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August 31, 2018
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August 29 - September 2
Pike County Fairgrounds

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No, Damon Horn is not the "Six-Million-Dollar Man." He doesn't even try to imitate actor Lee
Portsmouth Non-Destructive Assay Technician Damon Horn, left,demonstrates how the lift assist of the exoskeletal device helps hold his arms in position.
Majors's 1970s science fiction TV character. 

But Horn and some of his colleagues are testing bionic support equipment to improve worker safety, performance, and stamina on non-destructive assay (NDA) work at  EM's  Portsmouth Site. NDA at the former Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant entails measuring the quantities of uranium deposits that remain from enrichment operations in dozens of miles of process pipes. 
Working with deactivation and decommissioning (D&D) contractor Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth's (FBP) Occupational Safety and Health division, the FBP NDA techs are evaluating the use of exoskeletal devices. 
The gear support the upper body for workers in waste management and decommissioning operations. Worn much like a backpack, the devices are used for overhead work to relieve stress on muscles and joints. They weigh just 9.5 pounds and are spring-activated, relieving up to 15 pounds of pressure from the shoulders and spine when a worker's arms are raised. NDA techs spend hours each day working with tools at odd angles with their arms raised, taxing the body over time.
"We are always interested in looking at appropriate technological advancements that can have a real-world impact on worker safety and project efficiency," said Joel Bradburne, deputy manager for EM's  Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office. "This is not a toy that is just fun to play with, but is instead a viable piece of equipment that we are evaluating to see if it can truly augment endurance and prevent injuries."

Saturday, September 15

Fall Fest 18
September 21 - 22
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Sunday, September 16
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Adena Health Fair
Saturday, September 15
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Atomic Glow Run
Tuesday, September 18

Chili Cook-Off
Saturday, September 29
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Way Farms
Farmers' Markets
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Farmers' Markets
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Feeding the Community
Accepting Donations at the YMCA

Polaris Industries supports a grant program called TRAILS, which provides funding support for trail maintenance, access, safety, and other initiatives for trails serving purposes such as ATV and snowmobile use.  Grants may be up to $10,000 and may be requested up to twice a year; grant applications are due by March 1 and September 1 annually.  Eligible recipients include 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(7) organizations, government agencies, and nonprofits.  For more information, visit

Grants Available 
to Expand  Wireless Broadband Access

Connected Nation has partnered with the Ohio Department of Transportation's Office of Transit to release an invitation to bid for the expansion of fixed wireless broadband service in targeted counties.
Fixed wireless internet service providers, community organizations, rural transit agencies or organizations collaborating on a public/private partnership or any individual are encouraged to bid on the development, construction and operation of a fixed wireless system or other acceptable broadband network.

The targeted counties include Carroll, Guernsey, Harrison, Morgan, Monroe, Muskingum, Perry, Pike, Scioto and Washington.

The intent of this invitation to bid is to provide funding for fixed wireless networks that will provide coverage to areas in the targeted counties where mobile coverage is not known to exist.  

Below are the ITB documents; any questions may be directed to Charles Spann, Director, Engineering and Technical Services, Connected Nation, at 606.748.3343.    

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Health and Wellness Program 
offered by BWC

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