Guam Chamber Updates from Washington DC
On March 3rd the Guam Chamber of Commerce met with officials at the White House to discuss the ongoing Coronavirus situation. At the meeting were representatives from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the White House Office of Public Liaison who assured the Chamber that the number one priority is the safety and public health of all citizens in the United States including those residing in the Territories.

The officials were pleased to announce that the Federal Government has reached an agreement with South Korea who will conduct a two (2) part screening process prior to boarding aircraft to the US including Guam.

The Chamber also expressed concern that although Guam doesn't have a single case of the virus, the island’s number one economic pillar - our tourism industry - is already greatly impacted by the situation with a drastic drop of tourism numbers from cancellation of flights and reservations. As such, the Chamber requested that Guam and the Territories be included in any financial economic stimulus package to combat and address the virus.

We were also informed that the Federal Government has received one million test kits and the Chamber suggested that kits be sent to Guam to supplement the kits already en route.

The group assured Chamber representatives that the risk for contracting the virus remains low but are highly encouraging all citizens to use good judgement, practice good respiratory etiquette and heed all warnings and updates issued by local and federal officials.

We look forward to working with the Federal Government, Congressman Michael San Nicolas and our Guam government officials in monitoring and keeping abreast of updates and details pertaining to the Covid-19 virus.

Your Chamber's Armed Forces Committee is in Washington DC this week speaking to officials at the Pentagon and on Capital Hill to discuss issues important to our island community. Topics of concern include the Coronavirus as well as the H-2B visa issue. Meetings have been scheduled with ranking members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committee, Appropriations Committee, Judiciary, Financial Services and Natural Resources Committees. The Chamber will provide the membership with a report of this year's door knock at an upcoming Chamber General Membership meeting. Stay tuned for details.
Members of this year's AFC delegation are briefed by Congressman Michael San Nicolas and staff before daily meetings with members of Congress and the Senate. Around the table are: Joe Arnett, AFC Chairman, Juan Carlos Benitez, Kim Anderson Young, Jeffrey Jones, Congressman San Nicolas, T'Nelta Mori, Carl Peterson, John Thos Brown and Catherine Castro (not pictured).
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