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Chamber Notebook Article:

WBD, Inc.

Founded in 1981, WBD (formerly Wisconsin Business Development) is a non-profit with a mission to grow businesses, create jobs and build communities. You are probably already thinking great, but what the heck is it that WBD actually does?

We provide financing for commercial real estate and equipment through a loan program called the SBA 504 loan. Not just any sort of financing, but long-term (up to 25 years) fixed (will not change over the life of the loan) at rates that are tough for banks to offer (current rate is 2.76% for 25 years!).

If you are a business owner, you might be wondering why you have never heard of any of this before, and you would not be alone. For much of our history we spent all of our time and efforts making relationships with all of the commercial lenders, teaching them about how this loan works and counting on them to let us know when a business could benefit from using a 504 loan. After all, in 1981, when a business needed financing they went to the bank, where they found there weren’t many options.

WBD now has a portfolio of nearly $800 million in loans to small business across Wisconsin, MN and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We have offices and Loan Officers dispersed throughout the area, including in Waukesha, Oshkosh and Eau Claire. Since we began, we have helped thousands of business get access to the capital they need to grow and create jobs, proudly helping create nearly 70,000 jobs!

The 504 loan program can work in partnership with any bank or credit union and is often the best option for financing owner occupied real estate or equipment because:

1.) It usually lowers the required down payment to only 10%.

2.) It provides a great fixed long term rate that is not usually available at a bank.

3.) WBD is your (and your bank’s) SBA Sherpa. We guide you through the process, fill out all of the government forms, handle all of the interaction with the SBA and stick with you through the life of the loan as your advocate.

Since most businesses qualify for this program and WBD handles all of the scary “government” paperwork, neither you nor your bank should hesitate to look at the 504 option for your next business real estate or equipment purchase.

So give WBD a call or ask your local lender about the SBA 504 program, because knowing all of your options is smart business.


To learn more, including a 3 minute video that explains how we do all of this with No Tax Money, visit or call either of our local Loan Officers, Matt Wilcox, at (920) 966-1490, or Tyler Swenson at (920) 966-1487. Or ask your banker about the SBA 504 loan.

PS – The 504 loan program is currently waiving fees and the SBA may make the first 3 payments on your loan if approved before 9/30/21, making this great program an even better deal!

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