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August 2020
A Message from the Executive Director

The Elkins-Randolph County Chamber has always been the voice of business in Randolph County.  Our mission statement guides us to advocate, educate, and network for the businesses of Elkins and Randolph County. That's what we were doing before March 19, 2020 arrived.

Before March 19, the Chamber provided matching dollars in the amount of $11,500 over three years to businesses through our Community Investment Initiative. We provided educational opportunities for business leaders to learn from experts in their field from both near and far. We provided networking opportunities through After Hours and other events. We partnered with D&E through a Benedum grant to create a summer leadership internship program for college students. We promoted businesses and organizations through email blasts and social media platforms. We hosted Bi-Monthly meetings, legislative luncheons, and collaborated with multiple groups and organizations to bring needed programs and opportunities to Randolph County.

Two weeks before March 19, 2020 the Chamber hosted Quint Studer, author of Building A Vibrant Community , for a day full of inspiration to over 300 individuals through meet 'n greets, a Vibrant Workshop, and an evening celebration. He lit a fire in many of our hearts to work toward true, lasting, revitalization of our community. His message is still ringing in our ears as we work towards the future. An Expo is being planned where we can reveal the work we are implementing - even now - to make our community the vibrant oasis in these hills that we know it can be. 

Before March 19, 2020... Those words reverberate constantly through our minds at the Chamber now. On March 19, 2020, we closed our office to visitors...but that was all we closed.

Through the confusion and uncertainty of Covid-19, the Chamber was forced to rethink our purpose and evolve. Working side by side with Elkins Main Street, an organization birthed from the Chamber years ago, the idea for Randolph Together emerged. We invited other organizations and government entities to join with us.  Randolph Together has become more than an idea, more than a collaboration, and more than a web page or social media platforms. It has become a philosophy of who we are in this county. We ARE Randolph Together. We MUST be Randolph… Together.

Since March 19, 2020, the Chamber has provided Emergency Information, guidelines, and help to keep our businesses and economy moving. We have hosted virtual round tables and helped businesses find answers when possible. We have promoted businesses and shared essential information as they navigated the turbulent waters of this difficult time.

The Chamber hosted Roamin' Randolph in downtown Elkins and neighborhoods that shared their spirit with our entire community. We thank all the volunteers who stepped up and volunteered their time and resources to put a smile on a neighbor's face!

And yet, there is more to do. The Chamber is collaborating with other organizations to enhance our community’s economic vitality and pursue economic development in new, creative ways while navigating the uncharted waters of a world-wide pandemic. We have partnered with organizations to address needs in work force and job development. While these are, no doubt, challenging times, there are opportunities for growth and change. We have a vibrant future ahead of us if we choose to act.

The Chamber invites businesses and organizations in Randolph County to join us as we move forward to create a vibrant community in which we can all live, work, play, and stay . If you are a current member of the Chamber, thank you for your continued support. If you once were or never have been, you are welcome to be a part of helping us create that vibrant community. Membership dues is the least of our concerns right now. It’s you and your businesses we want to support. It’s you and your businesses we want to see thrive and prosper. It’s you and your businesses we want to see become a part of something bigger. Your successes will be our successes. And our shared successes will benefit all the citizens of Randolph County. Won’t you join us?

Before March 19, 2020 we were the voice of business in Randolph County. Today, our office is open, our outlook is hopeful, and we are, still, the voice of business .

Lisa Wood
Executive Director,
Elkins-Randolph County Chamber 

August 20 via ZOOM
Y ou're invited to our second virtual

This Bi-Monthly gathering will take place at 8:00 AM on Thursday, August 20 via Zoom. CLICK HERE join the meeting that day. Additional reminders and link information will be sent out as we get closer to the date.

This month's meeting will focus on Covid-related topics for our Randolph County businesses. Guests from our Economic Vitality Collaborative will be on hand to help with questions or concerns you may have such as legal issues, online sales and marketing, safety control, finances, etc.

Grab your coffee and Zoom with us on June 18th at 8:00! If you need assistance with the Zoom link or have additional questions about this meeting, contact the Chamber.

Virtual Social Media Workshop offered September 16th
Look for September Chamber Member of the Month in our next newsletter!
On the Chamber's Facebook page, we recently asked for nominations for Business of the Month. What Chamber business do you know that goes above and beyond for both their customers and the community?

Go to the Chamber's Facebook page (follow us if you don't already!) and find the post pinned to the top. In the comment section, nominate a business you think deserves this recognition.

The Chamber will highlight one Chamber business each month with a press release, social media promotion, and a framed certificate starting this September. They will also be featured in the next newsletter.
PRINTABLE DOOR/WINDOW SIGN for your business or office
Provided by Randolph Together
Are you wearing a mask?

The Randolph Together collaboration created a door/window sign asking customers if they are wearing a mask. Having a Randolph Together sign that customers see repeatedly in many businesses and offices will remind citizens that we are all in this together!

You may click on the sign at left for the link to print a copy. Thank you for posting this sign and encouraging your customers to comply with the governor's order.

Collaborative partners in creating and promoting the sign include Davis Health System, Randolph-Elkins Health Department, Randolph County Commission, the City of Elkins, Elkins-Randolph County Tourism, Elkins Main Street, Randolph County Development Authority, as well as the Chamber.
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