June 2021
Chamber Chat Newsletter
Well if I am feeling this way – then I’m sure most, if not all, of you are also feeling the same. We all are individually enjoying the experience of that inner relief that comes with the lifting of COVID restrictions. Our senses are coming alive again and it’s a great feeling. Seeing smiles on the faces of people walking past you as you stroll down the street is refreshing. People are living again and all of the little things we took for granted are coming back again – even handshakes and hugs are slowly working their way back in some instances. ALL WITH OUT A MASK!! It is a little bit of sensory overload but we all should enjoy it! So as our little part of world continues to brighten, let’s listen to that old sage of advice (and I’ll paraphrase it a bit) “take a moment to stop and smell the roses”.

It is so good to get back into our old and familiar routines which we are taking full advantage of. On June 3, the first Thursday of the Month, we once again held our Breakfast Club! Over 20 of us gathered on the Common for this months networking ritual and enjoyed the morning sun, fresh air, hot coffee, donuts and of course one another’s company and conversation. I am looking forward to watching this gathering of “business friends” continue to gain steam and grow back up in numbers to the size it once was. We will for sure be back in person once again for the month of July. So hopefully we will see a few more of you do your part and come and join us! Adding your individual characteristics to the group collectively enhances us all, so your participation is greatly appreciated.

The Multi-Chamber Comedy Night at Giggles in Saugus on May 20th was a tremendous success. With approximately 80 registered guests, 38 of them specifically Wakefield Lynnfield Chamber members, we’d like to give a special “thank you” for your support and joining in on the fun. There may be another Comedy night in the future so be on the lookout! 
We are in the early stages of planning our very successful Summer Outing at the Quannapowitt Yacht Club. To those of you that have attended in the past, you know this is a terrific night of food, beverages, music and some fun activities. And if all of that wasn’t enough, the view of Lake Quannapowitt from the yacht club back deck is absolutely spectacular. Please stay tuned for the formal announcement and respond early as space is limited.

Advocating on behalf of our local business community is an important part of the Chamber’s mission. We have contacted our local state delegation Senator Lewis and Representatives Donald Wong and Kate Lipper-Garabedian on a number of issues that are of concern to us. One issue specifically is the negative impact of the huge and unexpected increase in the Unemployment Insurance Fund premiums sent to businesses. We are also supporting legislation filed that is designed to extend certain measures adopted during the pandemic which would otherwise sunset on June 15th with the Governor’s planned lifting of the current state of emergency. S2467- An Act relative to extending certain COVID-19 measures adopted during the state of emergency; which includes two provisions strongly supported by the Chamber including an extension of outdoor dining and alcohol to go. The Chamber is also monitoring other amendments with the potential to impact local industry operations, including those calling for even further extensions of outdoor dining, alcohol to go, and a one year extension of the third-party delivery fee cap of 15%. 
The Chamber is also working with a small group of our members to put together a “New Resident Packet’ to be given to new residents to the Wakefield Lynnfield Communities. If you would like to provide a promotion for your business, be it a discount offer, gift card, informational flyer or any type of bag stuffer with your company name on it, please contact Carly or I here at the Chamber office. Participation is free for Chamber members!

Hopefully, you have taken advantage of the numerous and varied informational and training seminars that have been offered thru our partnership with Score. These seminars are truly geared to assist and provide insightful training and education to small businesses thru out our area. Please be sure to take a look at these programs as we send the info to you.

Also for the last couple of months, we have attempted to alert you to the importance of the Town of Wakefield By-Laws changes enacted at the 2020 Wakefield Town meeting last fall. These changes impact the use of foam polystyrene (Styrofoam) and certain plastic’s here in the town of Wakefield. The Chamber has been working with Town representatives to help prepare educational materials and documentation to help our local businesses become more aware of these changes and how to adapt to them. The intended purpose of these by-law changes is to reduce the environmental impact that these foam polystyrene and plastics have on our local area. Please make a note that these changes will take effect June 30, 2021.

We understand and appreciate that the constant stream of information regarding COVID and relative SBA and state relief programs can be overwhelming but we do try our best to streamline it for you. Just keep in mind that the need for that information is real. So please keep your eye open for this flow of important and vital information from the Chamber office.

Lastly, if you are looking for a rewarding and educational job opportunity for your teen or young adult - maybe a neighbor’s or even a co-worker’s child; two very note worthy organizations within our local Community- The Burbank YMCA and the Stoneham Wakefield Boys and Girls Club are hiring summer help and have terrific summer job opportunities. So check them out – it will help your children and help your local community at the same time!

All the best,

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We laughed the night away at Giggles with 80 or so people for our Multi-Chamber Comedy Night! Pizza was plentiful and the jokes kept coming.
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