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April 2016
Welcome to the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce Health & Wellness Newsletter

Spring has sprung and so has our third edition of the Chamber Sun Health & Wellness Newsletter.

This issue is filled with easy access to today's top apps, the latest wellness information, healthy recipes and top exercise trends with a focus on giving you and your employees the tools and resources to stay happy and healthy.

We hope you enjoy the latest issue, and let us know if there are any topics you would like to learn more about.


The MCCC Healthcare Council Steering Committee
Is Sitting the New Smoking?

The War On Sitting 

You've already heard that sitting is the new smoking. Now, scientists reveal exactly how it hurts the body-and novel ways to undo the damage (without clocking hours at the gym). You might want to stand up for this.

We like to think we're a stand-up species. After all, that's what drove our evolutionary march away from many of our four-legged ancestors. But everywhere we go are invitations to sit down. Hop into your car and what's there? If you're lucky, a plush bucket seat designed with just the right tilt for your back. On the subway to work? A less comfortable seat, to be sure, but you'll grab one if you can. Once at work, an office chair. At home, your favorite fauteuil. But all that hospitality, all those opportunities to give your feet a break, are doing untold things to the rest of your body.

From standing desks and fitness trackers to groundbreaking pilot experiments - see more at  www.time.com.sitting
10 Deskercises You Can Do at Work

A spate of new research has found that prolonged sitting- like the kind you do all day at work-is sabotaging your health and turning you into a 9-to-5 couch potato. One study last year found that  sitting can increase your risk for cancer by more than 60%.

What's a desk jockey to do? Luckily, spending all day at the office doesn't have to mean spending it sedentary. We asked Cedric X. Bryant, chief science officer at the American Council on Exercise, and John Porcari, executive director of La Crosse Exercise and Health Program at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, to tell us their favorite office-appropriate workouts. These 10 exercises you can do at your desk are subtle enough to spare you strange looks from your coworkers, yet effective enough to make a real dent in your sedentary time.

Happy deskercising!

 - Find out more about these exercises at Time.com
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Gardening tips 
EAP Corner...

Time Management. An interesting concept, and a topic that Solutions EAP is asked to present fairly often in a workshop format. It occurs to me that what employers are really interested in, is productivity. To actually manage time is an oxymoron, as time really can't be managed in the way we would like to think it could. We're just not that omnipotent. Helping people manage themselves so that they become more efficient at completing their work in a timely fashion seems to be a much more doable concept..   - See more at:   Solutions EAP
Apps to Make Life Easier...


Overcome the clutches of procrastination with Finish, a busy iPhone user's best friend. Unlike other to-do apps that are "clever" for their own sake, only Finish takes advantage of how you naturally think. Finish gets in your face when you need it, stays out of the way when you don't, and effortlessly keeps you focused on the only thing that matters: completing important tasks. 

Finish is a great app for anyone looking to stop procrastinating, get organized, trying to finally complete some New Year's resolutions, or tired of not getting things done. Because it was designed for procrastinators, it presents a fantastic method for overcoming laziness, forgetfulness, or whatever else is keeping you from doing stuff on time.
FitStar Yoga


Practice yoga anytime, anywhere with FitStar Yoga! We've teamed up with internationally recognized yoga expert Tara Stiles to provide the perfect experience made just for you. From beginners to expert yogis, you're always just a tap away from a completely personalized yoga session. Whether you're traveling, can't make it to the studio or simply prefer the comfort of your own home, just grab a mat and begin. 

. FitStar Yoga's dynamic sessions continually personalize the experience based on your feedback, goals, and capabilities -- just like a personal yoga instructor! And FitStar constantly brings you new poses to keep things fun, fresh, and fit. 
Simply Being

Meditate easily with this elegantly simple App by Meditation Oasis™. 

Enjoy the deep relaxation, stress relief and benefits of meditation without prior experience. Simply Being has been developed by Richard and Mary Maddux, creators of the popular Meditation Oasis podcast. It allows you to choose from 4 meditation times and gives you to option to listen with or without music/nature sounds. You can also listen to the music or nature sounds alone.

If you have a successful wellness story you would like to share, please let us know! 

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