Chamber Weekly News                      Wednesday, September 18, 2013
My Two Cents
Penny C. Reeh | President/CEO  

I'm not much of a movie buff, but about a decade ago, I saw a movie entitled Short Cuts that I still think about from time to time. It's an odd little flick, but its director, Robert Altman, received both an Academy Award and Golden Globe nomination for the film, losing both accolades to Schindler's List.

The movie features a large cast - more than 20 characters - whose lives run in parallels and loose connections that are in most cases random, but yet intimately connected. What fascinated me so was the profound effects that these character's actions had on one another, typically without the person knowing the impact, positive or negative, of their actions.

In one instance, a couple's child is struck by a car the day before his birthday and dies within a few days. Overwrought with grief, the parents fail to cancel the order for a birthday cake that had been placed with a nearby bakery. The baker, faced with his own life challenges and unaware of the couple's tragedy, chooses to leave harassing messages on the couple's answering machine for the abandoned order. When he finally realizes the pain he has caused over a simple cake, he experiences tremendous grief himself.

The movie is filled with these seemingly unrelated acts that have all sorts of unintended effects - grief, humiliation, rage, infidelity and murder. The premise of unknowing interconnectivity was highly dramatized for the purpose of the movie, but isn't it totally believable? In fact, having lived most of my life in the small town of Fredericksburg, I have to believe the degree of interconnectivity, both purposeful and unknowing, is even higher.

For a variety of reasons, I have recently been the recipient of some wonderful, and often unexpected, acts of kindness. I suspect the true power of these acts was not anticipated by those who performed them and they may never fully realize how meaningful they were.   We've all been the recipient of a phone call or greeting card, an invitation for coffee or a special little gift that came to us at a time when we may have needed it way more than the giver could even imagine.

I also believe the opposite is true. It is likely that we have all spoken harsh words, failed to listen or even turned away at a moment in time that the recipient of those actions was especially vulnerable and more easily hurt. If we could see our actions through a larger lens and have the opportunity to weigh the satisfaction received by releasing our frustrations against the unexpected pain it caused, I think we would all choose what we do more wisely.

This is easier said than done. There is no way of knowing. We will make mistakes. We are human. Perhaps the best way to alleviate the inevitable times when we will fall short of the mark is to double up on the good stuff. I, for one, know that I am terrible at follow-through. I think so often of people I know are walking in darkness and pray their load is lightened. But more often than not, I fail to take the tiny amount of time it would take to do something that lets them know I am sending these thoughts and prayers. Sadly, harm is done so easily and spreading joy takes a bit more work.

What would happen if every person who reads this sent a simple note this week to someone who had been in their thoughts? Imagine the sheer energy that would shower down on Fredericksburg if these messages began to appear. I have to think it would be overwhelming to have the chance to anonymously read them. I am picturing them filled with all sorts of affirming messages - I'm sorry... I admire you... Hang in there... You're my hero... Thanks for who you are and on and on. Maybe it's time Fredericksburg scripted its own, positively-charged, version of Short Cuts.

Spoiler alert: the movie ends very strangely with an earthquake that feels a bit like the scriptwriter did not know how to end this complex plot and threw in a natural disaster in lieu of the old-fashioned "The End" screen shot. I'm convinced we could shake things up in our own way with earth-moving positivity.

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Weekly Classes-Lizard Dreaming Yoga

