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Pictured above: Carol Schreiner and a few of the children who play, learn and grow together at Superhero Sports Camp.
Donna Visits Superhero Sports Camp
Carol Schreiner is an individual who lights up a room with her smile and enthusiastic personality, but in this case it is a playing field that she truly illuminates. As Founder & CEO of Superhero Sports Camp, Carol explains that Superhero Sports Camp is designed to build friendships, teamwork, character and fun. Students of all ages are welcome, with and without disabilities.

“There are a million camps for typical students in the United States, but there are few that combine to create a positive atmosphere for both typical and special needs. Superhero Sports Camp allows all levels an open playing field and creates a welcoming place to have fun and learn from each other,” explained Schreiner. Read more...
New Proposition 65 Regulations Take Effect August 30
WARNING: Beginning August 30, 2018,  new Proposition 65 regulations  will take effect that significantly overhaul longstanding warning regulations and depart from the rules that businesses have relied on for decades.

Accordingly, it is imperative that businesses operating or selling into California reassess and potentially overhaul their long-established Proposition 65 compliance programs before the effective date.

Failure to comply could subject businesses to potential liability, including penalties of up to $2,500 per day, per violation, as well as injunctive relief (for example, a court order requiring a product to be reformulated to remove the listed chemical) and attorney fees.

This story from CalChamber highlights the most important changes and explains how those changes apply to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Read more...
TACC Member Alert: Torrance Magazine & Resource Guide Deadline Sept. 21st
Each year, the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce publishes a highly-sought-after Directory; also known as the Torrance Magazine & Resource Guide. This publication lists all Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce members by industry as well as alphabetically and contains pertinent information for anyone doing business in the Torrance area.

Members are invited to advertise in the Directory; which has an estimated annual readership of more than 15,000 and is utilized by many individuals for several years following the publication date. For information about advertising, please contact Jeanne Garrison by phone at 310-351-5585 or by email at

Applications Available for California Competes Tax Credit
The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) has announced the second application period is open for businesses interested in applying for the California Competes Tax Credit (CCTC).  Applications  must be submitted by August 20.

The California Competes Tax Credit is an income tax credit available to businesses who want to come, stay, or grow in California. Tax credit agreements are negotiated by GO-Biz and approved by a statutorily created “California Competes Tax Credit Committee,” consisting of the State Treasurer, the Director of the Department of Finance, the Director of GO-Biz, and one appointee each by the Speaker of the Assembly and Senate Committee on Rules.

Governor Brown created the California Competes Tax Credit in 2013 to focus on helping businesses grow and stay in California. Since 2014, GO-Biz has allocated $622.8 million to 865 companies projected to create 83,414 new jobs and make $15.7 billion in new investments. Read more...
California Supreme Court Hits Employers in Starbucks Off-the-Clock Work Case
In recent years, employers have faced lawsuits over small, or “de minimis,” amounts of unpaid time spent either before or after the employee clocks in — like time spent booting up your computer or locking up the store.

In last week's  Troester v. Starbucks decision, the California Supreme Court held that California’s Labor Code and wage orders have not adopted the federal de minimis rule that excuses payment for small amounts of time when the employer can show these amounts are administratively difficult to keep track of. California labor laws, according to the Court, don’t allow employees to routinely work for minutes off the clock without being paid.

The Court recognized that a general principle of California law says that the law doesn’t concern itself with small or trivial things. But the Court refused to apply that general principle to the facts of this case because Starbucks required employees to work minutes off the clock on a regular basis. Read more...
CalChamber-Led Coalition Builds Support for Independent Workers
The California Chamber of Commerce is leading a coalition of businesses and organizations in support of workers’ ability to work independently.

Through its website at , the coalition explains why state lawmakers need to suspend putting a recent court decision into effect so that there can be a robust legislative discussion about how best to balance worker protections with a flexible work model.

The livelihoods of nearly 2 million Californians who choose to work as independent contractors are at risk after the California Supreme Court decision in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court (April 30, 2018).

Independent contractors work in many industries, including health care, education, financial planning, agriculture, beauty, creative fields (filmmaking, editors, writers), technology development, insurance, construction, on-demand marketplace, and transportation.

In addition, the franchise business model is based on an independent contractor relationship between a franchisor and franchisee. California has more than 76,000 franchise locations that support nearly 730,000 jobs. Read more...
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Tech Talks: AMAG Technology : Thursday, August 23 @ 12pm-1:30pm
Ribbon Cutting : JINS Eyewear: Thursday, August 23 @ 4pm
Honda Evening Under the Stars: Saturday, August 25 @ 6pm-9:30pm
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