Forging ahead also holds special meaning for me this week. I have to thank the team here at the Log Cabin, Lisa, Susan & Anna along with the Board of Directors for their support while I've been focused on the loss of my mother, Carolyn Deacon. She was the epitome of resilience - moving back to the area in 1982 as a single mother with five children (I'm the oldest). She had her education and training as a physiotherapist and returned to working when we moved to Picton. She continued to work as a home care therapist through Quinte District Rehabilitation, and one of her last calls on Thanksgiving Monday was to make arrangements for those she wasn't going to be able to see last week. The past few days have been a glorious reflection on the life she built for us and how we've grown as a family to include 13 grandchildren and even a great-granddaughter.