September 20 - Free Concert Series - 4.0 Cellars

null Member Spotlight
Casey and Layne Moss, Owners
Condor Document Services
To say Casey and Layne Moss, owners of Condor Document Services, go way back would be an understatement.  The couple, who have two children, met when they were pre-school aged children themselves!
Casey describes himself as the "son of an entrepreneur."  His father, who shunned an urban career with Chevron "working in a glass tower," started and operated a series of successful businesses including gas stations, an auto repair garage and the largest AAA towing service in the western United States.  "I grew up helping him," said Casey.  "It's (entrepreneurship) been in my blood and the last two companies I worked for were also start-ups."
The idea for Condor Document Services, which provides secure destruction of documents and other files, came to Casey through a series of brainstorming conversations with a close friend.  After doing some research he realized this service did not exist in the Hill Country.  He bought his first truck, equipped with the equipment to securely destroy paper, microfilm, computer disks, x-rays and pill bottles, in October 2012 and was able to leave his other job this March to pursue the business full-time.
As the business quickly grows, Casey already has plans for expansion.  "We plan to add a second truck by the second quarter of 2014 and plan to jump heavily into e-destruction," he said.  This acquisition will allow the company to securely destroy computer hard-drives, including solid state hard-drives.
Casey is an active member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID).  In fact, when he was researching his business concept, he contacted this group and quickly found a member who said he would mentor Casey "whether he liked it or not."  He describes his involvement in NAID as invaluable, especially in their certification program that trains and tests members on the use of best practices related to security issues. 
In addition to adhering to the professional data destruction standards established by NAID, Casey's certification requires all employees to receive federal, state and local background checks and be regularly drug-tested.  "We also carry $2 million in aggregate liability insurance and are subject to random audits and inspection of our practices by a third party security organization," he explains.  "NAID has strict policies on how to destroy data and how to treat possible data breaches."
The Moss' chose to create their business in a mobile context both for operational reasons and to better serve their customers.  "I like the idea of not having a huge bricks and mortar location, which can handcuff you financially and geographically," he explains.  By using the trucks, Condor Document Services can provide their service at the client's location, providing both convenience and peace-of-mind related to security.  "At the end of the day, you listen to your customers and do what they want.  We do it at a very fair price and at a high level of quality."
Casey and Layne grew up in Lake Tahoe, but decided to pursue a warmer climate when his family sold all their business units.  While visiting family that lived in San Antonio for Thanksgiving, he "fell in love with Texas and its people" and the fact that it rarely snows.  "I could come for Thanksgiving with flip flops and shorts!" 
The couple's Texas home and growing business has allowed them the flexibility they desire for their family.  Layne, who works in the marketing and accounting side of the business, is pursuing a degree is nursing.  The couple's two children are ages 9 and 11. "We aim to be credible people providing credible work in everyone's eyes, not just our customer's eyes." said Casey.  "Integrity plus consistency equals credibility."
"We developed the company not only to live the American dream, but because it frees us to do a lot of things civically, such as our Condor Gives Back campaign."  Through this program, a portion of sales for certain types of data destruction services performed by the company for fellow Chamber members will be donated to that member's charity of choice.  The program will run September 30, 2013 through the end of the year.  Look in the Member News section of this newsletter for additional details.
Fun After 5 on September 19

All Chamber members and prospective members are invited to attend the next mixer, Fun After 5 on Thursday, September 19 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at Grape Creek Vineyards, located at 10587 East US null Highway 290.  GCV has recently opened a new patio for wine club members, which will be open for the evening.

FA5 is an opportunity for all members to network, learn about co-sponsors' businesses and enjoy a fun evening.  Co-sponsors for the event include Absolute Charm Luxury Bed & Breakfast Reservation Service, Cabernet Grill Texas Wine Country Restaurant, Chase Bank, El Milagro Twenty Twelve, Fredericksburg Morning Rotary, The Flower Pail and Vaudeville.

For more information, please contact Melissa Hughes at the Chamber,

FA5 Committee Announces New Registration Process

The Chamber is pleased to announce a few changes to how members and guests will be welcomed as they arrive at FA5 mixers.  Previously, all attendees checked in at a registration table and Chamber Ambassadors greeted them, registered each guest for tracking purposes and offered a name tag.  Recently, Chamber members have watched this process go from manual paperwork to an electronic spreadsheet.

After careful consideration and invaluable feedback from Chamber members and Ambassadors, the registration  process will now become mobile.  "When you arrive, Ambassadors will be milling about waiting to greet you with a name tag," explained Gesena Houy, Security State Bank & Trust employee and FA5 committee member.  "Because we are eliminating the need to stop and wait at the table, FA5 mobile registration is a great way to streamline your arrival at the mixer and give you more time to get to all of the things we all love about FA5!"

Additionally, anyone wearing their own name tag will not need to stop at all as they arrive.

Still want to visit a table?  Chamber Ambassadors and the Chamber membership committee will still be available at a table at the event, as the transition into mobile registration is made.  New members especially should stop and visit with the membership committee to pick up a blue "new member" ribbon and learn about how they can announce their business from the microphone. 

Pre-registration is still available.

The Chamber always welcomes feedback, please contact Melissa Hughes at or 997.6523. 
Chamber Tech Tuesday Begins October 1



I hacked your computer. I got everything you typed (passwords, etc.) for the past few weeks.

I changed the passwords to all of your online accounts......


Who wants to see this in their inbox? You don't!


