With the warmer weather and the changes outside, we can reflect on the changes that we can make in all areas of our life and work place.
We heard about some of these changes in our second Virtual Chamber Luncheon with Brad Bowler from Global TotalCare. He covered the topics of Company Culture and Duty to Inquire / Duty to Accommodate. He provided us with some excellent information regarding how important good culture in a workplace can change the way your business operates, the success of your employees, and much more!
I will be preparing an overview of the meeting which I will send out to everyone next week. If you are interested in other topics that Brad is able to cover, he will be offering his courses to members for $150 off his regular rates! (Which almost covers the cost of your membership!) He will be forwarding me a schedule shortly that will be passed on to all of you.

Our next Chamber Luncheon will be with Wendy Clement from CNC at the end of April. I will provide more information on our next Chamber Point at the beginning of April.
If there is someone you would like to hear from during a Chamber Luncheon, or if you have information that could benefit our members, please feel free to contact me at the email below.