January 18, 2023


Chamber of Commerce

OPEN Monday through Friday - 10 AM until 2 PM

Call 760-767-5555 or BorregoChamberDirector@gmail.com

on the web at visitborrego.com

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Chamber of Commerce Events

Chamber Certified Farmer's Market every Friday

Market Hours 8 AM - NOON

Christmas Circle Community Park

For information email borregochamberdirector@gmail.com

Executive Director's Notes

By Franҫoise Rhodes

As I was so excited to share 2022 stats with you that I forgot our eblast readership numbers.... in 2022 the Chamber Weekly was read by over 19,000 people and that doesn't count shares, segment copies, etc,. and includes the hiatus in August. Let's make it 25,000 this year.

Reminder that the Chamber Weekly in Spanish will go out to everyone for a while, if you're not interested simply don't open it. However I ask that you share with your Spanish speaking friends so we can grow the database.

On the home page of the Chamber website we've added a link for the wildflower status and locations, this should help our flower seekers.

Be kind to visitors, you never know who you may be talking to!

Para suscribirse a la versión en español sólo, por favor envíe un

correo electrónico a: borregochamberdirector@gmail.com con eblast español en la línea de asunto. Nosotros haremos todo lo demás.

President's Club Video Feature


Borrego Pool Supply.. click here to watch!

Borrego Art Institute

For more info visit borregoartinstitute.org

Call (760) 767-5152

My office is here to serve. We have an experienced, responsive District 5 team that’s here to help. You can contact me at Jim.Desmond@sdcounty.ca.gov.

Borrego in the News

Blooming Beauty of a Wet Winter

American Legion Post 853 Borrego Springs

Presents a check for $2000 and a number of lap robes

to Jim Miller Administrator,  Veterans Home of Chula Vista

Share your photo with the community!

Send it to borregochamberdirector@gmail.com

and see it in an upcoming eblast.

If you'd like photo credits include your name;-)

Last week's Wolf Moon rising by Alicia Wszelaki

Many of the streets in Borrego Springs are named after the brands

(used on branding irons) of past ranches in the area.

Can you name this street?

Email your answer to: borregochamberdirector@gmail.com

(If there is more than one correct answer we'll draw a winner)

SDGE will be conducting work on the transmission line that feeds Borrego Springs. Unfortunately we will not be able to use the microgrid to mitigate these short outages. Below are the times and dates of each of the outages:

Outage #1 – Sunday, 01/22/23 from 03:00am to 03:15am / Outage will be up to 5 mins within the scheduled window

Outage #2 – Monday, 01/30/23 from 02:00am to 02:15am / Outage will be up to 5 mins within the scheduled window

Outage #3 – Monday, 02/06/23 from 03:00am to 03:15am / Outage will be up to 5 mins within the scheduled window

sdge.com for more information.

Brain Teaser

Question: What is two days after the day after the day before yesterday?


You'll find the answer towards the bottom of the eblast!

Did You Know?

Did you know when you lie the temperature of your nose actually rises, it is known as the "Pinocchio effect".

Behind the Scenes at Rams Hill

Judy Carmichael


Live On Stage, Inc. and Borrego Springs Community Concert Association announces

famed stride and swing pianist performing live in concert

January 19, 2023

7:30 PM

Borrego Springs Performing Arts Center


Individual tickets may be available in the lobby the night of the show. If you would like to get on the waiting list or for further information, please use the contact form on the website - borregoconcerts.org. Students are free. 

Brain Teaser Answer!

Answer: Tomorrow

The day before yesterday was two days ago; the day after the day before yesterday was yesterday; two days after that (yesterday) is tomorrow.


The Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce has the right to remove subscribers from the mailing lists should the Chamber deem the subscriber to be using the Chamber Weekly inappropriately. 

BSCC is not responsible for poor graphics on submissions. Submission deadline noon on Mondays.

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