September 16, 2020
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As better weather arrives, so do the people!

This last week we finally had the good fortune of the weather turning in the right direction. Not only did we finally drop below 110 degrees, we actually saw numbers south of 100!  Even though as Borregans we know that we will still be subjected to 100-degree days throughout most of September, this is a pleasant reminder that better days and nights of weather are ahead of us.

We also know that in a “normal” year that means that more people are on their way, as well. I’m sure we are likely to see a decline in some of our typical snow birds, as we will be missing many of our Canadian and northern friends & neighbors, but we also know that people will still make their way out here all the same.

This puts many of us in precarious positions. How to best balance the need for business and the enforcement of Covid-19 protocols. It is my belief, that we must remain steadfast as a community as well as a business community. If the tourists and visitors see the locals adhering to these protocols it makes it that much easier to enforce. If the protocols remain in place no matter which business they enter, then it makes it much easier to enforce.

Believe me, I know from firsthand experience the challenges with which we all must deal. Not everyone is on board with a lot of the protocols. Unfortunately, like them or not, they are mandated by the State and the County. In essence, we must adhere to them to be in compliance, but we should also adhere to them for the safety of our community.

I wish everyone the best of health and the internal fortitude to continue forth through these trying times. In a time that has divided so many, it is unity of these practices that will be best for our town, our community’s protection, and our overall well-being.

Thank you and stay safe,

Andy Macuga
Honorary Mayor
Borrego Springs


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Did You See This Article in the
Golf Is Embracing the ‘Dark Sky’ Movement
The payoffs go far beyond a better view of the glittering stars above.

By Adam H. Graham
  • Sept. 11, 2020, 5:00 a.m. ET

Golf has long had a reputation as an environmental hazard: Courses have long required large quantities of water, fertilizer and herbicides needed to maintain verdant greens, making it the sports industry’s wolf in sheep’s clothing.

But much of that is changing. Over 30 percent of golf courses in the United States are Audubon-certified, which ensures native grasses and habitat for insects and birds. The U.S. Golf Association and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America laid out guidelines in 2017 encouraging all U.S. courses to practice better environmental stewardship by the end of 2020, including deeper commitments to water and energy conservation and pollution prevention.

Golf courses, however, had never been major sources of light pollution. In fact, most greens, seldom lit at night, can help communities understand the importance of darkness. Many residential golf communities are now beginning to limit light pollution as part of the sport’s greening process, embracing the “dark sky” movement, and the payoffs go far beyond a better view of the glittering stars above.

County of San Diego
 Business Revitalization and Assistance Grant Program
A new program offers business owners in the unincorporated area up to $8,000 to help improve the front exteriors of their buildings; applications will be accepted
Oct. 1–15, 2020.
The San Diego County Board of Supervisors has established the Business Revitalization and Assistance Grant Program, a grant initiative administered by Planning & Development Services that provides funding to small-business and commercial property owners in the unincorporated area of San Diego County to improve the front exterior of their buildings. For permanent upgrades such as painting, landscaping, lighting and the addition of outdoor dining or workspace, qualifying applicants can be awarded up to $8,000 (registered historic properties are eligible for a grant of up to $12,000). Grant funds will be provided as a reimbursement.
The goal of the grant program is to add value to the local economy and enhance the community experience by creating a positive visual impact and increasing customer traffic to community-based businesses in the unincorporated County. Additionally, these funds are intended to assist businesses recover from impacts to their operations incurred from COVID-19 by helping them comply with current public health orders. 
For more information on the application process, eligibility, and general grant guidelines, please visit If you have any additional questions, please contact Michael De La Rosa at (858) 495-5308 or
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If you are an active registered voter, you can now sign up to track the status of your mail ballot ­ – when the ballot is mailed to you, when the Registrar of Voters gets it back from you in the mail and when it is counted. For details, visit County News Center. 
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