Join us for Tech Tuesday, a new Fredericksburg Chamber program, on October 1 at 11:00 a.m. at the Hill Country University Center, 2818 Highway 290, for the first in a series of events dedicated to education in the ever changing field of technology and how it relates to you and your business.


Our speaker Mike Hogan, Chamber Bronze member and owner of Hogan Consulting will talk about Computer Disaster Recovery; Fundamentals for Small Business.


Hogan Consulting was founded in 1999 on the belief that any business, large or small can utilize the Internet to efficiently address critical business needs.  They help manage computer systems, including Microsoft desktop support, Microsoft server support, network management, security, and software updates.  They design websites and web applications for a diverse set of customers and industries.  Hogan Consulting developers assist with search engine optimization, mobile friendly designs, domain name registration, and web hosting.


This Tech Tuesday, the first in a recurring series will be a "bring your own lunch" event, and is FREE to attend for all Chamber members.


Click here to register online!


Questions? Contact Christie at 830.997.6523 or

Chamber Classic Golf Tournament

Only three hole sponsorships remain for the Chamber Golf Classic. Golfers (or anyone who simply wants to have some fun on the course) should mark their calendars for October 16 when the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce hosts its annual Chamber Golf Classic tournament, presented by Bierschwale-Rees Insurance.  This year's tournament will be played at the newly-renovated Lady Bird Johnson Municipal Golf Course, located on Texas Highway 16, just south of Fredericksburg.  
Hole sponsorships are  $1,000, which includes a team of four players.  Other sponsor benefits include signage at the hole, recognition hole, recognition in promotional materials and networking opportunities.  
The cost for Chamber members to register is $125 or $500 for a team of four.  Non-members may register to play at a cost of $175 per person.  Registration includes green fees, cart rental, a player amenity, breakfast, lunch and two drink tickets.   You can also register online at
Member Appreciation Supper
Chamber members are invited to the annual Member Appreciation Supper Monday, October 21 at the St. Mary's Parish Holy Family Center located at 306 West San Antonio Street. Join us for complimentary fajitas and fixings beginning at 5:30 p.m. We look forward to saying "Thank you for your support!"
Chamber Workshop Series
Register today for the final non-profit workshop!
Nearly 40 representatives of local organizations attended the second session in a trio of workshops focused on excellence in the realm of non-profit management.  The workshops are a part of the Chamber Workshop Series, in partnership with presenting sponsor Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country.

Mark your calendar and register today for the final non-profit event on October 23!

Community Foundation  

October 23 - The Elephant in the Room: Negotiating Sensitive Non-Profit Issues

Presented by The Community Foundation of the Texas Hill Country

Board and staff are critical partners in leading nonprofit organizations and delivering programs and services to the community.  As organizations confront opportunities and challenges, there are often times in which topics are not discussed.  The people in the organization are aware of "the elephants in the room" but they are not discussed for a variety of reasons.  This workshop will highlight typical issues that can prevent an organization from moving forward, strategies for identifying the core issues, and techniques to deal with tough situations.  Some issues may include a lack of organizational focus, trust issues, outdated programs and services, ineffective board or staff leadership, or funding strategies.  Attend this workshop to learn ways to confront and deal with issues facing your nonprofit organization.

REGISTRATION FEE:  $40 for Chamber members and $50 for non-members.


Click Here to Register Online 


Contact Christie at the Chamber at 830-997-6523 to register for multiple events or for multiple attendees per event and receive $5 off each registration!
Ribbon Cutting | Hill Country Land Trust
Our Chamber Ambassadors welcomed board members and volunteers of the Hill Country Land Trust, located at 320 West San Antonio.  The Hill Country Land Trust is an accredited, non-profit, non-government 501(c)(3) corporation organized by resident landowners concerned that increasingly intense development pressures throughout the Texas Hill Country area threaten to destroy its very nature.  Their mission is to protect and conserve the agricultural lands, wildlife habitat and watersheds of the Texas Hill Country for present and future generations.  The Hill Country Land Trust is active in Menard, Kimble, Mason, Llano, Burnet, Blanco, Hays, Comal, Kendall, Gillespie, Bandera, Real, Kerr, Edwards, Schleicher, Sutton, Lampasas, San Saba, McCulloch counties and surrounding areas.

