"We are open!” is our newest campaign to draw in locals and travelers to stop in our wonderful town and check out all we have to offer! You will see “We are open” signs on the highway as part of this campaign. And during this campaign we will be giving away $1,000 worth of gift certificates to promote local shopping! Watch Facebook, follow #mystreetmyneighbour, and check our website to see how you can win a gift certificate! Funding for the “We are open” campaign was provided from the Nechako-Kitimaat Development Fund. See their website and the good work they support in the region at www.nkdf.org.

#mystreetmyneighbour is still going strong and Cale is busy heading out to Chamber member businesses to capture their stories on video. Would you like to get involved? Send me a quick note if you would like us to create a #mystreetmyneighbour video for you!

And don't forget about #shoplocalsunday - if you would like to open for one Sunday a month, by appointment or every Sunday, let us know. We will include your business in our #shoplocalsunday link on our website so that Vanderhoof, Pipline workers, and visitors will know who is open for business on Sundays (more information below). 

Please contact me if you ever have any questions or suggestions.