Chamber Connections - April 2nd
Stay Healthy at Home
As we are deep into our third week of social distancing and away from work and jobs, it is fair to say, many of us are experiencing at least some degree of cabin fever! With guidelines now being extended until the end of April both statewide and across the nation, it is important that we look to ways to keep busy and creatively occupy ourselves.

It is also more important than ever to be compassionate and think about how we can help others, in particular, those on the front lines - our healthcare workers, supermarket staff etc. Many are making donations of food and gifts, thinking of ways we can give back and pay it forward . Please consider donating to relief funds or trusted local nonprofits, contributing to the health care response, safely supporting your local businesses and community organizations, and connecting virtually to ensure your social bonds remain strong.

Many local businesses are also beginning to think of ways they can adapt and change to allow them to weather the current storm while all around is uncertain. Restaraunts are creating dedicated to-go menus while others are using this time to update & enhance their websites and promote online ordering & shipping. With the passing of the $2.2 Trillion Stimulus Bill there will be funds available to help businesses get through this. With massive layoffs statewide, there is also relief at hand for employees who will now find it easier than ever to get unemployment.

Stay Healthy at Home Directive

Governor Mills new’ “ Stay Healthy at Home ” Executive Order takes effect today and requires that Maine people remain at home unless to leave for an essential job or an essential activity. The Executive Order will last until at least April 30, 2020. The Governor may amend, rescind, or renew this timeline at her discretion. " Because saving lives will depend on us,” said Governor Mills. “I implore you – look to yourself, your family, your friends, your loved ones, your neighbors on the front lines, first responders and health care workers fighting the virus, those who can’t stay home; the children who live around the corner, the farmer who grows your food, the grocer and the pharmacist who sell you goods, the teachers who are missing their kids; the fisherman, the sailor, the truck driver, the janitor, the waitress at your favorite diner; these are the people you are protecting by staying home. This is who you are saving.”

Here are some answers to questions about the Governor's new stay at home order.

Stay safe!
Helpful Resources
Below are some resources to guide us through this crisis.

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Maine News:

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Get Creative:

Local Businesses Providing Services

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