August 2019
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Chamber Update
What's New at the VCC
The Chamber has moved from Community Futures office to the new office in the Co-op Mall. A HUGE Thank You goes to everyone at Community Futures - Stuart Nechako for all of the support they provided to the VCC in the last few years!

The VCC created a new logo and slogan! Through the commitment from our Directors and the ED, the VCC is proud to show off the new logo and slogan that best represents our purpose moving forward!
Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors meet the first Tuesday of each month from 12pm - 1pm.
Joining the Board of Directors

We have space on our Board team! If you are interested in finding out more information on time, committees, and purpose, call the Chamber office to be sent an information package!
Open House

The Chamber of Commerce has moved to a new office space located in the Co-op Mall at 188 E Stewart St.

We'll be hosting an Open House in September with coffee, tea and treats. Date and time to be announced!

Look for an invite in your inbox by the beginning of September!
President's Update
Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce is "Movin' Forward!"
by Roy Spooner, President
Treasurer's Update
BC Chamber Annual General Meeting and Policies
A glimpse into what Chambers really do.
by Michelle Roberge ~ Treasurer
In May I had the pleasure of attending the Annual General Meeting of the BC Chamber of Commerce in Burnaby, BC. Having never been to a provincial AGM before, I had a lot to learn in a short amount of time.
The three-day event covered many topics, including informative speeches from:
  • Hon. Mélanie Joly, Minister of Tourism, Official Languages and La Francophone who spoke about the enormous potential for tourism in our beautiful province;
  • the Hon. Carole James, Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier, who spoke about investing in BC from small towns to province wide;
  • and The Hon. Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, who spoke about Orca's and Caribou.
Industry leaders were present including representatives from Rio Tinto, Enbridge, LNG Canada, and CN to name a few. These presentations followed the same theme of supporting our economy to drive a prosperous business structure in BC.
The main focus of the AGM, however was to amend and pass the over 70 resolutions on 'policies and positions’ of the BC Chamber by Chambers for 2019. These resolutions were developed within communities across the province, initiated by small business owners, concerned citizens, Chamber member groups and Chamber of Commerce Boards. Northern BC Chambers including Prince George, Terrace and Fort St. John, submitted several resolutions for consideration. Although these resolutions were developed within communities, if passed, their impact could make change to all communities in the province.
It took two 3 hour policy review and voting sessions to amend, pass or not-pass the 70+ resolutions. Almost all were passed. The role of the BC Chamber of Commerce staff is now to formulate all this information into an ‘ advocacy ’ document. The BC Chamber’s roll is also to advocate these policies, on behalf of all Chambers, to the BC Premier, Provincial Ministers, and the Federal Government. Each Chamber within the province also has access to this advocacy document and is encouraged to advocate locally as well on policies that are important for our business community.  
The strength of this document is that each policy and position presented has the backing of the rest of the BC Chambers and the many voices the individual Chambers have. We encourage you to take a moment to review the 2019-2020 document "When Business Needs a Champ"  BC Chamber Policies as some policies could have an impact on YOUR business, including… 
·       Daylight Savings Time
·       Wildfire Interface and Prevention
·       Future of the Forest Industry
·       Childcare
·       Rights of Farmers and Ranchers and Agricultural Business
·       Art Education Investment
·       Species-At-Risk Considering the Impact to Business
·       Improving Highway Infrastructure in Northern BC
·       Credit Card Merchant Fees
·       and many more!
As a final note, next year’s BC Chamber of Commerce AGM will be held in Prince George, May 2020. As the neighbouring community and Chamber, this is an incredible opportunity for our Chamber to put forward a resolution for discussion. An Advocacy Committee will be formed this fall to receive ideas/issues from ANY member of our Chamber. Resolutions that the Committee agrees to move forward on will then get support from the BC Chamber of Commerce staff to formulate into a resolution for the BC AGM. It is an exciting opportunity for Vanderhoof to have a voice at the next AGM, and to show our membership and community that we are moving forward to connect business and community.

Michelle Roberge, Treasurer
We know what you are wondering:

  • Why should I become a Member, what will it do for my business?
  • What does a Chamber do?

The Chamber of Commerce is first and foremost an Advocate for you and your business. Has your business ever been affected by a change in government policy and you didn't have the time or know how to voice how this affected your business? This is where a Chamber comes in to help. We work with our Board of Directors Advocacy Committee, plus the BC Chamber to bring any issues that our members bring to us and start to create change.

We are entirely committed to our Members. We develop networking opportunities and training opportunities that fit the needs of our members. What benefits you, benefits us, and we'll see that it happens.

For more information, go to the link below and click on "Benefits Package 2019" for a printable version of our Membership Benefits information package.

Contact the Chamber office or connect with any of our Directors for more information!
Membership Committee
Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador for the Vanderhoof Chamber of Commerce? A champion for our organization? Do you love to get out and speak with business owners one on one? Then consider joining the Membership Committee?

Quick Answers:
  • You do NOT need to be a Member, Director or Business owner! Just a passion for helping grow businesses!
  • Your time is valuable to us. You can expect 1 meeting per month between September - May, during lunch hours. Other than that, it's your schedule and what you can offer by going out to businesses!
Events Committee
Do you love planning? Organizing? Being a part of a team, working toward an end goal? Are you an ideas person and get excited about the opportunity to be creative? Then consider being a part of our Events Committee! Historically this group put together events such as the Pumpkin Walk and Parade of Lights. We are setting out to break new ground with events like monthly work Luncheons, Community Celebration Awards, Golf Tournaments, and more!

Contact Ashley at the Chamber office to discuss joining the
Events or Membership Committee.