February 3, 2021
February 2021 – The Month of Love

In 1967, The Beatle’s released the song “All You Need is Love”. Years later, it is still a fan favorite.  I think it’s because people so badly wish that love was really all we needed. Our movies, our stories and our history all celebrate love like it is the ultimate goal in life. Don’t get me wrong, love is great, but because we idolize it and look for it our entire lifetime, I think we overestimate its power.

In 2011, the Band the Nine Inch Nails released a song entitled “Love is Not Enough”. One line reads, “love is not enough, I’ve learned, to see the journey through.” I like that line because it means that to endure a lifetime, you need more than just love.

I wonder what the songwriters have planned for this year? During this pandemic most people around the globe realized that love was way more than pure emotion or lofty passions. lately we have needed more than love. We needed respect and humility, and the ability to say I am sorry. We needed forgiveness, patience and grace. This past year we could not ignore our fundamental beliefs and values – and if we did not know what those were, we were asked multiple times to figure them out.

I don’t mean to sound depressing, but I recognize that as I get older, I am not as idealistic as I once was. I am more realistic and pragmatic now. I believe as we move into this new year, we need to have a greater appreciation for what is important in our lives and in our relationships. There is so much more there, there. True love for anything, person or place, hinges on our accepting and understanding those deeper and more important values.

You might ask, how does all of this relate to the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Los Gatos? We have those old street pole banners up all over town, you know the ones that say “Love Los Gatos”. When we printed those banners 18 months ago, Loving Los Gatos was easy. Now, if we really love this Town, we have some work to do. Loving your town right now, and I am talking about any Town USA, you have to make a commitment to it.

What does that mean?
  1. Wear the mask. I don’t care if it’s not your style, it is not mine either, but wear it anyway, because it shows respect for others around you. Our merchants are counting on you to do your part and so are the people who visit our shops and dine in our restaurants. Masks give us our best chance at fully re-opening our economy soon.
  2. Shop Local. If a store in Town has what you need to buy, think before you click that button on your computer and have it shipped to you. Call your local merchant or restaurant, then drive by to pick it up. 
  3. Show humility and grace. Recognize you choose to do things in your own way. Others might have a different way of dealing with a situation. Give others that mental health “pass”. Everyone is allowed to fall apart at least once. Accept there are things you cannot change and practice kindness and patience.
  4. Open your eyes and accept that your skin color, age, your sexual or gender identity and your political or religious beliefs, may not look or feel exactly like your neighbors or even your good friends, But, our hearts, those are pretty much all alike. We love the same way. We want the same things; and most of the time, we have similar values.

If we all make these four simple commitments then we will more deeply understand what love has to do with it. Funny to think, Tina Turner wrote that song in 1984. Perhaps, as humans we will continue to question what love really means.

Here’s to February 2021, Love with all of your heart.

Catherine Somers
Executive Director
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February 4
February 18
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Rally for Restaurants
Your favorite restaurants are suffering as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis. Sales are down across the country, and jobs are at risk. You can help. Support your local restaurant and order takeout, buy a gift card, or rally your government officials to take action so local restaurants have a chance to survive.

Rally for Restaurants is a free, online platform that allows customers to buy gift cards or order online from their favorite local restaurant. There are currently over 100 restaurants in the area, including some in Los Gatos, listed on the platform. We’d love your help spreading the word!
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How to sign up as a restaurant: 
  • Click Here to add your restaurant to the platform. Your entry should be live 48 hours after your submission. 
  • You can also submit multiple restaurants by emailing a CSV file. 
  • You do not have to be a Toast customer in order to be listed, but if you are looking for a point-of-sale system for gift cards, Toast is offering their software free for 3 months.
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American Cancer Society
Discovery Shop
American Cancer Society
Kiwanis Club of Los Gatos
February 12
Blueprint for a Safer Economy
Santa Clara County has now returned to the Purple Tier under the Blueprint for a Safer Economy. See details on the About COVID-19 restrictions page.
Coronavirus Update
For the latest updates, please visit Santa Clara County Public Health.
Town of Los Gatos website
The Town of Los Gatos has compiled a very comprehensive page of Covid-19 messages and resources. It outlines how all the Town departments are functioning throughout this crisis. In addition, it has resources for businesses and individuals, as well as ways you can volunteer.
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