The Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Business Committee will host a virtual program on Wednesday, May 6 from 4:00 - 5:30PM highlighting how to stay engaged while working remotely and tips for enhancing cybersecurity at home.

Virtual attendees of the Women in Business webinar will have the opportunity to learn best practices from Jake Spanberger and Stephen Tracy of Entech , a leading IT service provider serving small- to medium-sized businesses in Southwest Florida that has always been prepared to work remotely. 

As businesses navigate the virtual landscape, facilitating a secure and engaged workforce is especially critical. Spanberger and Tracy will provide the inside scoop on which cybersecurity and communication applications you should be taking advantage of, why communication is key, how online meetings are the new norm, ways to be mindful and inclusive, how staying healthy can help avoid stress and burnout, and why a routine is more important now than ever.

$5 for Chamber members, $10 for future members

*Smart men attend Women in Business!
We have launched a new initiative to help us, help our businesses and community: the 144 Envelope Adventure!

Choose from 144 envelopes and win prizes - from wings and beer for a year from Shoeless Joe's, to autographed items from the Boston Red Sox, to golf packages, and hotel stays. Each envelope is numbered from $1 to $144, and the dollar amount determines the number of entries in the drawing. For example, for $6 you get 6 chances, for $49 you get 49 chances, etc.

Prizes are being added daily and the drawing for all prizes will be on Thursday, June 18. Funds raised from this activity will help us continue to support our local businesses and community.
As our community moves towards re-opening businesses, we will all need to make changes to protect our employees and patrons. Any phased re-opening must be in accordance with sound public health decisions, and with proper safety protocols outlined by local and state health departments.

We gathered resources for necessary supplies - like plexi/acrylic partitions, PPE, cleaning and disinfecting services, etc. - and compiled them in this folder. Please note this is a living folder that will be frequently updated. If you have information to add, please email it to .
Apex Physical Therapy of SWFL will be offering complimentary group online virtual exercise classes for members of the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce.

They will offer 2 classes per week with one more upper body focused and one more lower body focused with both classes having a core strength and flexibility component. They will offer a beginner and an intermediate class each day. Classes will be conducted on ZOOM ( meeting number 358-996-3398). If a member misses the live session, they will have access to the recorded session on YouTube.

First class will be Friday May 8th with 7:00AM beginner and 7:35AM intermediate.  Beginner class sample exercises: standing marches, partial squats, step-ups, bicep curls, tricep curls, on the knees push-ups, modified sit ups, hand planks. Intermediate class sample exercises: air squats, jump squats, weighted step-ups, lunges, tricep dips, Arnold presses, push ups, butterfly sit-ups, elbow planks. If any Member would like advanced classes, Apex recommends going into their facility to develop a personalized program that is well supervised. 

To learn more or get the future schedule please email Apex at
The Chamber is hosting a virtual 5K on Memorial Day Weekend, May 22 through May 25. There are a number of ways to participate, based on your choice of the definition of "virtual." 

VIRTUAL: adjective
1) temporarily simulated or extended by computer software
2) being such in power, force, or effect, though not actually or expressly such

Option 1: You sign-up and then walk, run, skip, gallop, or saunter for the equivalent of 5 kilometers/3.10686 miles while respecting social distancing guidelines. Then, share your journey with us through email and/or social media post. We're using the honor system!

Something to ponder: a mile is approximately 2,000 steps. If your refrigerator is 20 steps from your favorite chair, you'll need 300 trips to meet your 5K goal!

Option 2: No movement necessary. You sign-up and basically, do nothing - except feel good about helping us help our local businesses.

Whatever your definition is of "virtual" we hope you will sign-up for the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Virtual 5K, sponsored by Pool Pros and Aqua Illusions. 

$20 to participate (free for kids 12 and under)
Registration includes a free t-shirt.

Join us for a virtual Leadership NEXT on Tuesday, May 12 at 5:00PM.

The event topic is side hustles! Whether you have been wondering how to get yours off the ground, have success in that area and want to share, or are looking for ideas, this conversation is for you!

This event is free, but be sure to sign up in advance — we’ll email you your log in credentials!

We still need your help! COVID-19 is changing healthcare and how we respond daily. Your donations and support of SWFL Stronger Together will provide critical resources, equipment and supplies needed to support our healthcare heroes fighting this pandemic on the frontline. 

We know times are tough for everyone, and there is a great humanitarian need; this collaborative campaign is ensuring the best healthcare for all citizens in SWFL.     

Lee Health and NCH are non-profit healthcare systems. Philanthropy is at the crux of our ability to provide state of the art care and resources. 

This campaign is working to funnel critical resources to both systems. The awareness is vital for not just the donations, which are funding essential supplies and caring for healthcare workers, but also for the in-kind support which has shared strength and love with our frontline heroes. 

Did you know?

• The average cost of healthcare workers’ personal protection equipment, e.g., N95 masks, gown and face shields, is $100/day.

• During the pandemic, Lee Health is feeding all of its healthcare workers, on all shifts, at the cost of $17,000/week.

• iPads have become an essential tool to help our nurses connect patients with their families while we have a no visitor policy. We are using donated funds to purchase more iPads for parents of newborns to share the birth with their families, for COVID patients to see their families, for patients having surgery or in a car accident to be able to communicate with loved ones. Each iPad costs $400. So far we have purchased 100.

• We use sterilization robots to zap more germs faster. We need more in each hospital. Sterilization robots cost $100,000 each.

The human impact of your gift is real.

Your donation ensures that a doctor or nurse isn’t thinking about food, shopping, or bringing in lunch. iPads have been so successful that the system asked us to buy as many as we can. Staff are loving it as it helps with patient morale. 

We know there are many needs across the region, and we know times are tough on everyone. Gifts of time, talent, and treasure are making us Stronger Together. That’s the message of this joint campaign. We are # SWFLStrongerTogether

To make a gift or learn more, please visit .

Thank you for your continued support. We are here for you! As your health systems, our goal is to help SWFL get back to normal operations both in wellness and in business. 

Thank you for all those that have already stepped forward with a gift or in-kind donation. We are forever grateful.

Stay Well!