June 4, 2021
I am keeping my remarks brief this month – as the days are too exciting right now for anyone to be spending time reading some Chamber of Commerce newsletter! Get outside and prepare for the “Great Unmasking”. Join us on Town Plaza on Tuesday, June 15, at 5 p.m. to celebrate a little freedom. Could this pandemic really be over? Perhaps, we should continue to tread a little lightly – but not too lightly! We are going to make it. Find your joy. 

I have always been a fan of Stanford professor and psychologist, Carol Dweck. I carried her book, Mindset, around with me during my kids' formative years, hoping that her advice would find its way into my narrative with them. I just placed it again on a prominent shelf in my office, hoping that once again her words would help me make good decisions. I am hoping to let go even a little more of that “fixed mindset” that I seem to carry with me. The growth mindset is vitally important right now. Be creative. Be Bold. Be open minded and most importantly learn to trust yourself and others again. Remember it is okay to stumble once in awhile or even once a day, and it is even okay to fall down. More important than the fall is how you get up, brush off the dirt, put on the band-aid and determine what lesson you learned and how you might want to try the task at hand a little differently. 

I hope to see you strolling at our Thursday Promenades. We have a great line up of music scheduled. We will shake hands and I am game for hugging strangers who I don’t even know right now. Thanks to everyone who persevered and made it through this year. You deserve a round of applause and a glass of champagne. It was tough. But who ever said life was going to be easy? I will leave you with this quote from one of my favorite bloggers"

“ Let’s set an intention to build a more peaceful, compassionate, loving, caring and safe world – and we must start with the world inside ourselves. If our interior world is violent and full of rage, than our exterior world will be as well. If our focus is on fighting with others, then we can’t fight for a more peaceful and compassionate world that is kind to others. If we are at war within, then we cannot envision a better world outside of ourselves. It all starts with us.”

We got this LG. Cheers to all of our high school and college graduates! Job well done! Here’s to Summer ’21.

See you around town.

Catherine Somers
Executive Director
Thursday Promenades
July 1 - August 12

Join us to celebrate summer! Thursday evenings from July 1- August 12, N. Santa Cruz Avenue will be closed from 3-8pm. Get outside and enjoy friends, live music and our community. Stroll the Promenade, and dine and shop in our amazing boutiques and restaurants.
Live Music: 
July 1:  Skyline Hot Club   &  The Moondance Band
July 8:    Paul Kent  &   Don Olivet   &   Big Moody Curve
July 15:  The complications    & The Cabana Boys
July 22:  Given to Fly   &        Them Slack Jawed SOB's
July 29:  Daze on the Green        &        Rusty Rock & Roll
August 5:  Phil'n the Blanks        &        The Summit Sisters
August 12:  Jokers & Thieves        &     Michael Vincent Music 
Stop by the Chamber to see the “What’s on Your Fork” display to learn about the environmental impacts of the different foods we consume. It will be displayed in the Chamber windows until June 14.

Contact Plant Based Advocates if you have any questions or comments. http://www.plantbasedadvocates.com
Coming soon...
A new Visit Los Gatos (visitlosgatosca.com) website is coming to Town. We will launch sometime this summer. And we are relaunching our @ExperienceLosGatos Instagram and Facebook accounts under a new name... @VisitLosGatos. Follow us to stay up to date.
Ribbon Cutting
Thursday, June 17
4:00 - Workshop
5:00 - Ribbon Cutting & Reception
Join us for a business launch -ribbon-cutting ceremony for The Growth Coach San Jose South on June 17th.  Ramon will hold a workshop at 4:00 pm at the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce office, with the Ribbon Cutting and reception at 5:00. 

This Growth Workshop is designed to show you how a Growth Coach works with you to help you achieve your goals. While it does not go into deep detail, for which the Growth Coach can offer your business, it does provide valuable information such as the 5 ways to grow a business, manage people effectively, cash flow, and goal writing.
Welcome New Members!
Los Gatos High School Robotics
Support the Los Gatos HS Robotics Team! Their mission is to build and foster a student-led environment where students develop skills in STEM, leadership, business
and collaboration - all crucial to drive innovation in society.

They are looking for help supporting the team, as the cost to operate reaches $60,000 per year. Sponsorship benefits include your logo on team apparel, website, robot, and the Pit at the competitions.

Also in the planning stages - a raffle or auction next semester (September) to help raise funds for the team. They are also looking for businesses wishing to provide their goods or services as prizes. Email here if you’re interested!

If you'd like to donate, click below:
COVID Vaccines
Look up and see the brightly-colored street pole banners with the words LISTEN LEARN CHANGE GROW.
The Chamber has embarked on a DEI campaign. Our purpose is to help create a more welcoming town for all to enjoy. If we are open to listening and learning, we will change a little and grow a lot. We invite you to join us on this journey.

To learn more, scan the QR code or go to: losgatoschamber.com
Member Events
J. McLaughlin
June 10-11
American Cancer Discovery Shop
June 11-12
The Butter Paddle
June 12
Next Door Solutions

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