Ribbon Cutting | Bow Pros Archery & Outdoors


In July, when Matthew Schumann, James Neutze and Michael Tally learned that Bow Pros (formerly located just past Sutherlan Lumber) was closing the local dealership, they quickly decided not to let that happen, and created a plan for the company's revival.  Schumann Granite cleaned out some storage space and a new store and range are now open at 10046 E. U.S. Highway 290.  The archery range has been expanded to 20 yards and 3 lanes and offers lessons and leagues for all ages.  Bow Pros Archery & Outdoors is a full service facility offering a variety of brands and products, and has most recently added Mathew's™ bows and archery products and Nature Blinds.

The new owners, along with their wives, thank local celebrities for joining the festivities last Friday, including Lea Penick of American Hoggers, Terry Hartcraft of Hartcraft Hunting Adventures and Razor Dobbs of Razor Dobbs Alive. 

Member News


Upcoming Ribbon Cutting & Ground Breaking Ceremonies

The Chamber invites our members to join our Ambassadors, Directors and staff as we honor and celebrate members with a Ribbon Cutting. An excellent way to tour a new business, or learn about a new organization.


Friday, September 20, 10:30 a.m. | Foundation Chiropractic Meet Dr. Emily Morales-Ball, D.C. who specializes in sports, family and women's health. Enter to win a door prize of ultima and rock tape! The clinic is located at 1311 N. Milam, Ste. C.


Tuesday, September 24, 10:00 a.m. | Texas Rangers Heritage Center Ground Breaking Ceremony, located adjacent to Fort Martin Scott on East US Highway 290. Parking will be available on the grounds.


Thursday, September 26, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. | Friendship Lane Center for Cancer Care

753 S. Washington null Street. All are welcome to the Open House, to welcome Dr. Michelle Nedelka and tour the new cancer center. Ample appetizers, beverages and fellowship are offered.  








Local Travel Agent Becomes Cruise Expert by Earning Prestigious Top Rank in Princess Cruises Academy


A Fredericksburg travel agent has achieved prestigious Commodore status in Princess Cruises' Academy training program, certifying him as an expert cruise professional. As a Commodore, Jim Crowhurst of Mountain View Travel joins an exclusive group of travel agents who are now recognized by Princess at the Academy's highest level for their unique qualifications and knowledge as a cruise planning professional. Jim earned this distinction after completing the minimum 25 courses necessary to graduate from the program.


"We at Princess are very proud of Jim's dedication, as he put in extra effort to offer clients exceptional knowledge regarding our cruise vacation product as well as our worldwide destinations," said Jan Swartz, Senior Vice President of Customer Service and Sales at Princess. "Travel agents who reach this top level in our Academy program have completed hours of course work to become a cruising expert, which will prove invaluable to providing clients with a great vacation."


"I'm thrilled to be a Princess Commodore and expand my expertise about cruising. The knowledge I've gained makes me a more valuable resource for my clients, and enables me to recommend the very best vacation which matches all of their needs," said Jim. Mountain View Travel is a full service travel agency specializing in cruises. Our goal is to help our clients plan a vacation that will produce lifelong memories. Read more...


Condor Gives Back Campaign

A great service and an opportunity to give back?! What a deal!!


In an effort to jump start the holiday giving season and help eliminate the risk of a data breach or identity theft, Condor Document Services is offering a limited opportunity to the businesses and residents of Fredericksburg and the surrounding communities.


-        With any commitment (minimum one year agreement) to monthly scheduled service, Condor Document Services will match the value of the first month's service and donate that amount to a local charity designated by the new client in the client's name.

-        For any one-time purging of retained records, Condor Document Services will donate 15% of the total job value to a local charity designated by the client in the client's name.


This offer is valid from September 30, 2013 until December 2, 2013. For businesses wishing to sign up for monthly service, but are bound by a current contract that cannot be canceled prior to December 2, the offer will still be valid as long as commitment for future service is made prior to December 2. Donation will be made at time of first service. Must mention the Condor Gives Back Campaign when contacting Condor Document Services.


For more information contact Casey Moss at Condor Document Services at, 800-235-1163 or 830-673-7204.



MPC hosts annual Alternative Gift Market


Memorial Presbyterian Church will hold an Alternative Gift Market at the church fellowship hall located on 601 N. Milam, Fredericksburg, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, November 9. Proceeds from the Market will go to support organizations that promote human dignity and social justice and make a difference in individual's lives. Full details are available.



