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In spite of winter's persistence to hang on and keep spring from arriving, I did get into the spirit of spring cleaning and was finally able to get my office organized last week. There are some out there who thrive with an orderly desk and stay focused and task-oriented, clearing as they go - others swear a messy desk is the sign of an organized mind. Not sure I live up to either but I feel more ready to take the next task head on; the past isn't piled around me and my to-do list somehow seems manageable again.

We've also been working on a few things that are finally coming to fruition - the logo refresh, an exciting website we'll be launching soon, a new sign for the Cabin - and the application for Chamber accreditation is entering the final stretch. Our Board members and committees are going to be busy getting this done over the next few months.
CME Economic Outlook & Investment Roadshow
Appreciated the invitation from QEDC and our Board Director, Alan Langabeer from Bel-Con Design Builders to hear Mike Holden, Chief Economist from the Canadian Manufacturer's & Exporters (CME) speak at Signal last Thursday.
We know there is some uncertainty with the economic outlook based on labour shortages, tax rates, tariffs and international trade relationships that could alter any prediction (and Mike reflected somewhat on the track record of economist's predictions) but the concerns echo those we hear from every employer/business/organization - there are not enough people, investing in training is risky, the apprenticeship model needs a complete overhaul and the tax and regulatory systems need the same.

Still time to register for this Free event
Brown bag or order your lunch on arrival
We have combined our last 2 sessions of our "Get Online Smart" Lunch & Learn series with Matt Richardson.

Join us on Wednesday, April 10th as we discuss the importance of practicing Cyber Security, as well as, using the internet to build your online brand, or your "Google You"
Sandie Sidsworth, CMHA HPE
is hosting our next Mingle at

250 Sidney St. Building 59
(former Nortel building - rear entrance)
This is a great opportunity to explore the iconic Nortel building and
see how it is being transformed into a community hub
for both business and non-profit agencies.

~ come when you can, leave when you must ~
Stop in to join us and meet other Chamber members!
All members of the business community are welcome.  
Gary MacDonald, Founder & CEO,
Clearview Training & Consulting Inc. of Stirling
will guide us through an interactive learning exercise to
reduce your stress,
keep your employees happy and
make you all more successful. 

UPCOMING EVENTS - Save the Dates
REPRESENTING - You at all Levels of Government
The Building Retention & Expansion committee reviews sectors of economic development each year. In fact, we just received the reports from the Construction Development & Tourism sectors in the past few months. The Chamber sits on this committee.

Some time ago, a process for collecting feedback on customer service for the Building Department was recommended.

We are very happy to provide a link to a new survey!

Anyone who has filed and completed a building project in the past two years is invited to participate.

Recognizing that the building process has become increasingly complex with ever changing regulations, the City of Belleville is committed to providing the best possible customer service experience to each and every individual or business that interacts with the building department. The department is required to implement the regulations prescribed by the Ontario Building Code to ensure all new construction is safe and meets all of the objectives of the code, and will do so to the best of their ability. This survey will help gauge the customer service success of the department and will help to ensure the process continues to be a positive experience.

You are not required to disclose your name or contact information unless you would like to be contacted about your survey answers.
Belleville has just been ranked #48
in Canada to start a business
#10 in Top Scores for Entrepreneurial Presence
"While local governments can influence local economic activity, they can’t usually make it happen directly. For that, they need local entrepreneurs to carry the ball—those who risk their own capital, time and effort. It is the sum of all these individual efforts to build their businesses that creates a growing economy. When municipal governments set competitive tax rates, fair fees for licenses and permits, and when local regulations are streamlined and well designed, residents and businesses are more likely to make investments."

Ted Mallett, Vice-President & Chief Economist, CFIB
Accounting for Ontario's Debt
As discussed within the report, spending cuts must be done with the full understanding of the economic consequences associated with the failure to either maintain and build critical infrastructure, or invest in social programs and growth-supporting services. While the amount is alarming, the government must continue to invest in infrastructure spending to ensure the economy can continue to grow. For example, focusing on paying down debt faster with higher taxes may have the unintended reverse effect – people spend and invest less while businesses suffer. The Ford administration’s greatest task will be to spend responsibly and we hope to see this reflected in the budget announcement on April 11th.
-- Jill Raycroft, CEO
Belleville Chamber of Commerce

Last week, the Ontario Chamber Network and OCC released its most recent report, Accounting for Ontario’s Debt, offering a thoughtful and balanced analysis of the province’s debt.

Ontario’s debt currently amounts to approximately 41 percent of the provincial GDP or, when combined with the federal debt of $680 billion, represents a near 80 percent debt-to-GDP ratio for Ontarians.

