please reach out to Marie or myself if you would like us to assist you with those needs.

Well stay safe everyone and hopefully we will all be meeting again soon.

All the best,


The Chamber will continue to share information from the federal, state and local agencies with you. You can find important links below as well as on our website, www.wakefieldlynnfieldchamber.org :