Thank you to our Coffee Bar Sponsor


The Chamber wishes to thank our Coffee Bar Sponsor and Platinum member, Keg 1 O'Neal. Located at 2595 W. U.S. Highway 290 and online at  Keg 1 O'Neal can be reached at 940.463.7020.  



Wholesale beer distributor of Coors and Miller products.


Coffee Bar sponsorships are available to all members for the remainder of 2013. The Coffee Bar is located in the Visitor Information Center at 302 E. Austin. Sponsorship cost $100.00 for a 2-week period. Sponsors automatically receive signage at the Coffee Bar and may also provide additional materials for display/distribution.  Please contact Melissa Hughes at or 997.6523. 

Leadership Gillespie County

LGC Alumni Association 2nd Annual Homecoming

The LGCAA Homecoming committee is pleased to invite all alumni and current members of the Chamber's leadership program to attend the upcoming Homecoming event, on October 10, beginning at 5:30 at The Ruff Haus. 

Alumni members will enjoy catering from Woerner Warehouse & Bakery, beer sponsored by Pedernales Brewing Company and wine sponsored by Messina Hof Hill Country, as well as an engaging speech by the Toastmasters' 2010 Word Champion of Public Speaking, David Henderson. 

Electronic invitations have been sent to all graduates.  Any alumni member who did not receive one may contact Melissa Hughes at  Homecoming is a complimentary event, donations are encouraged and sponsorship opportunities are available, please contact Amy McRae at for details.

Register now!

Job Bank
For a list of this week's job opportunities among Chamber membership, please click here.


To submit a listing,  send  to


City of Fredericksburg Announces Scheduled Events at Fort Martin Scott


City of Fredericksburg Fort Martin Scott Advisory Committee announces two scheduled events that will bring Fort Martin Scott back to life.  September 24th, 2013 at 10 AM, there will be a live re-enactment on the day The Texas Ranger Heritage Center breaks ground on property adjacent to the Fort. Located on Hwy. 290 east of Fredericksburg, the Fort is a short walk from the Texas Rangers Heritage Center site.


On November 30th, 2013, Fort Martin Scott will hold its first annual celebration to commemorate the opening of Fort Martin Scott in 1848.  On that day the Fort will come alive again with continuous re-enactment, canon firings, live action shoot outs, horses and wagons, pioneer crafts, and chuck wagon food.


The City of Fredericksburg would like to make the public aware that an unauthorized group is requesting money on behalf of Fort Martin Scott.  The only legitimate organization handling the affairs of Fort Martin Scott is the City of Fredericksburg.  Official information can be found on the City's website at or the official website for Fort Martin Scott at or by calling the City office at 830 997 7521.    

Convention & Visitor Bureau
Ernie Loeffler, Director

Basically two week and counting until one of Fredericksburg's signature events unfolds on Marktplatz - our annual Oktoberfest celebration (October 4-6).   Dozens and dozens of volunteers and committees have been working to plan the celebration, and over 1,000 volunteer shifts will be filled that weekend by local residents to make sure the party goes off without a hitch. Thanks to the Pedernales Creative Arts Alliance for staging this wonderful event each year since 1981.

This weekend is a great time to honor our German heritage by flying German flags or hanging bunting with the German flag colors.  Maybe it time to for some German clothing? Kuckuck's Nest, located at 3150 N. State Highway 16, has a wide array of authentic German fashions for men, women and children. Did you know that folks connected with other German festivals across the state come to Kuckuck's Nest to shop for attire?

Lodging for that weekend is nearing a sell-out in the county. Out of 1,122 hotel/motel rooms and some 385 B&B/guesthouse operations, only about 60 rooms remain at this point.

Make plans to attend Oktoberfest on October 4-6! For details, visit the event website at  See you there!


Clothing Donations Needed

"Dance Off" and Scholarship Event Planned for October 31

Hill Country University Center is looking for apparel to dress our SCARECROWS!

HCUC, Texas Tech University and Austin Community College are hosting a "DANCE OFF" and Scholarship Event and one of the contests include the best dressed Scarecrow.


If you are cleaning your closet to make room for new fall clothes, please donate used clothing!

*Used clothing can be brought by at any time prior to the event, as we will be dressing our scary hosts starting October 1, 2013. All clothes will be donated to Medina Children's Home after event. *


HCM one of 10 finalists for National Baldrige Award

To receive site visit end of September


Hill Country Memorial has been selected as one of the top ten U.S. organizations to be considered for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. This is the nation's highest recognition for performance excellence of both public and private U.S. organizations awarded by the Department of Commerce and presented by the President of the United States. The 2013 finalist group includes eight health care organizations, one education, and one nonprofit.