With talk of looming provincial debt top of mind, this timely report examines what Ontario’s debt means for the economy of today and tomorrow.

In a recent OCC survey, nearly 80 percent of respondent businesses stated they were concerned about the impact the provincial debt could have on Ontario’s economy.

Managing the provincial debt has been a long-standing concern for the business community as Ontario’s fiscal health directly impacts the ability of business to remain competitive and capitalize on new opportunities.

As the province heads into a time of economic uncertainty, coupled with the possibility of rising interest rates, we urge the government to focus on balancing continued investments in economic development with putting the province’s finances on steady footing.

Paying down the debt should not be at the risk of long-term economic growth or needed investments in infrastructure and services that will have a high return on taxpayer dollars, helping to bolster industry and our economy for generations to come.

Our message in advance of Budget 2019 is about balance: accounting for our province’s debt in a reasonable manner while focusing on key investments and competitive taxation is critical to a stronger Ontario and competing on the global stage.
Check Engine Light: Climate Policy Overheats Transportation Costs in Canada
The Government of Canada has declared meeting its commitments under the United Nation’s Paris Agreement as one of its highest policy priorities. In 2016, the federal government established the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change (PCF) with the intent of reducing Canadian greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30% below 2005 levels by the year 2030. Now, the transportation sector faces a significant economic impact because of the PCF through the cumulative impact of taxes, subsidies and mandatory regulations designed to reduce GHG emissions.

This report overviews some of the projected direct and indirect costs of the PCF on the movement of goods and people, with a particular focus on light and heavy road vehicles. It highlights the need for flexible and reduced regulatory burdens to minimize the impact of climate policy on the competitiveness of Canada’s transportation sector.
Canada's Bitter Breakfast: Climate Regulation and Cost "Pancake" Crushing Canadian Businesses
The Unsavory Pancaking of Canada’s Climate Regulations: A High Cost Climate Strategy Canadian Businesses Find Hard to Swallow , the latest report in our Regulate Smarter series, shines a light on the “pancaking” of climate-related costs and regulations. These added costs are almost exclusively put on the shoulders of business owners, particularly the country’s small- and medium-sized businesses.

To learn more on how Canada’s regulatory system is a mix of complex, overlapping rules from all levels of government that has created a costly and uncertain environment to run a business, visit .

Chamber Travel

Do you want to travel to exotic locations and see the world?

Chamber Travel is a great way for Bay of Quinte Chamber members and their guests to experience new travel destinations around the globe. These trips offer an opportunity to business people and residents to travel together in small groups to great locations at an affordable price. Tour companies are selected because of the quality of their packages and all bookings are done through a local travel agent.

Discounted prices are available to Chamber Members.
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Canada's #1 Plan
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Understanding How Your Ontario Small or Medium-Sized Business Can Benefit from a Chambers Employee Benefits Plan

Over 30,000 Canadian small and medium-sized businesses are using a Chambers Employee Benefits Plan to provide a wide range of medical and dental coverage to their employees. Over the last 40 years, the Chambers Plan has earned a reputation for being stable, smart, and simple to manage. There are various reasons why your business should consider joining, and our team of experienced insurance advisors will be more than happy to design a plan that suits the unique needs of your small business.
SHARING - Member News & Events

Jill welcomes Natalia Howard to the Chamber community.

Foot Care for All

Foot Care Clinic & Mobile Foot Care is provided by Natalia, a Registered Nurse.  

Foot care is essential for people with chronic health conditions especially Diabetes. Natalia provides a detailed health & foot assessment,work on foot
infections & abnormalities, trim & file nails and give a relaxing foot massage.

Book a Visit with the Easter Bunny
..And so it begins for John Sweet of Sweetscape Lawn & Handy Services !

A flood of phone messages to book a visit with the Easter Bunny!

ACT NOW, he has a couple spots open for Sunday April 21 and many spots from April 15- 20th still available. Call 613 242 1638 or message him TODAY!!!

The Fuzzy one with a Basket of fun is almost ready!

Is your business offering a special
Easter promotion?

Let us know so we can share it
in next week's Chamber Chat.

Member Milestone - 30th Anniversary
It is FINALLY here!


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The City of Quinte West in partnership with Loyalist College and Quinte Economic Development Commission are proud to present Leadercast 2019 . Returning for the second year in a row, this one day Leadership Development Conference is for local leaders passionate about devleoping ther skills alongside fellow community and business leaders.

Leadercast 2019 provides participants with a simulcast broadcast of world famous leadership experts from around the world, as well as an in person presentation .

Watch the video below to learn from local leaders why you should attend.
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