December 21, 2020
Think Local. Buy Local. Eat Local. Support Local.
Each week we will highlight local businesses and their goods and services. As the holiday shopping season begins, please think local before you buy online! Support the businesses that support our community...
A full line cosmetic company offering new and creative packaging to raise a global awareness of recycling. We also strive to add as little as possible to a completed product. lipgarb is and will always be our baby, and will remain "the only light up gloss packaged in someone else's junk!"
First Class Catering was founded on a simple principle - that the crux of every event - big or small, formal or casual- is great food. The First Class Catering team has refined a seamless service style that will make every event a success.  
The Bartholomew County Public Library is the community crossroads- connecting people, ideas, information, and experiences to empower everyone on their journey of lifelong learning. 
2020 Community Partners