"To be considered for the Baldrige award is validation of the remarkable work by our team in improving performance, value, and effectiveness, as well as recognition of the deep support from our community," said Jayne Pope, HCM CEO. "While extremely gratifying, it is important to note that we seek continuous improvement not for the purpose of winning awards, but to always live our values and further our vision-'Empower Others. Create Healthy.' This process will help us do that even better."


All of the 2013 Baldrige applicants were evaluated by an independent board of examiners in seven areas: leadership; strategic planning; customer focus; measurement, analysis and knowledge management; workforce focus; operations focus; and results. A team of experts will conduct a site visit to HCM at the beginning of October. Examiners will review each applicant and provide a detailed report on the organization's strengths and opportunities for improvement.


"All we can say is congratulations to the entire HCM team," said Debbye Wallace-Dooley, Chief Strategy Officer. "This recognition is directly based on the Remarkable work they do each and every day."


The Baldrige Award was established by Congress in 1987, and is managed by an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The main purposes are to identify recipients that will serve as role models for other organizations and to help organizations improve their performance and recognize opportunities for improvement. Studies by Truven Health Analytics, a major health care research and data analysis organization, show a close relationship for hospitals using the Baldrige criteria for Performance Excellence and ranking in the nation's Top 100 hospital category. For patients these results translate to reduced healthcare costs, shorter hospital stays, fewer complications, and saved lives.

Officers ____________________________________________________________________________________
Matt Seidenberger
Arrowhead Bank

Mark Peterson
1st Vice Chair
Hill Country Memorial
Stephen Harris
2nd Vice Chair
Centennial Bank
Ann Hoch
3rd Vice Chair
Memorial Presbyterian Church

Todd Willingham
Bierschwale-Rees Insurance
Bobby Watson
Immediate Past Chair
Miller & Associates
Jim Jarreau 
Clear River Ice Cream, Bakery & Deli

Tr�e Ottmers   Capital Farm Credit

Jill Elliott 
Haberdsashery Boutique
Edward Stroeher 
Stroeher & Son, Inc.  
Stroeher & Olfers, Inc.

Bob Hickerson 
Hill Country University Center
Doug Edwards 
Opa's Smoked Meats
Robin Boone 
Ameriprise Financial

 Jamie Runnels
Ocotillo Group LLC
Staff _______________________________________________________________________________________


Penny C. Reeh 
Christie Bourquin 
Executive Vice President
Melissa Hughes 
Administrative Assistant
4.0 Cellars
eWay FurnitureLarry Jackson Antiques & Estate Services
ACI Recycling & Disposal
European Day Spa of FredericksburgLaughlin Homes & Restoration
Admiral Nimitz Foundation
Fiesta Winery of FredericksburgLydell's Store
Allen Keller Company
Fredericksburg Clinic, PAMorning Star Memory Care of Fredericksburg, LLC
Amish Market
Fredericksburg Digital VideoMotel 6
Atmos Energy
Fredericksburg Farms, Inc.Pat's Hall
August E's
Fredericksburg Printing & Office SupplyPlatinum AV Designs
BBVA Compass Bank
Fredericksburg RV ParkSan Antonio Magazine
Ben E. Keith Beers
Friedhelm's Bavarian InnSierra Homes
Broadway National Bank
George's 290 Wine ToursSignal Fredericksburg
Buffalo Creek Ranch Cottages
Golf Cars & CareSt. Nick's Christmas Tree Farm
Carriage House FredericksburgHardison Chiropractic Wellness CenterTerminix
Catfish HavenHill Country CounselingTexas State Optical
Central Texas Electric Coop., Inc.Hill Country Express ToursTexas Tech Solutions
Ch�mpe Jennings Jewelry

Hill Country Film FestivalTexas Tech University at Fredericksburg
Clear River Ice Cream, Bakery 
& Deli
Hill Country Gardens, LLCTexas Wine Tours
Coldwell Banker, Heart of the Hills
Hogan ConsultingThe Lazy T B and B
Comanche Trace
Hondo's on Main
The Ridge Marketplace
Crossroads Steakhouse & Saloon
Jenny Neffendorf - Re/Max Town & Country
Keller Williams Realty
West End Pizza Co.
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