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I can't believe how fast time has flown by. When we last connected, I wasn't quite at the 90 day mark in my new role. Well, that time period has come and went. In fact, today marks my 120th day as your President/CEO. It has been an amazing time for me, as I have had the opportunity to meet with many of our Membership, Board, City Council, City Management, Community Stakeholders and Prospective Members. Each and every one of you has taught me something invaluable about the role the Chamber plays for you and how I can work with my staff to build upon that. I look forward to delivering on that as we move forward.
Call to Action: ChamberU Coming Soon
As a Chamber of Commerce, one of our objectives is to provide resources for our membership that allow them to grow their business, be more efficient, be more strategic, save money and/or maintain peace of mind.

One of the things that we plan on doing is delivering this in a style that the chamber hasn't done before - ChamberU. Culver City ChamberU will be the vehicle to deliver these elements to all of you. Through a series of 4 - 5 verticals, we will offer timely resources and seminars that both capitalize on our various subject matter experts in our community, as well as provide opportunities for our collective membership to meet their goals. Among our verticals of offerings will be a Sales & Marketing one, a Business Management one, a Technology one, and a Communications one.

What I need from you...

Since the courses/seminars/webinars/topics are formed with the purpose of serving you, I need your input on what you would like to see covered. My call-to-action for you is this...

Send me the topics that you would like to see covered in Culver City ChamberU. What are the items that keep you up at night?

We have a wealth of resources at our disposal and have the opportunity to position it in front of all of you. In order to do that, we need to know what it is that you would like to see.
Thought of the Month
Replacing Greatness

Last Monday, March 5th, we lost a great figure in our community. Steven Jerome Rose lost his tough battle with Leukemia. Actually, he didn't lose his fight, he just finished his mission here with the Chamber, in the community and on earth.
What I imagine him hearing now is something along the lines of "well done, my good and faithful son." What else could he have possibly heard? Being at his Memorial Services on Wednesday, March 7th at Hillside Memorial Park, the overwhelming feeling that I left with was one of love, fulfillment and a richness of joy. It was truly amazing to hear the many stories and testimonies of Steve Rose's impact, compassion and undying love for the city, the chamber industry and Culver City businesses.
I've thought about that a lot lately, as I am reminded about "replacing greatness". I can live in Culver City for decades and be in the role of President/CEO of the Chamber for 30 years and never have the exact same impact as Steve. No one will. But, I do look forward to the opportunity to build upon his legacy. So, for me, it is more about building upon greatness, rather than replacing it.
What I can say, in conclusion though, is this. I will miss the conversations we had, the timely wit, the advice and the gentle nudges of guidance. I know that I lost a great resource in charting the waters of Culver City. But, as the Rabbi said at his services, you left the community with many "Roses", so I know that I will continue to get to know you and your impact for years to come. For that, I will be forever grateful - Thank you.
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As your President/CEO, there are a lot of things that I hold with high regards - part of that is keeping you all informed on what the chamber is doing for you. ColinResponse, a play on words of the traditional Call and Response, will be a monthly correspondence from me to all of you. Some months there will be a specific call to action, other times it will be simply advisory. At any rate, it will be my routine attempt at being as transparent and available to you all as possible- our members.

Colin Diaz
President/CEO | Culver City Chamber of Commerce