January 10, 2022
Hello, valued Chamber member!

Many of us can agree that 2022 has not gotten off to the start that we were all hoping for.

With more government restrictions set in place with the rise of the Omicron variant, many small businesses are feeling as though they are right back to where they were nearly two years ago, at the beginning of the pandemic.

Although the government has announced a handful of programs (the Ontario Chamber of Commerce is developing a full list of provincial and federal support programs that we will share as soon as possible), it is clear that our businesses need more supports if we want to see our local economy rebound. Additionally, as future variants are bound to rear their head and affect economic activity, we need the government to develop a consistent plan that outlines how businesses will be supported throughout ongoing public health measures.

This widespread uncertainty is why the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is doing everything in our power to make the lives of small business owners a little bit easier.

Running an independent business, even without the unpredictability that COVID-19 and its variants have created, is a courageous and noble act. The amount of work that goes into making your dream come to life is an incredible feat that you should all be immensely proud of. It is admirable to watch our small business owners here in Lincoln persevere throughout these times, and we would like to remind you that the Lincoln Chamber is behind you 100%. 

Small businesses are absolutely vital to the fabric of our communities, and we will continue to use every resource that we have available to us to help you and your business.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for us, please never hesitate to reach out at lindsey@lincolnchamber.ca and we will be more than happy to assist.

We appreciate you all.

Please read on to learn about what the Lincoln Chamber is doing for you and your business throughout these unpredictable times.
Membership Pricing
The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is announcing that there will be NO price increase in our member payments for 2022. We understand how difficult it is right now for businesses to stay afloat, and we do not want to add any unnecessary stress to your already-full plates.

Our purpose is to represent your business and to help businesses and organizations navigate through these hard times during increased costs, increased wages, and supply shortage of products.

Our membership rates continue to be the most affordable in the Niagara Region and we’re here to help your business succeed. Our membership rates start as low as $225, which provides a full 12-months of membership with many membership benefits including low-cost sponsorship and advertising opportunities.
Ontario Chamber of Commerce
Did you know we’re part of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce? It’s another stellar example of how the Chamber works to help provide you with the tools and resources to grow your business.

Our membership means we connect your business to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, providing you access to advocacy opportunities, business resources, funding and discount programs, and more!

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is continuing to be part of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce this year, and we have absorbed the cost for our members. While other Chambers have incorporated a $10 fee into their membership pricing, our Board of Directors have unanimously voted to provide this support to your business, free of charge in 2022.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) provides businesses with a variety of supports:
  • As the largest, most influential, and credible business network in the province, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce promises that your priorities will be heard loud and clear at Queen's Park and on Parliament Hill.
  • The Ontario Chamber of Commerce makes sure that you are kept up-to-date on the issues that impact your bottom line, like regulatory developments, legislative changes, and market trends.
  • The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is committed to equipping you with tools and resources that can help grow your business locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • The Ontario Chamber of Commerce gives you access to information on programs and possible funding opportunities to strengthen your business.
  • You can benefit from discount programs that continue to help your bottom line.
Benefits of Membership
In addition to our membership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, being a Lincoln Chamber of Commerce member has many other benefits.

For more information, visit our website or give us a call at 905-563-5044.
Government Supports
Business Support Phone Line
If you have any questions or concerns related to your business and the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town of Lincoln has created a Business Support Phone Line that is open Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM.⁠

Please call 905.563.2799 ext. 518, and a Lincoln staff member will be ready to provide information and assistance.