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Leader-In-Me Edition
August 2015
Chad Shealy - Vicksburg-Warren School District Superintendent

"The Leader In Me is the canvas to which all of our school processes are painted upon. It's not a program, it's a process that strengthens all other functions.  Student and teachers alike become more focused on becoming better in all areas of their lives.  It imbeds character and fosters skills that equip students for success during and after school.  We have been blown away by the results at each school site and we continue to press forward with adding schools as they become ready."   
A Whole-School Transformation Process...

"In our opinion The Leader in Me initiative (TLIM) is the single most important effort our community has undertaken in years.  Based on Stephen Covey's best-selling book  The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, the initiative focuses on personal responsibility and teamwork for students K-6.  While disciplinary referrals have dropped dramatically and academic performance has risen at TLIM schools, what you really need to do is to talk to any student, parent, teacher or principal at one of the four elementary schools which have already implemented TLIM.  Those schools are Bowmar, Bovina, Dana Road, and Redwood. (Beechwood will be implementing TLIM beginning this month.)  We've heard a kid say, "I'm responsible for me" and a teacher say, "the hallways and classrooms are now totally different, better places."  Better yet, we've seen numerous elementary school students (including a kindergartener) proudly show us their Leadership notebooks in which they have set specific goals and are personally tracking their progress against those goals.  We've heard parents say, "my child now talks to me about win/win situations and the power of diversity and teamwork."   

The people of Vicksburg and Warren County are awesome.  Local businesses, individuals and foundations have contributed over $300,00 to date through the Chamber toward the funding of TLIM.  We'll need another $100,000 to complete the training of the currently enrolled schools.  Like many other sponsors, Corin and I no longer have children or grandchildren in the school system.  We, like others, simply understand and have seen that this initiative is already transforming this community which we all love and want to see prosper for generations."

~Bob and Corin Morrison

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Leader-In-Me Results
Bovina Elementary - Leader In Me school since 2012
Bowmar Elementary - Leader In Me school since 2012
Dana Road Elementary - Leader In Me school since 2014
Redwood Elementary - Leader-In-Me school since 2014
Beechwood Elementary - In training

  • Dana Road exceeded their goal of 10% for reducation in discpline referrals to a 40% reduction in discipline refferals the first year.
  • Bowmar's 3rd graders had the highest standardized reading scores in the state while participating in the Leader-In-Me program.
  • Bovina Elementary increased the number of books read by 76% in the last four years.
  • 70% of Bowmar students showed growth on their STAR reading test by May 2015.
Miki Ginn - Principal Bovina Elementary
"Teachers and students are much more goal oriented and aware of their data and the action steps they need to take to reach their goals.  It has focused our language and purpose as a school.  Students who may never have seen themselves in leadership positions have realized they have talents that can be utilized and celebrated.  Students have taken more ownership of their actions and their roles as important individuals that can help contribute to the success of our school.  With the focused efforts on service projects, the kids have become more aware of the needs in our community and that they can have a positive impact in service to the community.  The kids and families have a "language" that they can talk at school and at home.  The students are taking what they have learned at school home to their families.  The Leader in Me has involved our community like never before and highlighted all of the wonderful things that go on in our schools each and every day.  It has been awesome to see the community rally around such an important and impactful cause and to see the people it has drawn into our schools that may otherwise have never visited."
2015 Community Leadership Days

Parent Testmonial

"I was first introduced to the 7-Habits through a song sang continuously by my twins Kaitlyn and Arthur Williams, 2nd graders at Dana Road Elementary School.  I didn't understand the influence this was having on them until we sat down and discussed what these habits meant.  We've been at Dana Road since the inception of The Leader-In-Me and one thing that stood out to me was that this was a program that supports and encourages responsibility of the teachers and the students.  In our household our favorite habit is Habit #3 "Begin with the End in Mind."  This means that my twins not only know where they are going but they can better understand how to get there.  I've noticed that the behavior of my kids have shifted to our home where they are enthusiastic about school and enthusiastic about home chores. The 7-Habit language was kid-friendly and easy for them to learn and since starting the Leader-In-Me, Kaitlyn is reading at a middle 3rd grade level and Arthur's reading scores have increased.  The Leader-In-Me has installed a since of leadership and self-reliance in my kids and as a parent I am proud of that and proud of what this program means to our community."

Mrs. Monica Williams
Parent of twins Kaitlyn & Arthur, Dana Rd. Elementary
8th Grade English Teacher - Vicksburg Jr. High
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 "Over the past few years, I've had the pleasure of attending almost all the Leadership Days at the various schools w here TLIM has been implemented. The transformation at those schools has been quite dramatic. While there is certainly no one particular  "silver bullet" in education, there have been measureable improvements in behavior and test scores. I urge everyone to consider contributing to this program regardless of whether you currently have children in the schools or not. Children with good interpersonal skills and leadership skills usually become productive members of society. Now that the seeds of this program have been sown, hopefully, some years in the future, unemployment rates, incarceration rates, and other undesireable metrics will definitely be impacted in a favorable way."

A.J. "Buddy" Dees
Ellis, Braddock & Dees, Attys.
Divisional Vice-President of Education Workforce
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Sherrie Williams - 
Principal Dana Road

"Dana Road Elementary began our journey with The Leader in Me in the summer of 2014.  Our first full year of implementation has brought many success stories including a more unified staff, students who are more responsible, parents who are more involved, and improved community perceptions of our school as a whole.  Our staff has come together like never before to ensure our students are seeing, hearing, and living the seven habits on a daily basis.  Our students are given more responsibility in the classrooms and in the building with leadership positions on a daily basis and during schoolwide special events.  Parents attendance has increased at our school events and participation has increased in our PTO as well.  Our community has been supportive of our changes and have attended many of our leadership activities.  Our journey has just begun with The Leader in Me and the differences are evident in our school.  We are planning to give students more responsibility with each passing year because we are: "Planting seeds today, Growing Leaders  Tomorrow !"

(Redwood Kindergarten Leaders)
"The two changes that stood out to me as Redwood
 went through the transformation this past Spring:  First, the environment of the school is now a true reflection of its long-standing traditions and history.  Second, the shared-leadership model that was always apart of Redwood climate is now more structured and focused around the 7 Habits."

~LeAndrew Drake 
(former Redwood Elementary Principal)