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Sustained Success  in Coming Years

Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office Manager Robert Edwardsled presentations at the 2019 Waste Management Symposia on progress being made at the EM cleanup sites in Ohio and Kentucky
PHOENIX - The Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office (PPPO) updated an audience at the 2019 Waste Management Symposia on progress being made on cleanup at the Ohio and Kentucky gaseous diffusion plants.

PPPO Manager Robert Edwards opened the session by acknowledging seven senior leaders from the Portsmouth and Paducah sites on the discussion panel, and the group's mantra of "One PPPO" that exemplifies a commitment to cleanup progress.

Joel Bradburne, PPPO Deputy Manager, discussed how the sites worked interdependently and how the collaboration allows them to take advantage of the current administration's focus on reduction of overhead costs and fluid application of lessons learned to progress to an end state status.

New PPPO Portsmouth Site Lead, Jeff Bettinger, said the site will be poised for significant skyline changes over the next five years, with the massive X-326 Uranium Enrichment Process Building in the final stages of becoming demo ready, the first On-Site Waste Disposal Facility cell moving toward completion, and with solidifying for X-749 plume excavation. Bob Smith, Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth Program Manager, detailed recent accomplishments and upcoming actions to ensure actions are in step with cleanup plans.

Senior managers of the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant site and the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant site outlined remediation progress being made at both EM sites during the 2019 Waste Management Symposia

Jennifer Woodard, PPPO's Paducah Site Lead, outlined ongoing strategy to clean up the C-400 Cleaning Building Complex. An important component of this strategy will allow DOE to reach the primary source of groundwater contamination at the site, while accomplishing a small but significant D&D activity early in the project.

Woodward also discussed how Paducah is using lessons learned from the Portsmouth site to evaluate deactivation strategy. Jeff Bradford, Program Manager for Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership, the cleanup contractor at the Paducah site, followed with site accomplishments over the past year and with upcoming projects.

Reinhard Knerr, PPPO's Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride (DUF6) Conversion Lead, and Zack Smith, Mid-America Conversion Services Program Manager, celebrated the success of running all seven conversion lines for the first time in several years, allowing for increased processing of DUF6 cylinders. The two leaders felt as though this success could open the door for future performance-based incentives that will further solidify sustainable operations at the DUF6 plants at Portsmouth and Paducah.

Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) -  April 1, 2019 Deadline

Rural Development is accepting applications for the Rural Energy For America Program. The next application deadline is April 1, 2019. This application deadline is for projects which request $20,000 or less and for projects which request up to $500,000.

In brief, this program is designed to assist rural, small, for-profit businesses and agricultural producers install renewable energy systems or make energy efficiency improvements to their operations. These types of improvements can help eligible applicants control energy costs and improve the overall profitability of their operations. The grant program can cover up to 25% of the eligible project costs while the loan guarantee can cover up to 75% of the eligible project costs. Federal participation cannot exceed 75% of eligible project costs.

Grants can range from $1,500 to $500,000 with loan guarantees up to $25,000,000.

In previous years, this program has helped farmers replace grain dryers; fans and lights for livestock operations; and install solar PV arrays to help offset electrical consumption. Small businesses have benefited through high efficiency lighting; improvements to HVAC systems; and the installation of a renewable energy system to help offset electrical consumption.

Additional information can be found at: Rural Energy for America Program.

Should you be interested in discussing a specific project or in receiving an application for your project, please contact one of the persons listed below:

Jennifer Brown 614-255-2423

Randy Monhemius 614-255-2424

Finance Fund Grant Announcements

Finance Fund is pleased to announce that it will open its grants application cycle on Monday, March 18, 2019 and accept applications for approximately 45 days. There are two types of grants available:

Predevelopment Grants - Maximum award $30,000 and generally to support predevelopment activities related to affordable housing projects.
Economic Development Grants - Maximum award $100,000 to support affordable housing or mixed use projects with all or significantly all of other needed funds committed.

Applications and eligibility guidelines are available. Applications have been slightly modified this year, please be sure to use the new format. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements.

If you currently have an open grant with Finance Fund, please contact Tamra Hall, Paralegal and Information Assurance Officer before submitting another application for the same program. Tamra can be reached at or (614) 568-5052.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Makeba Wilson at or (614) 568-5067.
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Ducky Derby
April 6
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Saturday, April 6

April 25 - April 28
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Senior Citizens Art Exhibit
Call for Entries
Residents Age 55 or Older Encouraged to Participate

Are you age 55 or older with a talent for art, photography or poetry/essay writing? If so, the Area  Agency on Aging District 7, Inc. (AAA7) encourages you to participate in its 37th Ann ual Senior Citizens Art Show and Essay/Poetry Contest that is approaching soon.

This year's event will be held May 20-24, 2019 (Monday through Friday) and May 28-31, 2019 (Tuesday through Friday) at the Esther Allen Greer Museum, located on the campus of the University of Rio Grande in Rio Grande, Ohio.

Anyone who is 55 years of age or older may participate. The Area Agency on Aging District 7, Inc. requests no more than three (3) entries in the Art Show per participant, and one (1) entry per person in each category for the Essay/Poetry Contest. The event's official application form includes a list of the rules and guidelines that have been established.

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