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Sara Balough, Owner, Freighthouse
Donna Visits Freighthouse

Old Torrance is made up of a variety of shops and restaurants enjoyed by those who visit.  I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Sara Balough, owner of Freighthouse, one of the newest “treasures” in Old Torrance. Freighthouse is a design showroom and high-end bargain hunter's dream. Conceived by South Bay designer Sara Balough as a resource for clients to sell existing pieces when they are remodeling as well as a place for fellow designers to unload those "design bloopers," Freighthouse carries an ever-changing inventory of gently used, vintage, and antique items. This is Los Angeles' go-to place for high quality art, furniture, and accessories at way below retail prices. Merchandise is held for 90 days with continuing discounts after each 30-day period. Everyone is welcome to buy and consign to sell. 

As I walked through Freighthouse, I admired the furniture, lamps, rugs, pillows, silk florals, glassware and silver.  Each item is neatly arranged in a way in which you would, perhaps, display it in your home. “We keep everything fresh and are a resource for individuals at all spending levels. Our inventory also provides customers the opportunity to acquire something their neighbors may not have,” explained Sara.

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce values and appreciates Freighthouse as a member. Please visit Freighthouse at 1260 Cabrillo Avenue, Torrance (next to The Depot restaurant).

Business @ Breakfast
Thursday, Nov. 17th

Coco's Bakery & Restaurant
18120 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance

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There's always something happening with the Torrance Area Chamber
Executive Director, Terri Nishimura (third from right, back row) enjoys the special moments of the birthday bash with staff, Penny Wirsing, PTN board chair, and Donna Duperron

Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce Honored by Pediatric Therapy Network

The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce has been recognized with a Circle of Hope award by Pediatric Therapy Network (PTN). The award was presented as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of PTN this past Sunday. Torrance firefighters grilled hot dogs, children played a variety of fun games and guests sang and danced as incredible entertainers performed.

Pediatric Therapy Network (PTN) was founded in 1996 by a handful of therapists, parents and volunteers who envisioned an organization that would provide the community with high quality therapy, research and education as it relates to fostering the best possible outcomes for children with special needs. 

TACC Achieves a 75% Success Rate with 2016 Ballot Proposition Results

TACC Supported:

PASSED - Prop 51: School Bonds. Funding for K-12 School and Community College Facilities

PASSED - Prop 52: Medi-Cal Hospital Fee Program

PASSED - Prop 54: Legislature. Legislation and Proceedings

TACC Opposed:

Projected to Fail - Prop 53: Revenue Bonds

PASSED - Prop 55: Tax Extension to Fund Education and Healthcare

FAILED - Prop 61: State Prescription Drug Purchases

FAILED - Prop 65: Carryout Bags. Charges

Projected to Pass - Prop 67: Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags

Local Election Results
The Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce extends congratulations to Tuesday's election winners:

Congresswoman, 43rd District: Maxine Waters
Congressman, 33rd District: Ted Lieu
Los Angeles County Supervisor, 4th District: Janice Hahn
State Assemblyman, 66th District: Al Muratsuchi

TACC would also like to express sincere thanks to David Hadley for his business-friendly legislative efforts during his tenure as Sate Assemblyman, 66th District. 
Torrance Area Chamber Extends Small Business Saturday!
Celebrating our small businesses in the City of Torrance, we are extending Small Business Saturday to a full week. The week of Saturday, November 26th through December 3rd we are asking all Torrance Area Chamber members to support small business by shopping local.

Smart - More than half the money spent in a locally-owned and operated small business goes back into the local economy.

Save  - There is no data to suggest that it’s more expensive to shop in a small business and you can actually save by shopping in a local small business.

Service – Service is more personal at a local small business and historically the staff is better trained to specialize in the products being sold.

Join the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce in Supporting Small Business Week – Saturday, November 26th - Saturday, December 3rd. 
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