May, 2020
Chamber Chat Newsletter
News from the Executive Director

Well another month of our “Stay at Home” order has passed and I know I am speaking for most - if not all of us that this will end before we get to the month of June!

The Chamber has continued to share with you as much information as we can and that will remain so as long as necessary. At the bottom of this newsletter you will find a list of very important links to keep yourself current. Please visit them as often as you feel necessary.

I am pleased to announce that we did kick off the month of May with our first Breakfast Club meeting in two months; by hosting a very successful ZOOM session on the first Thursday as is our tradition. While it was not quite the same as meeting in person at Brother’s, it was still a great turn out. We welcomed about 25 attendees and it was terrific to see so many smiling faces! Thank you to each and every one of you that took the time to join us. It was good to see all of you and to learn that you are all getting by as best as you can.   

If you’re wondering who is open and when you might want to dine out by ordering take out, be sure to check out the Chamber website . Marie has been diligent updating the list of those establishments who are ready and waiting to serve you. So be sure to check it out and support one of our many fine restaurants and food providers.

We have been collecting member profiles for the past few weeks and will begin publishing them soon in our social media formats. If you haven’t sent one yet there is still plenty of time to do so and get yours into the mix.
Thank you to our Newsletter sponsors:
We are planning a “Zoom Networking” opportunity in the very near future. This networking event will allow each participant to speak for 2-2 ½ minutes about their own business and to share with everyone there all there is to know about your business. This will be available to any member who wishes to register and participate but the number will be limited. So keep a watch out for the invitation and be sure to reserve your spot.  

In partnership with the Wakefield Main Streets, the Chamber recently initiated a “Thank You" Sign Program for the purpose of recognizing and expressing appreciation to all of the healthcare workers, first responders and essential personnel. All of these individuals are putting themselves at risk and in harm’s way to serve us. The program is a huge success and if you haven’t already, feel free to join us now and purchase a sign of your own.

I am also very pleased and proud to share with you the success of the “Wakefield Cards for the Community: program which the Chamber initiated with both the Wakefield Food Pantry and the Wakefield Public Schools. To date we have raised over $18,800, assisted over 400 Wakefield households and supported over 40 Wakefield businesses with the purchasing of gift cards to their establishment.

I recently read the following quote but I am unable to recall the author but I feel this to be so representative of our circumstance today.
“While we are all in the same storm – we are not all in the same boat”!!
That rings so true for the thousands who have been laid off and are worried about putting food on the family table, paying the rent or mortgage, keeping up with their utility bills and so many other concerns. Which is why our efforts to support the Wakefield Food Pantry, Wakefield Public Schools and our local businesses are so important and so very much appreciated.   

From the bottom of our hearts “Thank You” to all of you wonderful individuals and businesses in this community of ours for giving us your support. Stay safe everyone and hopefully we will all be meeting again soon.

All the best,

The Chamber will continue to share information from the federal, state and local agencies with you. You can find important links below as well as on our website, :