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Chamber Luncheon
Wednesday, March 22nd
We've got an amazing group of panelists lined up this month to share with you their insight on Work/Life Integration and how personal care is part of success in business. Bring your thoughts and your questions (and your cash for those raffle tickets) and we'll see you next Wednesday at the Kitsap Golf & Country Club!

11:00 am - Check-in & Networking
11:30 am - Lunch
12:00 pm - Chamber Business & New Members
12:15 pm - Panelist Presentation

Please bring an item for our raffle!
Proceeds to benefit the Chamber Scholarship Fund.
Talking About Organizational Identity and Not Just Company Culture
Published on, March 5, 2023
Jena Booher, Ph.D., Entrepreneur contributor

When I ask founders, "When you think about your company, who are you?" I often get answers like, "Oh, we're great. Everyone is super kind, supportive, but also wants to win," or "Our culture is awesome. We play music during All Hands meetings and encourage people to show up with their kids to in-person company events." While these answers may provide a glimpse into a company's culture, they don't really answer the question of organizational identity.

Gen Z Isn't Quiet
Quitting After All...
Published on, March 14, 2023
Photo: SeventyFour/Getty Images
Bella Pittinger, FastCompany contributor

People have claimed that Gen Z workers are “quiet quitting.” That is, doing the bare minimum to maintain their position at work. 

This behavior isn’t explained by some stark generational divide that’s left young people devoid of ambition while their seasoned counterparts maintain a no-nonsense work ethic that’s driven them forward for years. No, a lack of work ethic isn’t to blame—but a lack of interpersonal connection and belonging in the workplace may very well be.

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